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the blues

Posted: April 20, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul
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the blues Mo17
a heart shaped Banksia integrifolia leaf, white feather, Ariel whisker & claw sheath, Honesty seed pod, Cecil Brunner rosebud, clay, glass, shell, turquoise, lapis lazuli & myrrh beads, zig-zag Acacia, indigo cake from Tamborine Mountain Indigo on cold waxed white silk used for polishing the Book of Honesty, stitched to indigo dyed silk from Eliene St Romain, stitched to Japanese Abaca paper edge darkened with deep indigo Inktense coloured pencil, framed with ochre stained hand plied plant fibre string & indigo dyed cord from Dee Mallon, backed with  hand woven 200 year old German linen edged with vintage linen shoe thread from Margaret Johnson
missing Ariel more than anyone in my whole life, where else to put all the sadness and longing but in the work…

Sea Urchin 3 incubating for the time being
Braille for the Soul

growing pains… hoping for a miracle

Posted: March 7, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul
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growing pains… hoping for a miracle
looking like a soggy old pumpkin
when things started to go awry…
just over halfway when it was looking like it would work
so what’s next?
abandon the plan
and reread Michael Leunig’s “Into the Unknown”

Sea Urchin 3
Braille for the Soul

guitar string ribs for Sea Urchin 3

Posted: March 3, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul
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sea-urchin-3-3d-in-processSea Urchin 3 is starting to take shape
sea-urchin-3-guitar-stringing-in-processlining each panel in white silk edged in needle lace then stitching old bottom E strings from Old Man Crow’s Gibson Les Paul into the edges to give it form
roundingstarting to take shape
feeling-the-formthe old guitar strings make my heart sing
silk-lininghoping to get to the halfway point by dawn
Braille for the Soul

sea-urchin-3-process-mo17Sea Urchin 3 in process stitch by stitch
sea-urchin-3-panel-6-mo17panel 6 detail
sea-urchin-3-panel-7-mo-17panel 7 detail
sea-urchin-3-panel-8-detail-mo-17panel 8 detail
two panels to go then each one will be lined in white silk, edged in buttonhole lace with guitar strings for the ribs
Braille for the Soul

sea-urchin-3-halfway-mo17Sea Urchin 3 Mo17
progress in the transliteration of Braille for the Soul
sea-urchin-3-panel-5-detail-mo17detail of the 5th panel at the halfway point
urchin-inside-in-progress-mo17the beginnings of panel 6 exploring the pattern inside
urchin-insidedetail of the beautiful perforations inside the sea urchin

sea-urchin-3-panel-4-mo17Sea Urchin 3 in process Mo 17
the 4th panel took two weeks of numbly stitching through the angst for our beautiful broken world
sea-urchin-3-panel-4-detail-mo-17with wobbling attention to the surface details
sea-urchin-surface-detail-mo17sea urchin surface detail
this one will take quite some time but there is no rush
Braille for the Soul