Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: October 21, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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norton-flavel_fluidFluid  Norton Flavel
stainless steel
“A reference to the notion of significance.”
annie-levitch_reality-tvReality TV
Anne Levitch
corten steel
alice-mcauliffe_concrete-carpetConcrete Carpet Alice McAuliffe
carpet design rendered by high pressure water cleaner
zheng-yuan-lu_chronic-seriesChronic Series Zheng Yuan Lu
black marble
“… Lu uses his art form to express what lies in between everyday experience and the indescribable.”
nicole-larkin_dynamics-in-impermanenceDynamics in Impermanence  Nicole Larkin
birch plywood
cave-urban_the-golden-hourThe Golden Hour  Cave Urban
bamboo, steel
“The paradox of the sun begins and ends with a golden hour at the horizon. Sunrise and sunset are twins in spectacle but strangers in meaning; in a single day they declaim renewal and extinction.”
Harrie Fasher
mild steel, plate, pipe, round bar and fixings
“… Transition depicts the energy required for movement between worlds. …”
mimi-dennett_measuring-the-skyMeasuring the Sky
Mimi Dennett
painted aluminium
tony-davis_follyFolly Tony Davis
jarrah wood, corten steel, pinus radiata, mild steel
margarita-sampson_dearestDearest Margarita Sampson
steel, wood, ply, structural foam, fibreglass, textiles
“Don’t get too comfortable.”
Old Man Crow enjoying the lushness, love how Margie encourages the public to interact with her work!
Sculpture by the Sea

‘Journey Series #6’ by Kris Coad

finalist in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2016
this piece made my hair stand on end, touching a deep place in my soul never felt before

Artist’s Statement
“Journey… what do we take… what do we need… run… There is a moment between what was and what is to come, an immeasurable space between two things as they transition into and between one to the other. The gap, the breath, the space between… These pieces are an expression of this moment.”

visiting her website I realized her her bone china feathers had blown me away a few years back at Planet Furniture
the show is on til October 30th
(this photo is from Woollahra Sculpture Prize website, mine did not do the work justice)


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honesty-front-mo16Honesty Mo 16
stitched under the influence of Jude Hill’s SunMoonStars
indigo dyed old linen from Jude Hill, rotted silk, hemp string, Whisper silk organza, cotton gauze, string, thread
H33cm x W14cm
moon-detail-mo-16Moon detail
ladder-frontladder detail
Honesty detail
honesty-back-mo16the back !
honesty-moon-back-detail-mo16the back of the moon
honesty-ladder-back-detail-mo16a personal constellation
honesty-back-detail-mo16I want to frame it with dried Honesty, will go out to to the flower markets early Wednesday morning but may have to wait til autumn.

flannel-flowers-actinotus-helianthiiFlannel Flowers Actinotus helianthi greeted us at the gates of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
flowerheads-al-phemister“Flowerheads” by Al Phemister
steel spoons and bicycle spokes
pamela-pudandelicate ceramics by Pamela Pudan
you can see lots more photos of Artisans in the Gardens here
and if you are anywhere near Sydney don’t miss Florilegium at the Museum of Sydney
the video in the link is a wonderful insight into the art of botanical illustration

Under a Gibbous Moon

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Letter U Mo 08
Letter U text by Rod Morgan “Letter U” illustration by Mo Orkiszewski, text by Rod Morgan with musings by Ariel P. Cat
from An illuminated Book of Cats © 2010

Melia azedarach

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melia-azedarach-mo16Melia azedarach Mo16
a hardy deciduous drought tolerant tree native to the east coast of Australia
the perfume is like honey & the name rolls off the tongue like a magical incantation
melia-azedarachPS here’s a photo of a beautiful specimen in Burwood car park

taking time to smell the roses

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faded-rosesfaded roses with the Starry Container Mo 1987
October is the best month for taking time to look at lots of great art here in Sydney
Borne: Sculpture for the Body at Stanley Street Gallery
Peter Godwin “Memento” Defiance Gallery at the Yellow House
Artisans in the Gardens
Woolahra Small Sculpture Prize
Sculpture by the Sea