It’s a wrap!

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wrap-1It’s a wrap, everything is packed up, priced & catalogued ready for Madeleine to work her magic at Artsite & turn it all into the Crow Show with 10 days to spare!
wrap-2the 38 orginal illustrations are in that black folder, the Hands of Fate in the bag on top
Dark-Moon-Dancerlook forward to seeing the Dark Moon Dancer in the gallery with some space
Let the good times roll!

ready to fly!

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crow-book-coverThe illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow is ready to fly out of It’s Crow Time on Etsy!
price is $AU110
in Australia $AU20
to New Zealand $AU30
everywhere else $AU40
“The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow” Pts 1-4 is available online at Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube
here’s the link in iTunes
2 weeks and 2 days to go!

a preview of our book!

Posted: August 11, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Crow-Book-front-coverCrow-Book-Title-PageCrow-Book-Table-of-ContentsCrow-Book-CandlelightCrow-Book-Fly-AwayCrow-Book-RequiemCrow-Book-EntropyCrow-Book-A-life-of-CrimeCrow-Book-Sweet-Mary-AnneCrow-Book-ParadiseCrow-Book-I-Got-the-BluesInconsequentialtyCrow-Book-BeautyCrow-Book-EvalineCrow-Book-Turn-the-PageCrow-Book-OpportunityCrow-Book-Something-ElseCrow-Book-Take-a-RideCrow-Book-The-Floral-ArrangementCrow-Book-The-road-to-MalabarCrow-Book-PostcardCrow-Book-We-all-knew-Neil Crow-Book-Bar-Room-PianoCrow-Book-Looking-for-youCrow-Book-A-Simple-LifeCrow-Book-One-NightCrow-Book-Walking-HomeCrow-Book-I've-Got-a-ReasonCrow-Book-Crossroads-HotelCrow-Book-Judy-BlueCrow-Book-Playin-the-BluesCrow-Book-OperatorCrow-Book-GhostsCrow-Book-Dance-with-me-darlinTruthCrow-Book-Sunday-in-NewtownCrow-Book-AngelsCrow-book-Everybody's-gotta-get-byCrow-Book-Wild-ThingsCrow-Book-Here's-your-hatCrow-Book-Brass-Key-Back-DoorCrow-Book-edition-pageCrow-Book-song-list-and-CDsCrow-Book-CDsCrow-Book-Back-coverdouble click on the pics to see more detail
the edition of 100 will be ready to fly by the Full Moon!

This post has been sitting in the draft folder for 2 years, it’s time is now…
Artists (aka makers, craftsmen & women, poets, musicians et al) are the filters for the world, we let the world in through our eyes and hearts and give back what falls out of our hands…
it’s the work that comes from the deep dreams…
the day to day of living…
the sorrows…
the joys…
the fears…
the anger…
the wonder…
the excitement…
the pain…
it’s in the process of recognizing & transforming that a life can become art
the world needs these pieces of the artist’s heart and soul…
& we give it to them…
because letting it go just makes room for more…
& really no art is made without lots of dark rich blood flowing through it, and it quite often needs a few tears of frustration and even anger & a lot of sweat and stripped back to the bare bones honesty to yourself… to get to the truth… ’cause that’s what this artist’s life is all about… finding your truth, no one else’s otherwise it’s not the real thing & it won’t speak true.
Saying all that though it also needs objectivity…
a plan can help with making art, whilst doing the degree in Visual Arts 30 years ago, the glass department was into autonomous learning but keeping an objective eye on the work by using a scientific way of looking at things-
when I was in second year  the teachers said my work wasn’t objective enough & I simply could not get my head around that, art making is a subjective experience after all!
A friend who was doing a doctorate in semantics helped me understand…
She asked, “What are you making?”
I said, “Glass dragons”
she said, “Tell me what you know about dragons.”
So I talked at length about the history of dragons in myths from all around the world & the various lizard dragons that live on earth now and in prehistoric times.
Then she asked, “How does what you know about dragons relate to the dragons you are casting in glass?”
& in that moment a light bulb came on in my head, suddenly I was able to view my art objectively, taking the me as maker/dreamer out of the work and seeing how it relates in the context of other similar work in the world.
am I an artist? or just a crafty old hippie, really it’s just a mind game… I can only make the work and hope for the best in these last few weeks before we let the Crow Show fly…
75 books are signed numbered, wrapped & ready to go… must take some photos and do a little video of Old Man Crow looking through the book…
Brass-Key-Back-Door-detail-Mo16Brass Key, Back Door detail Mo16

a true heart

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true-hearta true heart (detail in Sweet Mary-Anne)
This morning Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth wrote such an inspiring post about the meaning of leaning, dancing in the space between what was and what is. She speaks true to her heart, generously sharing so much of her deep knowledge of cloth, weave and stitch, questioning her processes deeply with an astute and curious mind.
Today I leaned on her deep thoughts, gaining a huge insight into my own process & untied a knot that had wound tight around pricing for the Crow Show, it’s all undone and freed up with knowing if it’s not flying out for love, then what’s it all for?
singin’ “We all need someone we can lean on…”

getting there

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production5 weeks to go til the Crow Show & we’re in the thick of it! Old Man Crow busily getting his songs online
400-CDsthe 400 x CDs ready to go in the back covers of the Crow Books
envelopessticking the CD envelopes in the back covers
with the spare cover cut to make a template for the location marks
59 books are hand coloured with dashes of red, 41 to go
30 books are ready for the CDs & liner notes, 70 to go
will order more T-shirts this week
Let the Good Times Roll!

the exquisite point

Posted: July 27, 2016 by Mo Crow in gardening, It's Crow Time

AOP HeartRoses are one of my favorite plants, the perfume, the delicacy of the petals, the exquisite point of the thorns…
I healed this cracked engraved and slumped flashed glass heart with rose petals, a turquoise and a pair of swallow wings back in 2004
whilst gardening yesterday a rose thorn spiked my crown chakra
take-time-to-smell-the-roses-Mo16a perfectly dried Cecil Brunner rose from back in May
rosea left over from the Rose Book
movement copy   an old drawing from back in 2004 exploring ideas of Energy & Movement through the chakras
the crown chakra is where the light gets in
holding that rose thorn in my crown chakra for 3 hours helped let the light in…