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Crow-Amulet-III-Mo-15-eyeCrow Amulet III Mo 15 glass crow eye and feathers lampworked by Kathy Dorfer, leather, linen thread, beading cord & glass beads filled with rose petals for love, lemon scented gum for spirit of place, lavender for healing & rosemary for remembrance all wrapped up in raw red silk and every knot is made with magical intent Crow-Amulet-III-Mo-15-for-protectionKathy’s work fills our house with such strong healing magic you can see more here, here, here, here, here, here & here & on her blog and Etsy shop


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gathering21 heart talismans (100 will be sewn into the headbands for the limited edition) and two crow amulets (of however many fall out of my hands) on the road to the Crow Show next year
crow-amulet-2-Mo15Crow Amulet II Mo15
black leather, vintage dyed ostrich feathers, bat claw, pentacle star buttons, mother of pearl button, red & black glass beads, waxed linen thread, filled with raw red silk, rose petals, lavender, rosemary & lemon scented gum
crow-amulet-2-by-Mo15here’s some better photos now that the sun is up!

Love is the Answer

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Love-is-the-Answer-august-2013“Love is the Answer” local graffiti that always gives me heart

A crow amulet for protection

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crow-amulet-in-processHere’s the beginning of an amulet using some of the leather off cuts from making the covers for The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow, a rose bud & sprig of lavender wrapped in red silk , crow eye made with a mother of pearl button, the eyelet lace above made the perfect pupil but the amazing thing is I had never noticed during this whole journey that the crow foot symbol looks so much like Algiz the rune of protection algizI started this journey back in 2011 and the crow foot and eye showed up as symbols right from the beginning! crow-amuletcrow foot stitched with waxed linen threads, bat claw, emu feather, black barnacle, silk steel wrapped grape vine tendril, black glass beads and leather cord crow-eye-amuletthis is developing into a series of crow amulets and talismans you can see more here, here, here, here & here
I love how this quote by Paul Valéry –
“All our language is composed of brief little dreams; and the wonderful thing is that we sometimes make of them strangely accurate and marvelously reasonable thoughts. What should we be without the help of that which does not exist? Very little. And our unoccupied minds would languish if fables, mistaken notions, abstractions, beliefs, and monsters, hypotheses, and the so-called problems of metaphysics did not people with beings and objectless images our natural depths and darkness. Myths are the souls of our actions and our loves. We cannot act without moving towards a phantom.”
helps explain these  wonderful words that have inspired and intrigued me for years –
“In Madasgascar, large white “goat’s eye” beads can miraculously bring the wearer things that do not actually exist, and so are deemed particularly magical.”
from page 101 of “Amulets : a world of secret powers, charms and magic” by Sheila Paine Thames & Hudson 2004

Bronwyn-Berman-2015Bronwyn Berman’s beautiful work at Sculpture 2015 at Maunsell Wickes Gallery
Bronwyn Berman In My Bones & in My Spirit“In My Bones, in My Spirit”
carved antique shoe last, echidna quills, copper, stone beads
23 x 15 x 12 cm
Bronwyn Berman Bronwyn Berman In my Bones, In my Spiritthis piece speaks straight to my Piscean soul (Pisces rules the feet)
a few pics of Bronwyn, Richard, Marika and Old Man Crow enjoying the opening
Richard-Marika-and-BronwynrichardOld-Man-Crow-appreciating-the-detailsyou can see more of Bronwyn’s beautiful work on her website, in Instagram and online shop

Remember the Elephants

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elephant-by-Ivan-Ungar-2013Remember the Elephants
(photo courtesy of Ivan Ungar Africa 2013)
first-sketchhalf a lifetime ago I was given some old ivory and ebony piano keys
beginningI cut two of the ivory keys to make settings for 4 moonstones and 3 star sapphires that have been waiting for me to do something with them for 30 years
ivory-and-stonesivory is such a beautiful material, strong yet so easy to cut and carve
becomingI stitched this piece of whisper silk organza back in 2013
eye-photo-by-Ivan-Ungarprinted out the eye of the elephant from Ivan’s photo and used a scalpel blade to trace the lines onto the leather for the back of the memory keeper
eye-cutand then stitched the detail
elephant-eye-embroideredelephant eyes are a beautiful amber colour, the red here reflects the tears for the continued slaughter of these beautiful beings for their tusks
becoming-a-memery-keeperbecoming a memory keeper to remember the elephants
preparingto hold this ivory for posterity until we humans stop the slaughter and start honouring these mighty beasts
old-ivoryvintage raw ivory, raw ivory bangles, earrings, piano keys & burnt ivory
old-ivory-bound-in-silkold ivory bound in red silk
remember-the-elephants-by-Mo-15the bundle placed inside and stitched closed with red silk thread
closure-detailclosure detail
remember-the-elephants-back-Mo15“Remember the Elephants” by Mo 2015
black leather, vintage ostrich feathers, black and white linen thread, whisper silk organza, jet, glass, bone and clay beads, red silk, old ivory
remember-the-elephants-Mo15I have cried an ocean of tears this week whilst making this journey
here’s some links to articles about the continuing slaughter of elephants for their ivory
and on a more uplifting note two good people who are making a difference

Rainbow Amulet

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rainbow-amulet-for-Uschi-by-Mo-15Rainbow Amulet for Uschi by Mo 15
wishbone, grape vine tendrils, sea urchin spine, barnacle fragment, shell fragment, Crested Pigeon, Rainbow Lorikeet, Miss P (Alexandrine Parrot) and Derry (Budgerigar) feathers, red felt heart, lapis lazuli, turquoise, vintage glass chakra beads, knotted linen, silk, silk/steel and Gütermann upholstery thread