How to face the future by Michael Leunig

Posted: April 28, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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How to face the future by Michael LeunigI love Michael Leunig !

Fly Free Carol

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Fly-Free-Carol-2016Fly Free Carol written on a piece of scribbly gum bark to honour our beautiful friend’s passing 2 years ago
Mortuary-Station-Fly-Free-Carol-2016Old Man Crow’s aim is much better than mine so he tossed the piece of bark onto the railway track at Mortuary Station
Mortuary-Station-Fly-Free-Carol-detail-2016and it landed right in the middle of the tracks right side up!
Mortuary-Station-steeple-2016this is our second visit to the Embassy of Transition for the Sydney Biennale

Crow Book IV

Posted: April 20, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Crow-Book-IV-edge-Mo-16Crow Book IV Mo16
Italian glove leather, linen thread, magnetic closure, hand deckled & painted edge
Crow-Book-IV-cover-detailmagnetic closure stitched in place with a pentacle
Crow-Book-IV-inside-Mo16for Old Man Crow
Crow-Book-IV-page-repair-Mo16page repair with handmade Japanese paper
Crow-Book-IV-bookmark-detail-Mo16plaited linen thread with one red glass bead bookmark
Crow-Book-VI-heart-detail2-Mo16full of heart Crow-Book-VI-closure-detail-Mo-16closure
here’s a link to see more of my handbound books

crow book IV in process

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eelskin-leather-feathereelskin leather feather, Italian glove leather patchwork on bookbinders mull in process for Crow Book IV
Crow Book 3 is nearly full
leather-needledetail of the leather needle that Margaret Johnson gave me last year Japanese-vintage-scissors-from-Richard-Carbinand these exquisite vintage scissors just arrived from Richard Carbin in Japan
crow-book-4-in-processPS a few hours later , I like it better without the eelskin feather, sometimes less is more…

Embassy of the Spirits

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Taro-ShinodaTaro Shinoda Abstraction of Confusion 2016
clay, pigment, ochre, tatami mats
Taro-Shinoda-2inviting us to embrace uncertainty in these times of change
Taro-Shinoda-3Embassy of the Spirits 20th Biennale of Sydney at the AGNSW
my photos do nothing to convey the alchemical wonder of this space…
so here’s some links to the reviews so far
Andrew Frost
John McDonald
Tess Maunder
Zalehah Turner
BBC News

jasminum-officinale-grandiflorumthe delicate perfume of jasmine here at home
(photo courtesy of Old Man Crow with his iPhone)

Lloyd Rees Port Jackson Fig 1934Lloyd Rees “Port Jackson fig tree” 1934, pencil
Lloyd Rees “Painting with Pencil 1930-36” at the Museum of Sydney is an exquisite exhibition of drawings by Australia’s most respected & well loved artist
John McDonald wrote a wonderful review back in March
and the film in this link is a delight
Lloyd Rees Balls Head 1934Lloyd Rees “Balls Head, Sydney Harbour” 1934, pencil
Lloyd Rees Banksias at Waverton 1935Lloyd Rees “Banksias at Waverton” 1935, pencil
if you are anywhere near Sydney don’t miss this show, it closes on the 17th

looking in between

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the in between Mo16looking in between Mo 16
grape vine tendril, dead coral and shell fragments, cat claw sheaths, porcupine spines from India, a stone from the Ganges River, painted grape vine tendrils, lichen