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The River of Moons is moving along with more stars and backing with more velvet

a balancing act dancing one step forward two steps back

more parchment stars !

Rod got out of hospital on Wednesday afternoon, the partial knee replacement went very well. He has been able to walk up and down all the stairs here from the minute he got home with the help of a walking stick and can even walk across the room without it already. He is pain free for the first time in years!
Getting to the pub is still a way off so I bought him a 6 pack of beer to enjoy on the upstairs verandah when the sun goes over the yardarm.
Magic Days!
thanks to everyone for all the good vibes!

one day to go!

Posted: June 6, 2021 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time

This fabulous roadrunner is from Marti in New Mexico along with these good wishes for Rod’s knee surgery tomorrow!

Dear Rod,

Sending you an early birthday greeting as well as best wishes for a successful knee surgery. Here in New Mexico, it is June 1st and before you know it, June 7th will roll around. Getting a new knee for your birthday is one fine gift and we wish you all the best as you go forth, getting stronger each day.
Wanted to send you a smile with the accompanying photos.  Without further ado, let us present to you our favorite Road Runner, the state bird of New Mexico.  Spotted this bird on a trip down south to Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Now we know that road runners are fast birds, sometimes clocking over 20mph but who knew they could grow so huge…this particular bird is 20ft tall and 40 ft wide…!  Made up of recycled bits and bobs, old shoes, pieces of metal, batteries, etc. and was made by artist Olin Calk. 

Here’s to rocking around again, with Mo at your side, here’s to strumming your guitar, strutting around just like the road runner, singing your wonderful bluesy songs, celebrating your birthday and your new knee.  

Happy Birthday, Marti and Rich

love the crutches in the wing and these sneaker feathers!


“Rodzilla is coming to kick arse with his New Bionic Knee!”
by Richard Whitfield June 2021
x fingers the surgery goes well tomorrow!

Moonfire made by the Queen of the Moon Glennis Dolce of Shibori Girl Studios arrived on the doorstep yesterday to celebrate the first day of winter here in the Land Down Under, I look forward to seeing where they take me!

thanking our lucky stars!

Posted: May 14, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Thanking our lucky stars!
Old Man Crow’s knee surgery is rescheduled for June 7th, his 74th birthday

Old Man Crow is so ready for his partial knee replacement surgery on Monday,
all the pre-admission interviews and x-rays are done, just one more phone call tomorrow afternoon to confirm the time for the surgery at St Vincent’s Public Hospital

Marti sent these encouraging words and photos:

I was going to wait until May 10th, the day of the knee surgery to send this note but then I thought well Rod will be kind of out of it from the anesthesia and I wanted him to hold these images as he heads into his knee surgery…you see, this wondrous event occurred right over my home this weekend. I was out weeding when I heard a swoosh, almost like a huge sigh, looked up and well, you’ll see at the end of this email:
Put all of your concerns and cares into these uplifting images. Let worry go up,  up, and away… May your surgery go well, may you both be well, may you achieve your heart’s desire to move to your beloved Blue Mountains and become wild and crazy Bushwackers.  Rich and I send you healing wishes and our love. With your strength Rod and your love and determination Mo,  your dream will arrive sooner than you know.  Now close your eyes, imagine that you are along for the ride with what is below:  Carry yourselves to the land of health, healing and joy- and in time, the land of the Blue Mountains.”  

Love, Marti and Rich
Now behold these wonders:

on the same day Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s beautiful card full of hope arrived in the letterbox

May beginner’s mind
be with you
as we move forward
with new hope.

Quote From Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki

Everything’s alright

Posted: April 22, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Old Man Crow found a recording he made in 2004 of another song that our friend Chris Clarke wrote, sang and played. At the time they were playing in a trio called CPR with Pete Cox. In this recording: – Chris sings the melody and plays acoustic guitar. – Pete sings harmony in the chorus and plays acoustic guitar. – Rod sings harmony in the verse and chorus and plays electric guitar.

River of Moons (go with the flow) Mo 20-21 in process
scanned this month for clarity
the next 4 moons will be on this one patch by Ulrike Bogdan
so I started a new moon cycle through the seasons
with gratitude to the indigo queens, Glennis Shibori Girl, Ulrike Bogdan and Jude Hill
Autumn Moon (Honesty) in process Mo 21
indigo dyed silk moon and cloth from Jude Hill
whisper silk organza from Beautiful Silks
boar bristles , rotted silk, Silkworm vintage cotton from Margaret Johnson & indigo dyed silk thread from Glennis Dolce

last Thursday we helped the fabulous witchy artist Gab Bates install her work for Homeward Bound at the Coal Loader in Waverton which opens today
it was a fine day out the sun was sparkling on the harbour, the old wharf is fenced off now but friends who grew up in the area remember playing in the ruins when they were kids
and I turned 66, not doing too shabbily for an old chook
we celebrated with coffee and birthday cake at the cafe
look forward to seeing the rest of the show next week!


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Old Man Crow just put this old recording of Chris Clarke’s Sleepwalking up on youtube, here’s what he wrote;
“In 2004 I recorded my friend Chris Clarke singing and playing a song he wrote called Sleepwalking. I added some guitar, bass and harmony, Pete Cox added some harmony, and Dave Hatch added some drums. Soon after that Chris moved out of Sydney and the project came to a halt.
I was recently going through some dusty old hard drives and came across the recording. I like it! So I asked Chris if I could put it on YouTube, he said yes and so here it is. I hope you like it too. The photo is probably from about 1980. Look at that wallpaper! Here’s the link:”

Leunig and the Moon on a Hill

Posted: February 27, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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On a Hill by Michael Leunig