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Empathy-by-Jenny-OrchardEmpathy by Jenny Orchard


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the weight of time

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old-treasuresthese beautiful treasures are gifts from friends, the single finely knitted glove is from New Zealand, the red stitched cloth is from Germany and the soft leather bound book was found by a gardening customer in an old abandoned house 50 years ago
tassels the tassels are beautiful!
old-cloththis beautiful 200 year old hand woven cloth from Germany was given to me last week
old-cloth-detaillove how the reds are all but gone…
will make two or three big cushions once the Crow Show is underway,
everything is falling into place by the day with less than 7 weeks to go…
& thank goodness for the gardening, it keeps our feet almost touching the ground!

the Old Man Crow Master CDs are done!

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old-man-crow-master-CDsOld Man Crow has finished polishing the recordings & burned the 4 x Master CDs, the next step is getting the 4 x 100 copies burned and printed have settled with Troy Horse to do the job, they are friendly, professional and  willing to go the extra mile to get it right.
cd-sleevesthe liner notes, CD envelopes with double sided adhesive backing are ready to go in the back cover of the books
the roller coaster ride is accelerating with 7 weeks to go til the Crow Show
Cymbidium-orchid-Mo16one of our customers gave us this spike of her fabulous Cymbidium orchid, it had 10 spikes this year!
and Rebecca Solnit continues to inspire hope in the dark

“They were built out of music…”

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dogmirror“They were built out of music,
And so not built at all.
And therefore built forever”
Oscar Wilde
“Dog Mirror” by Mo 1993
engraved mirror, carved flashed glass, inlaid rosewood frame with patinated copper, titanium and bone
MaxanddogmirrorRod with Barry’s dog Max 23 years ago,
the mirror is gone, burned down along with Barry’s recording studio a year later, they were built out of music…

good-books“Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning”
Neil Young from the After the Gold Rush album circa 1970
our beautiful broken world is going through some strange times in this 21st C and these two books are helping me see the changes with a longer view of the Zeitgeist, with our love of the old and worn, the rusted ragged edges, the wild weeds in the paving and the cracks in broken glass, the imperfection, the wabi-sabi-ness , these are all recurring signs throughout history of a culture in decline… beliefs have become hollow empty vessels and kindness a rare treasure in need of nurturing…
week-old-heritage-rosesthe roses have had their day, the careful hand colouring of the crow books is keeping me almost sane with 8 weeks to go ’til the Crow Show  & everything is falling into place. Have two quotes in for the CD burning & printing. The company that I was hoping to go with (they are nearby and seem friendlier) were twice as expensive as the other mob, so have asked them for a second quote. Need to count the Old Man Crow T-shirts we have left and work out how many more to order, a few people need XXXL and S + topping up of the M, L, XL  & XXL. Will start sending out the interstate & overseas invitations this week. The only other things that need doing are printing some more Old Man Crow note cards and pricing the last few pieces that have fallen out of my hands & Madeleine the gallery owner has kindly offered to not take any commission on the books which will help keep the price down. Phew!

rose pruning time

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roses16one of the great perquisites of working as a gardener is bringing home the flowers after pruning
roses have the most seductive perfume in the world
and I love the dance between the thorns