River of Moons is moving along, after finishing the second moon this morning I cut into the river of cloth to weave the next two moons through
inspired by Jude Hill this morning when she cut into the edge of her moon to weave through a cloud over on Spirit Cloth
it’s a one step forward two steps back work flow as each new moon changes how the last one fits in,
the two moons on this new cloth are for the next blue moon in November for us here in Australia
finished the knotted thread rays on the second moon this morningthe first moon was a little too puffy so I stitched it through and it feels a lot more solid
there will be 13 moons in this meditation on time, flow and the effect of the moon on one woman’s mind
front cover of the Lunar Almanac by Rosemary Ellen Guiley 1991
with gratitude to Glennis Shibori Girl, Ulrike Bogdan and Jude Hill
for the materials and inspiration!

Mom the Queen of Bridge and Cribbage!

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here’s a photo of my Mom taken by her card playing buddy Mildred when they gave her the crown for being Queen of Bridge and Cribbage!

Lindy Lee out the front of the MCA for her major survey show Moon in a Dew Drop at the MCA
Secret World of a Starlight Ember, 2020
mirror polished stainless steellove this quote in the stairwell
Buddhas & Matriarchs 2020
flung bronze installation
flung bronze detail
Lindy Lee finishing her artist talk with Conflagrations from the end of time (flowers fall) 2011
Dotti enhancing the dottiness in Moonlight Deities 2019-20 installation
Here’s a link to the most beautiful and inspiring interview with Lindy Lee

Too dark?

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Too dark? a new song by Old Man Crow © Rod Morgan 2019
artwork by Mo Orkiszewski 2020

We visited the sublime exhibition of Hiroshi Nagai : Paintings for Music at the Japan Foundation yesterday
Hiroshi Nagai Poolside – Yellow Towel 2019
Hiroshi Nagai A Long Vacation 1987
Hiroshi Nagai Beachside Cloud Vehicle late 2000s
Hiroshi Nagai Uptown Poolside 2019
Hiroshi Nagai Urban Sunset – Two Palm Trees 1982Hiroshi Nagai Untitled 1993
I love the pop aesthetic held in all his meticulously painted artworks
this show is just up the road and I have just joined their library so will be back to see these beautiful works many times before the end of January !


Anita Johnson Larkin Come to me without a word at Wollongong Art Gallery
Play me, mend me 2019
unfinished violin, salvaged crutch, tobacco tin, blanket
Longing 2018
salvaged child’s cot, canvas tent remnants
The bridge between you and me 2018
salvaged objects, silk
Come to me without a word 2019
unfinished violins, felted wool
Holding breath, between breath, sleeping breath (breath repair series) 2020
breath repair performance, photographs by Bernard Fischer
Cherry 2015
leather cast of Anita’s own breast and linen thread
I love these opening words from Anita;
‘All things are prone to brokenness. It is perhaps the natural state of everything to be only fleetingly ‘whole’ and the rest of the time to be interrupted, fractured, in chaos or the slow process of decay.’
here’s a link to Gina Fairley’s review
a video of the opening address

Anita walks us through her show

A Candle by Mo“One candle gives light to another without itself ceasing to burn. The light which has been given to us burns all the brighter for being offered to others”
Michelle Slater
Ms Uncertainty Principles
Fly Free!

Michelle told good stories, she would like this one;
“…Then I understood that when someone begins to tell you her story, you are entwined together. Perhaps even more so if the ending hasn’t been divulged. It was exactly like dreaming the same dream, then waking too soon and never finding out what happened. I watched leaves fall as the mourning prayers were recited. People here say that means a spirit is walking above you, in the trees, and that once a soul is free to join with them she can walk all the way to the world to come. That was a story I decided to believe.”

from  The Marriage of Opposites (p 216) by Alice Hoffman
Michelle Slater by Michelle Slater
photo courtesy of Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth post with the sad news of Michelle’s passing on facebook

Neomarica gracilis aka Brazilian Walking Iris
this is one of my favourite plants, the flowers are fleeting but fabulous for a day and keep flowering throughout spring. It’s one of the toughest plants I know, grows well in shade, doesn’t mind root competition as it sends out new plants from each flowering point (hence the name) and has even taken over a sandstone cliff where not much else could grow in one of our gardens. It’s also spectacular as an indoor plant in a big pot.
We were hoping to retire from gardening at the end of the year but will have to wait til March when I am eligible for the Age Pension, looking forward to seeing if this plant will cope in the cooler climate up in the Blue Mountains
both of my eyes have had lens replacements, being able to see clearly for the first time this century is Magic!
wadjet eye carved on sea glass Mo 2006

International Day of Peace

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Fiona Dempster and Barry Smith of Deckled Edge Press send out so much Hope and Peace
Fiona & Barry’s peace weathergrams for the International Day of Peace at the front door
weathering peace at the back door
Peace is Every Step by Fiona Dempster
Love is the Answer by Barry Smith
Imagine Peace
Liz Ackert’s Imagine Peace pin with Grace Forrest Maesta’s X-Roads Cloth and the Pale Rook’s Fish Bones

the Virgo Moon is finished for now for the River of Moons
the other side
now onto the Libra Moon’s balancing act
it needs boar bristles and beads to make a compass for this journey
stitched in, the boar bristles define the rays & they feel like bone stays in a foundation garment…
PS just added a bit more stitching in that wonky lower centre ray now I can move onto the Libra moon!
PPS added a ring of raw cotton bound with blue silk thread to finish the Virgo Moon for the River of Moons

the 13 moons for this year long project are shibori indigo dyed by the queen of Moon Makers Glennis Dolce
the river cloth is indigo dyed by Ulrike Bogdan