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Dana Webb’s dream of a pennant arrived in a parcel this afternoon!
so carefully wrapped
Dana’s alchemical dream unfurled
the heart of the moon
there is such deep compassion in her eyes
the soul bird singing love is the answer!
Dana’s exquisite stitching
the fish sings in deep harmony
such elegance of line
love the tassel to finish the tail
meeting with the The Gathering
Dana makes such good magic with meticulous attention to detail and deep heart
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Dana’s pennant is dreaming beauty into our beautiful broken world
the power of art sings in every detail holding deep love for our earth
as Terry Tempest Williams writes in ‘The Hour of Land “,
“To be situated in place is to be engaged in a reciprocity where survival, both physical and spiritual, depends on our understanding of gestures. I believe necessity drives us to improvisation where improbable and sustaining gestures create moments of grace that take care of us. We continue to evolve and transform who we are in relationship to where we are. We do not live in isolation from the physical world around us. Nature beckons our response. It is in the doing, the being, the becoming that meaning is made. What becomes sacred is the act itself — not what remains. Something inexplicable is set into motion.

Our fate, like the fate of all species, is determined by chance, by circumstance, and by grace.”
read more about Dana’s gracious process over on her blog
photograph courtesy of Dana Webb

Dana removed all the wax from her pennant for the dream revealing the magic of her process
Dana’s pennant is singing beauty and harmony into our beautiful broken world
photographs courtesy of Dana Webb
read more about how Dana makes her magic over at Raven & Sparrow

Dana Webb of Raven and Sparrow is making Blue Moon Magic
with the alchemy of dipping indigo over wax, weld and myrobalan & cochineal on her pennant for the dream.
When I sent out the pennants in June last year I didn’t know whether the 60 year old wedding dress satin was silk or rayon, a friend who works in the textile industry confirmed that it is a very good quality satin rayon so it’s a cellulose base for dyeing.
I am fascinated with Dana’s process
these are her tjanting tools for drawing with wax
Dana’s drawing for the dream
here’s a link to all her posts so far about this pennant over at Raven and Sparrow
the circle is strong, deep magic is afoot!
photos courtesy of Dana Webb

Dana of Raven and Sparrow is making such strong magic with this dreaming sketch for her pennant
she reminds me of the Ace of Vessels from The Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place
the essence of this card is
Love will find the way follow your heart
Dana reflects this thought with such deep heart and tender care in everything she does
I look forward to seeing her magic unfold!
this branch from a crepe myrtle is seasoning before binding it for The Dreaming
there’s now a link in the sidebar for Gathering the Dream
thank you Dana!