The Crow Show 2016

The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow
The hand coloured, signed & numbered first edition of 100 books with 4 CDs of recordings was celebrated with a launch and exhibition in September 2016 at Artsite Gallery

This project celebrates four decades of music by singer songwriter Rod Morgan (aka Old Man Crow) and 25 years of collaboration with his partner, illustrator and bookbinder Mo Orkiszewski. In this exhibition the songwriting of Old Man Crow is honoured with a collection of 38 beautifully rendered illustrations that bring to life his heart felt lyrics seasoned with wry observations of life in Sydney’s inner west.  The result of four years of intensive work (2011 – 2015), the 38 original illustrations will be exhibited alongside a limited edition publication including a 4 CD recording of the illustrated songs.  In the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, posters, cards, t-shirts and accoutrements designed and made by Mo for Old Man Crow’s stage performances will also be exhibited.
The font is James Han
NB just click on the pics to see the details and on the titles that are red links to hear the songs
1--OMC-title-page-3-webfront page
4--candlelight-webCandlelight © Rod Morgan 1973
Candlelight-with-a-dot-of-red-Mo-15print out of ‘Candlelight’ with a dot of Winsor & Newton Series 1 Flame Red and a ooo Winsor & Newton sable series 7
5--Fly-Away-webFly Away © Rod Morgan 1975
a-red-x-Mo-15the red x
6--Requiem-webRequiem © Rod Morgan 1975 (recording coming soon)
Requiem-with-red-heart-Mo-15the red heart
7--Entropy-webEntropy © Rod Morgan 1975
entropy-heart-Mo15the red heart of entropy
8--A-life-of-crime-webA Life of Crime © Rod Morgan 1976
the-red-heart-of-A-Life-of-Crime-Mo-15another red heart
9--Sweet-Mary-Anne-webSweet Mary-Anne © Rod Morgan 1980
Sweet-Mary-Anne-Heart-detaildetail of “the heart of a peace loving snow white dove”
10-Paradise-webParadise © Rod Morgan 1980
Paradise-diamonddetail of “she’s harder than diamond, and softer than silk”
11--I-got-the-blues-webI Got the Blues © Rod Morgan
old-crow-eyea red eye
12--Inconsequentiality-webInconsequentiality © Rod Morgan 1985
Inconsequentiality-detail-red-firered fire in the castle
13--Beauty-webBeauty © Rod Morgan 1992
I can’t bring myself to add any red to this one (yet) !
14--Evaline-webEvaline © Rod Morgan 1996 (recording coming soon)
Evaline-rose-detaila red rosebud in the foreground
15--Turn-the-page-webTurn the Page © Rod Morgan (recording coming soon)
turn-the-page-flame-detailthe red in the wick of the candle
16--Opportunity-webOpportunity © Rod Morgan 1999
Opportunity-detaila dash of red for the burning love candle
17--Something-else-webSomething Else © Rod Morgan 2002
something-else-detailthe red in the cane fields on fire
18--Take-a-ride-webTake a Ride © Rod Morgan 2002
19--The-floral-arrangement-webThe Floral Arrangement © Rod Morgan 2004
The-Floral-Arrangement-detail“I bought a six pack for the plastic, the red and green look fantastic”
20--The-road-to-malabar-webThe Road to Malabar © Rod Morgan 2004
the-road-to-Malabar-flamered flame in the centre of the pentagram
21--Postcard-webPostcard © Rod Morgan 2005
Postcard-red-xthe red x marks the spot
22--We-all-knew-Neil-webWe all knew Neil © Rod Morgan 2005
We-all-knew-Neil-flame-detailflame for remembrance
23--Bar-room-piano-webBar Room Piano © Rod Morgan 2006
a dash of red for the candlelight
24--Looking-for-you-Mk3-webLooking For You © Rod Morgan 2006
looking-for-you-heart-woodthe red heart wood
25--A-simple-life-webA Simple Life © Rod Morgan 2006
A-Simple-Life-firethe fish on the plate
26--One-night-webOne Night When Sleep Wouldn’t Come © Rod Morgan 2007
One Night Ace of Hearts detailthe Ace of Hearts
27--Walking-home-with-Mr-Bones-webWalking Home with Mr Bones © Rod Morgan 2007
28--I've-got-a-reason-webI’ve Got A Reason © Rod Morgan 2007

fire-detailwarming their hands by the fires
29--Crossroads-Hotel-webCrossroads Hotel © Rod Morgan 2008
xroads-red-detail-Mo15a turn of the card
30--Judy-Blue-webJudy Blue © Rod Morgan 2008
31--Playin-the-blues-webPlayin’ the Blues © Rod Morgan 2008
32--Operator-Mk2-webOperator © Rod Morgan 2008
Operator-cup-detailwhen your time is up, your blood’s in his cup
33--Ghosts-webGhosts © Rod Morgan 2009
34--Dance-with-me-darlin-webDance with me darlin’ © Rod Morgan 2009
35--Truth-webTruth © Rod Morgan 2009
Truth-red-heartthe red heart in the Queen’s cup
36--Sunday-in-Newtown-webSunday in Newtown © Rod Morgan 2010
Sunday-in-Newtown-red-stop-lightthe red stop light on King St
37--Angels-webAngels © Rod Morgan 2010
Angels-red-333time can stand still at 3:33 am
38--Everybody's-gotta-get-by-webEverybody’s gotta get by © Rod Morgan 2011
everybodys-gotta-get-by-candle-flamethe red in the candle flame
39--Wild-things-webWild Things © Rod Morgan 2011
wild-things-red-xa red x for love
40--Here's-your-hat-webHere’s Your Hat © Rod Morgan 2012
Here's-you-hat-red-detailred detail
41--Brass-Key-Back-Door-webBrass Key, Back Door © Rod Morgan 2013
Brass-Key-Heart‘bury my heart, ‘cos it’s on fire, burning up like funeral pyre’
back page CD list
old-man-crow-and-the-second-draftOld Man Crow looking through the second draft
front cover bound
the leather bound prototype

  1. Beautiful! Look forward to the book!

  2. Liz says:

    I love the rhythm of train songs … can’t wait to hear this one

  3. It is stunning Mo xxx

  4. deemallon says:

    something so special, here!!

  5. saskia says:

    oh my word, this is such a fantastic collaboration! wonderful, absolutely wonderful

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Saskia))) it’s a celebration of the man’s lifetime of music and the love that has grown between us, breathing deeply at the edge of the tunnel for the final edit this morning…

  6. Mike says:

    That’s a lot of work (and life!), eh?

    Good job, both of you….

  7. Julie Banks says:

    Oh Mo, what a magnificent collaboration of you both- we’ll be away up north from 2nd till 17th September, just wondering how long the exhibition will be there! xxx

  8. This is such a beautiful piece of work! In my one year of chance stay in Sydney, this will be a great memorabilia to carry back home 🙂

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