Kathy Dorfer’s pennant just arrived today!
Love is What the World Needs Now
Kathy makes the most beautiful glass eyes!
the other side
tassel detail
meeting the gathering
love those beautiful indigo blues!
you can see more of Kathy’s good magic over at her place on Instagram
and here on this tag link
PS will add more photos when the sun comes out!

a new love song by Old Man Crow

Posted: October 12, 2018 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, music

Old Man Crow just recorded this new song, I love it!

Louise Watson’s pennant is “Mending the Sky”
with a grace note
the reveal
her sky is filled with birds
with an exquisite eye for detail
flying with love
“I have finished all the birds. I have chosen a selection, sea birds, waders, swifts and swallows that we see from the garden. Some are endangered. We have to keep the habitats for them all. Sea clean and air unpolluted. It is all about Mo’s theme mending this beautiful broken world.”
and the other side
you can see more photos of Mending the Sky over on Louise’s blog
meeting The Gathering
Magic Days!

Beth Brennan’s “Tree of Life” pennant meets The Gathering
“I believe that answer starts with loving the earth. It is our commonality with all beings. Home.”
beautifully embroidered with such deep love for our earth
“Untangling and tangling roots. Considering how the things that nurture us aren’t always apparent on the surface.”
the other side
“a hidden heartbeat”
Beth’s note
meeting The Gathering
you can see more of Beth’s beautiful stitching and photography at Still Life Pond over on Instagram

Els Snieder has woven, layered and stitched her pennant full of love
and sent a leaf brooch, heart talisman, flower seeds and an intriguing little folding charm
an appliqued, woven & embroidered treasure
so many beautiful textures and details, those tiny blue hearts!
beautiful old lace
a tiny heart bead in the point of the tail
& on the other side
an appliqued heart and the dream stitched immaculately on dotted net
I dream of a world
where love is the answer
meeting The Gathering!
Els is stitching a Textile Jewel every day this month for the Pink Ribbon Fund
namaste beautiful heart!

Els Snieder, Beth Brennan & Louise Watson’s beautiful pennants arrived together yesterday afternoon to make a trifecta
Magic Days!

Wendy Watson’s pennant just flew in from New Zealand
Wendy carefully beaded a piece of the fragile bridal veil to her pennant
she talks about her process over at Late Start Studio
“The veiling is so fragile it disintegrated as I worked but aren’t hopes and dreams like that? Unless they become goals they can dissipate leaving little trace.”
“When Mo opens the package, there will be traces left behind in the wrapping, if people touch it when its exhibited along with the other contributions more damage will be done, but that’s okay because even if most of the veil falls away, the foundation and the pearls will remain. Love is like that . . . it needs a strong foundation because what is built will get knocked about however the most precious aspects will remain. I wanted my contribution to reflect this.”
the patina of time
the exquisite point
the other side
the edge
there is such deep magic in Wendy’s pennant meeting The Gathering
Wendy wrote an e-mail after she posted her pennant, “When I got home I realised that I had left out a note. What I wanted to say was that it has been such a pleasure to be part of the endeavour and a privilege to have my effort hanging alongside the work of so many talented artists.
The concept was so thought provoking. Whether it’s love for an individual, humanity, or our beautiful abused planet, I trust the vestiges of love will see us through.”
these beautiful words & work are
Braille for the Soul