A Love Letter to the Moon

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A Love Letter to the Moon by Mo 15
native grass, whisper silk organza, moon ladder 1 and the moon boat
Full Moon in Pisces
playing with the moon


“A love letter to the Moon” by Mo 15
native grass, whisper silk organza, burned Japanese Abaca paper,
thread, white gouache, moon ladder 1 and the moon boat
… I may have gone too far…
or perhaps not far enough…

Dragon Scale Bag by Els Fiberrainbow

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dragon-scale-bag-by-Els-FiberrainbowThis magic Dragon Scale Bag is made by Els of Fiberrainbow
 love the fire breathing dragon keeping his treasures safe inside

waxing gibbous

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waxing-gibbous-moon ladder to the moon waxing gibbous (the stray orbs are camera magic)

the next night, the moon waxing even more gibbously (if that’s a word)
and a heart shaped moon!
(camera shake can make good magic)

anathemadictionary definition of anathema (noun) – something that is ​strongly ​disliked or ​disapproved of

When I started out as a bright young thing full of hopes and dreams of being an artist the most awful thing I could thing of was ending up at 60 painting pretty flowers on porcelain… to celebrate this memory I bought this cup for xmas, broke it a few months later and bought another one! I love the old fashioned prettiness, the fine rim, the packaging and the price – $12, it is mass produced in China.
So, you wonder where am I going with this?
I have a tendency towards the literal, drawing helps me understand what I see in the world, over the years I have enjoyed working in botanical illustration both for commissioned signage & personal pleasure, here’s a favourite flannel flower drawing from the xmas card series 1991-2014
it would be very easy for me to embroider flowers on doilies and handkerchiefs like this beauty from a friend that her mother had embroidered many years ago
vintage embroidered  flannel flower hankie
I love this, it’s beautifully stitched and understands the nature of flannel flowers
here’s a photo I took of one back in December
flannel-flower-Mo14and a drawing of the same plant which I may well use for my xmas card this year
flannel-flower-out-of-the-blue-Mo-14so where’s the anathema in all this?
it’s in the rub, the friction between my love of gardening and bushwalking and the process of drawing to understand the world more deeply that can become too twee, almost nauseatingly sentimental & kitsch in translation…
I’m running close to that line this week with The Hands of Fate & ran it close back in 2011 with the Stole of Bandaged Hearts
It’s an edge I have been exploring all my life, sometimes it works but sometimes it’s truly awful… I tried to find the beautifully rendered old watercolour of a unicorn walking out of the glade surrounded by dripping wisteria and stars that was the pinnacle of kitsch in my lifetime but I must have thrown it out in the last big clearing (just as well!)
eX de Medici explores the edge of anathema better than anyone
have a look at her work here

spheres of influence

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forget-me-notsforget me nots are a favourite flower, one of the perquisites of being a gardener is we get to bring the trimmings home
gardeners-hand-in-processthat forget me not blue has found it’s way into the gardener’s glove & I may have seen something like these gloves when I was a young girl poring over the illustrations in Adrienne Ségur’s Fairy Tale Book
(yes, have a look at Puss in Boot’s gloves!)
and in this 21st C world there is all the wonderful work shared on the internet
Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth is taking a month off after completing the Magic Feather Project
Christine Kelly of Gentlework is working fine magic for Daphne’s Glove – A Group Gathering
Grace of Windthread is stitching the quivering awareness of a Praying Mantis
Dee Mallon’s Hearts for Charleston Quilt is being built with love
Judy Martin’s deep insights into her process are brilliant
that’s just the places I have visited online this morning, there’s lots more in the sidebar to the left
then there’s the real life experience of visiting local art galleries, last week we visited “Flight” at the Balmain Watch House here’s a link to their collaborative centrepiece “Flight of the Bumble Bee” (click on the pic to see all the fantastic details!)
on the weekend we saw the Salon de Réfuses at the SH Ervin Gallery after seeing the Archibald, Wynne & Suliman at the AGNSW a few weeks ago (the first time I have bothered to brave the crowds since 1973 & it was worth it) love the detailed work of Max Miller (a bit like John Wolseley in miniature) who won the Trustee’s watercolour prize, the portrait of Charles Waterstreet by Nigel Milsom was a well deserved win and I was mesmerized by the magical moth “This is not here” by Cameron Potts in the Sulman. I am also blessed to be friends with the amazing sculptor Bronwyn Berman who is working on her piece for Sculpture by the Sea, we catch up once a week to talk about art, life, the universe and everything.
whilst stitching those tiny leaves around the thumb this morning I realized Crow Amulet IV needed a bat claw
Crow-Amulet-4-by-Mo15 funny how that little dash of red tying the claw in brings it to life
well that’s enough fiddling about… it’s 5am and time to get a few hours of editing done before a big day of gardening if the rain holds off!
PS a few hours later, the sun’s out, have added more to this post about local art exhibtions & artists and am just getting ready to go and do some gardening in the hope I can get my feet back on the ground!

leather-needle-in-processhere’s a photo of one of the very sharp leather needles Marg sent earlier this year
leather-working-needlesthey slide through the leather like butter
gardener-left-handslowly & tenderly over the next good while I will stitch the left hand glove with lots of tiny blue flowers, tendrils and leaves into all the seams to honour the gardening, making, writing & drawing this good hand has done for 60 years
dreamer-right-handand there will be hundreds of tiny stars stitched into the seams on the right hand glove to honour the dreaming hand.
The Hands of Fate will be exhibited in the Crow Show next year so there’s plenty of time to get them finished but all this amazing output is actually my way of procrastinating about finishing the final edit of “The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow” to take to the printer next week! I just need to go very carefully over each digital file and make sure all the information is correct ie size of file, greyscale, gutter allowance and find any more minute typos that may still be there!
crow-eye-amulet-in-processso there’s another crow amulet nearly finished
clean-stovethe stove top is sparkling clean & I fixed the rivet on the inner lid of the coffee basket, still need to write an e-mail to my Mom this morning… this is the great thing about Procrastination with a capital P, it keeps me almost civilized, when else would I fit in all the other things in life like housework, mending, correspondence with family & catching up with friends? … but all this putting the editing off has been going on for well over a week now so today is the day that I will get started on the editing…. x fingers!
PS here’s some pics of Crow Amulet 4 all finished
Crow Amulet 4 by Mo 15
black leather, glass, clay & bone beads, pentacle buttons, vintage ostrich feathers, linen and silk threads, beading cord
filled with raw red silk, rose petals, lavender, rosemary, lemon scented eucalyptus

NB haven’t started the editing yet but there’s still plenty of hours in the day!
PS have started the editing!

The Hands of Fate

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marking-outmarking out my palm lines on an old pair of chamois evening gloves
right-hand-marking-outright hand detail, the finger tips needed repair
left-hand-marking-outleft hand detail, the leather had perished in places
right-sleeve-detailheart on sleeve detail
left-hand-wrist-detailleft hand wrist detail
left-hand-palm-detailleft hand palm detail
right-hand-palm-detailright hand palm detail
the-hands-of-fateThe Hands of Fate Mo 2015
vintage chamois leather evening gloves, indigo and pomegranate dyed silk thread from Glennis Dolce aka Shibori Girl, indigo Derwent Inktense coloured pencils, Golden Titanium White fluid acrylic
more may be added in time but on the other hand…

PS the last time I had my palm read was in 1974 when I was 19
Eric Clapton was singing Please Be With Me
“wondering what I hoped to find deep within me”
41 years later… am happy just letting the magic of each day unfold and enjoy the surprises