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Doris Perlhuhn’s talisman is filled with love for our beautiful broken world
love the colours, textures and beading in the binding
settling into place in the dream
Judy Lemezis
Tina Zaffiro
Barry Smith
Nanette Gilbert
Bronwyn Berman
Deb Gorr
Kathy Dorfer
Els Snieder
The Gathering
you can see more of Doris’s beautiful work on her blog and on Instagram
Magic Days!

Kathy Dorfer’s pennant just arrived today!
“Love is what this world needs now”
Kathy makes the most beautiful glass eyes!
the other side
tassel detail
meeting the gathering
love those beautiful indigo blues!
you can see more of Kathy’s good magic over at her place on Instagram
and here on this tag link
Kathy’s red cloth and glass leaf stitched into the dream

with good intent

Posted: July 31, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, knots and nests
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Crow-Amulet-III-Mo-15-eyeCrow Amulet III Mo 15 glass crow eye and feathers lampworked by Kathy Dorfer, leather, linen thread, beading cord & glass beads filled with rose petals for love, lemon scented gum for spirit of place, lavender for healing & rosemary for remembrance all wrapped up in raw red silk and every knot is made with magical intent Crow-Amulet-III-Mo-15-for-protectionKathy’s work fills our house with such strong healing magic you can see more here, here, here, here, here, here & here & on her blog and Etsy shop

Firebird Talisman

Posted: March 15, 2015 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time
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firebird-talisman-Mo15Firebird Talisman by Mo 2015
lampworked glass feathers by Kathy Dorfer USA, wishbone, shell, grape vine tendrils, eucalyptus flower receptacles, raw amber, vintage glass, brass, bone, myrrh and clay beads from Africa, red linen, cotton & silk threads all bound onto a piece of hand twined ochre stained string from Arnhem Land 1976
Firebird-Talisman-detailmade with love and good vibes for my magic friend Jo New
here’s the gathering
Firebird talisman

blues-at-the-x-roadsA Talisman for The Blues laid on the X-Roads cloth by Grace Forrest-Maestas of Windthread along with some porcupine quills and a stone from the Ganges that my sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman brought back from her month in India, above a black snail shell, some B&W shell fragments, a tendril, to the left is a magpie feather, some native grasses, gum nuts, above a scrap of pale blue silk & grape vine tendrils, to the right a section of a lomandra flower spike, poppy seed pods  and an emu feather
for-the-blues-Mo15Talisman for The Blues by Mo 15
peacock feathers, lampworked glass bead by Kathy Dorfer, indigo dyed silk cord from Dee Mallon with tiny blue budgerigar feathers stitched in, triangular die from Dungeons & Dragons, one of Ariel P. Cat‘s collection of quail wishbones, grapevine tendril wrapped in silk steel, lapis lazuli, vintage glass & clay beads from Africa, blue beads from New Orleans via India Flint & Roz Hawker in the Bower Bird Blues workshop, this piece of blue is for Tarla Elward of Tamborine Mountain Indigo who hosted the workshop with such grace.

indigo amulet-by-Mo-2015‘The Indigo Amulet’ by Mo 2015
made in the Bower Bird Blues Workshop with India Flint & Roz Hawker hosted by Tarla Elward
with feathers and a few vintage treasures added this morning to honour the indigo
materials : vegetable tanned leather, papyrus, indigo leaves stitched inside with linen and silk thread, edged with frayed raw and open weave silk, hand twined silk cords, tiny samples of silk, linen, cotton, jersey & wool to see how the different fabrics vary in colour, etched silver milagro by Roz, vintage silver talisman from Africa, new & vintage glass beads, glass feathers by Kathy Dorfer, found Satin Bower Bird, Crow, Cockatoo & Rosella feathers
(NB photo taken outside to show true colour variations)

a beautiful parcelThis beautiful parcel arrived in the post from
Kathy Dorfer cloth conjuror, glass artist, painter of the Alala Bird
and Crow Woman Extraordinaire
crow-bead-by-Kathy-Dorferfirst a silk bag full of wonders
& then
Healing White Raven by Kathy Dorfer 2014‘The Healing White Raven’ by Kathy Dorfer 2014
stairwellThe Healing White Raven fits perfectly on a piece of driftwood I have been saving for something special since 1982!
Thank you Kathy, you make good magic!

Crow-Eye-Amulet-detail-Mo-2014The Crow Eye Amulet by Mo 2014
glass crow eye and black feather beads by Kathy Dorfer
Dalmatian Jasper, jet, bone & clay beads, grape vine tendril, Silver Sebright chicken feather, eel skin, cobbled together with various B&W threads and cords
Crow-Eye-Amulet--detail-2-Mo-2014adding the eel skin in the final hour surprised me!
Crow-Eye-Amulet-Mo-2014This is the fourth Crow Eye Amulet made this year
The Miraculous Goat’s Eye Amulet that became a Crow’s Eye
Crow Eye Talisman for the Solstice
The Ghost Fish Memory Keeper
and  there is also
The Eye for Seeing in the Dark of the Moon

White-Raven-by-Kathy-Dorfer-is-mine“White Raven red thread” by Kathy Dorfer is feeling very at home hereWhite-Raven-by-Kathy-Dorferhe’s the magic healing white raven and his timing is perfect

Sostice-xroadsit’s the middle of the longest night of the year scrying at the xroads cloth made by Grace of Windthread
a new Crow Eye Talisman
crow eye talisman Mo 14crow eye glass bead from Kathy Dorfer, feather, passionfruit vine tendril wrapped in silk-steel thread, Golden Titanium White fluid acrylic paint, clay & glass beads from Africa