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the Nirin Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island has reopened this week!
Ibrahim Mahama’s fabulous transformation of the Turbine Room with his No friend but the mountains 2012-20
the scale of this work is astounding, that’s Old Man Crow halfway down the hall
our friend Cathy taking a video
every bag is stitched into the whole like a giant patchwork
woven into place
holding memory
these bags looked like they were encrusted with sea shells
detail not sure if they are shells or metal tags
Latai Taumoepeau The Last Resort 2020
“Surrounded by a wall of sacks filled with empty glass bottles. They are stitching up the sea. Wearing brick sandals on their feet and armed with an ‘ike (Tongan mallet) exclusively used to beat mulberry bark into large ceremonial cloth called ngatu or tapa. They smash and crush the glass into the present future. Empty torn sacks adorn their necks as a lei or sisi, usually a garland of fresh tropical flowers and leaves worn as a body adornment in formal Pacific Island presentations, also used to welcome guests and keep their necks cool. They are stitching up sea at/as the last resort.”
the sound of breaking glass
Manuel Ocampo
“The paintings of Manuel Ocampo are not stories, nor do the webs of images and symbols that he weaves together point to a specific thing. Rather, the meaning implied by the signs and visual vocabularies employed by the artist is accumulative, presented to audiences in a way that remains deliberately opaque. The artist says this method of presentation is emblematic of the way he works, from a position of uncertainty that ensures his paintings remain open to a spectrum of interpretations. Within this, Ocampo and his work are able to retain a degree of autonomy, away from any pre-conceived assumptions and desires of those who look at his work within arenas of contemporary art.”
Here’s links to lots more photos & videos on
Nirin Sydney Biennale website


Nirin 22nd Biennale of Sydney

Posted: March 23, 2020 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Karla Dickens powerful ‘Dickensian Circus’ in the foyer of the AGNSW for
Nirin: the 22nd Biennale of Sydney curated by Brook Andrew
above 4 photos from the Biennale of Sydney’s facebook page

Ibrahim Mahama ‘A Grain of Wheat’ at Artspace
Ibrahim Mahama ‘No Friend but the Mountains 2012-2020′ installation at Cockatoo Island
photo from the Biennale’s facebook page
Tony AlbertBrothers (The Prodigal Son) at the National Art School
Lucienne Rickard Extinction Studies’ at the National Art School
photo from the NAS facebook page
was hoping to see the offerings at Cockatoo Island and the MCA today but the government is closing down all non essential venues as of midday & encouraging people to stay home as much as possible
John McDonald has written a good review
and so has Felicity Fenner

Fly Free Carol

Posted: April 24, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time, magic
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Fly-Free-Carol-2016Fly Free Carol written on a piece of scribbly gum bark to honour our beautiful friend’s passing 2 years ago
Mortuary-Station-Fly-Free-Carol-2016Old Man Crow’s aim is much better than mine so he tossed the piece of bark onto the railway track at Mortuary Station
Mortuary-Station-Fly-Free-Carol-detail-2016and it landed right in the middle of the tracks right side up!
Mortuary-Station-steeple-2016this is our second visit to the Embassy of Transition for the Sydney Biennale

Embassy of the Spirits

Posted: April 10, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Taro-ShinodaTaro Shinoda Abstraction of Confusion 2016
clay, pigment, ochre, tatami mats
Taro-Shinoda-2inviting us to embrace uncertainty in these times of change
Taro-Shinoda-3Embassy of the Spirits 20th Biennale of Sydney at the AGNSW
my photos do nothing to convey the alchemical wonder of this space…
so here’s some links to the reviews so far
Andrew Frost
John McDonald
Tess Maunder
Zalehah Turner
BBC News

jasminum-officinale-grandiflorumthe delicate perfume of jasmine here at home
(photo courtesy of Old Man Crow with his iPhone)

Embassy of the Real

Posted: April 3, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Embassy-of-the-RealEmbassy of the Real Cockatoo Island 20th Biennale of Sydney
Cockatoo-Island-old-machinesCockatoo Island was a convict settlement and then a shipyard until 1992
Korakrit Arunanondchai videoKorakrit Arunanondchai video installation
Xu ZhenXu Zhen Eternity 2013–14
Chiharu ShiotaChiharu Shiota Conscious Sleep 2016
site specific installation with old beds and knotted black wool
Chiharu Shiota detaildetail
Chiharu Shiota detail 2seeing photos of Chiharu Shiota’s  installation The Key in the Hand last year for the Venice Biennale stole my heart away, having the opportunity to see her work in real life in a space I know well is deep soul food
solitary-confinementnext door to Chiharu’s work were three terrifyingly small solitary confinement cells, these were the bars on one of the guard’s peep holes
Agatha Gothe-Snape Physical DoorwayAgatha Gothe-Snape Physical Doorway (Three Ways), 2016
we will go back to see William Forsythe’s pendulum installation Nowhere and everywhere at the same time, 2015 as the compressor had broken down, a good excuse to see all the work again as well as the beauty and history of this abandoned industrial zone
boat-buildinga wonderful old wooden boat from Cockatoo Island’s shipbuilding days
steam-engineand a fabulous steam engine
inner-city-bushlandinner city bushland at Balls Head on the ferry ride home
Harbour-Bridge-Luna-ParkSydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park
we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Embassy of Transition

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Charwei-Tsai-2016Spiral Incense Bardo 2016 by Charwei Tsai
Embassy of Transition Mortuary Station
20th Biennale of Sydney
Charwei-Tsai-Spiral-Incense-2016Spiral Incense Bardo 2016 detail of deep magic
Charwei-Tsai-Spiral-Incense-Bardo-2016“Large incense spirals inscribed with passages from The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo are lit each morning, burning until the end of the day, whereupon they are extinguished and the fallen ashes smeared over the ground.”
Charwei-Tsai-Dedication-detail-2016“Scattered over the train tracks is A Dedication to Those Who Have Passed Through Mortuary Station, Sydney, 2016.
Objects from nature – dried leaves and seeds – each bear a word from the text in memory of the spirits who passed through the station when funerary trains bound for Rookwood Cemetery departed from the platform. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to participate by writing a note to a deceased loved one on a leaf or seed before leaving it on the tracks in a symbolic gesture of letting go.”
Read more about Charwei Tsai’s spirit wise work here

Here’s a photo of me and Cathy getting very excited by the scale & detail of the John Wolseley work for the Sydney Biennale at the AGNSW
(these photos are all courtesy of Richard Whitfield)
a framed “Ventifact” by John Wolseley for the Sydney Biennale
lots of flying “Ventifacts” by John Wolseley for the Sydney Biennale
You can see more about this wonderful Australian artist here