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Posted: August 4, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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with thanks to Barry Ferrier, Pierre Luniere and John Kaldor for making Fairfarren a great send off for Old Man Crow


Posted: July 31, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Yesterday was the perfect sunny day to ride Free out along the Burramoko Ridge Trail to see Hanging Rock!
tied up safely to a post to walk up to Baltzer Lookout
view to the right of the trail
close to the edge, the river is a long way down
Grose Valley
View from Baltzer Lookout of Hanging Rock to the left and the Grose Wilderness
Hanging Rock
a bit closer to the edge
Baltzer Lookout

This week I am celebrating being fully retired, all the paperwork that needs to be sorted & signed off on when someone dies is done & dusted. The fabulous tax agent in Katoomba sorted both Rod & my final tax returns + cancelled my ABN as I don’t make enough out of my art to warrant having one, I feel so free! I can go bushwalking every day when the weather is fine & when the mist settles in stay home & make whatever wants to fall out of my hands just for the joy of it!

My high school friend Jolly recommended the Serious Readers Heavy Duty Table Light & it is brilliant, I can get the point of the brush or needle exactly where I want it for the first time this year!

My eyes have deteriorated radically this year so the new light combined with new glasses for seeing distance and new lenses for my reading glasses will keep me happily making and reading for the forseeable!

More Bushwalking!

Posted: July 26, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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On the track to Lockleys Pylon
Fortress Rock
Fortress Rock Falls
Fortress Rock Falls a bit closer near the summit
Fortress Rock and Bridal Veil Falls from the summit of Lockleys Pylon
Bridal Veil Falls from the summit of Lockleys Pylon
view of the Grose Valley
wild heathland on the way back
Mo on the way back
with my intrepid bushwalking friend Cathy, we have to come back & do this walk again in spring!


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After a week of living in the clouds the sun came out for a bushwalk from Popes Glen to Govetts Leap

mosses, lichens and a tiny grass living on a rock

Horseshoe Falls

Grose Valley from Horseshoe Falls

Old Man Crow’s spirit danced with a rainbow in Bridal Veil Falls as I walked along the edge of Govetts Leap

Grose Valley from Govetts Leap

Old Man Crow left the stage 6 months ago on January 19th, 2022

Grace of Windthread holds a circle of Trust on Thursday mornings at 7am Pacific Time midnight the witching hour here in Oz. I lit a candle thanking the four quarters and entered the circle holding Hope and Love to find the way, in closing I turned the Leunig calendar to hear the angels weep and laugh and sing!
I dream of a world where Love is the Answer


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My beloved 50 year old Raleigh fell apart late last year so I have been dreaming of a brand new electric bicycle for months. On Thursday I booked some test rides & fell in love with this freedom machine, the Lekker Jordaan+. The great team set it all up ready to ride within an hour & wearing the biggest grin I rode back to to Central Station to catch the train home to Blackheath.

It’s a dream of a bike to ride & so sturdy! One of the many fabulous features is a walk button so when the track gets too rough or steep I can just hop off & it self propels at a gentle pace.

Rode to the end of Hat Hill Road and did a bit of exploring yesterday morning, the 12 km ride felt effortless but my legs are feeling quite stretched this morning.

Having wheels opens up exploring more of the bush walking trails around Blackheath, this photo is near the top of the Centennial Glen walking track

very brave people climb these cliffs with special shoes and ropes!

the track gets quite wild in places!

On Monday Cathy & I found the Ikara Head track where the pink flannel flowers grew after the 2019-20 bushfires, love this surreal panorama shot!

Cliff Top Walk

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Today is Old Man Crow’s birthday so I walked with his spirit along the Cliff Top Walk
between Govetts Leap and Evans Lookout

looking down into the Grose Valley

hat off at Bridal Veil Falls where Cathy and I scattered his ashes a few weeks ago

Bridal Veil Falls

weathered sandstone stairs marked by time with all the footsteps

the trail beckons

view near Evans Lookout
feeling so blessed to have the time & space to explore these beautiful mountains!

Barry Ferrier is a champion, here’s the songs he has edited so far from the Fairfarren opening at Artsite Contemporary when he played with Pierre Luniere and John Kaldor in honour of Rod Crow aka Roderick Morgan aka Old Man Crow (1947-2022)

The Popes Glen Track is just a five minute walk from my front door!

The track has had a lot of work done since the bushfires in 2019-20

love the stepping stones across the creek

mosses and lichens enjoying all the rain this year

this waterfall sings with the magic of the water elementals

Horseshoe Falls near Govetts Leap

view over the Grose Valley

bush regenerating with great enthusiasm on the Fairfax Walking Track that we visited just after the bushfires in January 2020