We have lived here in our beautiful old lady of a house for 11 years, the Hoya is celebrating with Fiona & Barry’s Imagine Peace weathergrams and Bronwyn Berman’s beautifully beaded and bound river stone
with so many flowers happening this year!
and we have privacy from the upstairs bedroom window at last!
love how Madeleine set up Holding the Moon at the Collectors Choice show at Artsite
moonsong sold to a museum curator & conservator of textiles and paper from Western Australia,
last year she bought Once in a Blue Moon & the chicken & the egg in 2017
hoping there will be photos of the opening to post soon & thanks to everyone who came along
but the sad news is my beautiful sister in law Debbie had a stroke just as she and my brother Mike were getting ready to go to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, she is in ICU, x fingers she will make a full recovery!

the silly season is upon us !
opening Sunday December 1st from 3-5
preview Saturday November 30th
gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11-5 til December 15th
these are my offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 19
moonsong Mo19
see you there!

Try to Relax

Posted: November 23, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Try to Relax
card from The Morgan Tarot
a favourite and perfect for this recovery week for Old Man Crow
the kidney stone was blasted to smithereens and the stent removed
now it’s just time to relax and heal
thanks for all the good vibes, they helped heaps!

evening light
scrying with the magical X-roads Cloth by Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread
Eucalyptus operculums, passionfruit vine tendril, poppy seedpod, grape vine tendril, Ariel whisker & claw sheath, elephant paperclip, African porcupine quills, Ginkgo leaf, stone from the Ganges, shell fragments, winged seed, Imagine Peace pin by Liz Akert, cracked glass pyramid, Fishbones by Johanna Flanagan aka The Pale Rook, heart shaped Banksia leaf, stone from the Kalang River, basket woven with Bangalow palm inflorescence by Margaret Olah
doing the happy dance up at Artsite for Old Man Crow who is looking forward to getting the kidney stone blasted to smithereens and the irritating stent removed tomorrow at RPA!

PS Friday evening, the kidney stone and stent are gone, after a gentle stroll home from the hospital he’s resting before some fortifying red beans and rice for dinner with fresh mangoes and yogurt for dessert
Magic Days
thanks for all the good wishes

On Saturday evening we danced with the spirits of place in Camperdown Park to the sounds of DJ Semper-Fi with the magic of Gabrielle Bates and the local community for Dub Circle -The Dark Procession. Gab’s site activation turned the historic rotunda into a sound beacon that called to the spirits and critters of the park with such wild magic!
that’s me under the facepaint with my dancing partner one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
Lulu Cat face painter extraordinaire
Anna Schiff with one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
‘Unloved Everythings’ by Gab Bates
our magical ringleader Gab Bates
dancing with the spirits of place
wild things dancing
gathering the energies
DJ Semper-Fi in the rotunda
the magic of music
photos by Jodie Barker Photography
you can see lots more in Gab Bates Dub Circle album
Magic Days!


Posted: November 8, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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water lilies at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
thanks to everyone for helping me get back to the here and now

lost the plot

Posted: November 5, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

a very tight attempt at making a loose patch following Jude Hill’s Patchwork in Perspective parts 1 & 2
on this bad moon rising I have thrown in the towel, for the first time this century I am feeling lost with my artwork, the drawings are flat and the stitching is getting so tight I need to use pliers to pull the needle through, a few things have worked since the dream but most simply don’t. If I can’t find my way out of this hole by March next year I will cancel the Sayonara Sydney show that is scheduled at Artsite for March 2021 when I will turn 66 & be eligible for the Age Pension. We’re still gardening for a living here in the Big Smoke whilst dreaming of moving to the Blue Mountains, looking forward to breathing fresh air, making whatever art and music happens and going bushwalking every day… one day… in the not too faraway…
“Memory is a landscape watched from a moving train”
p 139 The Book of Chameleons by José Eduardo Agualusa

NB these small patches are made with some loose planets bought from Jude Hill’s Threadcrumbs shop last year & backed with linen indigo and pomegranate dyed & screenprinted by Ulrike Bogdan