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Roz Hawker‘s magically stitched pennant ‘Agape’ meeting Fiona Dempster‘s ‘Imagine Peace’ weathergram
nestled in the garden
wrapped in a brown paper bag with a note from Roz explaining Agape Love
I love how the word agape is also defined by being “in a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.”
such beautiful stitching
and from the other side!
the shimmer in the silken rows
‘Agape’ meeting The Gathering!
Roz makes such good magic you can see more of her stunning work over on instagram

my hair is standing on end tingling with the magic in the air
deep bow this is truly Braille for the Soul
the circle is strong, magic is afoot

two-fish-by-George-ChirnsideFish by George Chirnside
these wonderful fish are carved red gum, laminated and articulated with cloth webbing were gifted to me last night
& then this wonderful bundle of blueness arrived this morning
Tamborine-Mountain-Indigogrown and then magically transformed into indigo cake by Tarla of Tamborine Mountain Indigo
Tarla hosted the Bower Bird Blues workshop with Roz Hawker & India Flint at the beginning of the year
These are the Most Magical Days!

indigo amulet-by-Mo-2015‘The Indigo Amulet’ by Mo 2015
made in the Bower Bird Blues Workshop with India Flint & Roz Hawker hosted by Tarla Elward
with feathers and a few vintage treasures added this morning to honour the indigo
materials : vegetable tanned leather, papyrus, indigo leaves stitched inside with linen and silk thread, edged with frayed raw and open weave silk, hand twined silk cords, tiny samples of silk, linen, cotton, jersey & wool to see how the different fabrics vary in colour, etched silver milagro by Roz, vintage silver talisman from Africa, new & vintage glass beads, glass feathers by Kathy Dorfer, found Satin Bower Bird, Crow, Cockatoo & Rosella feathers
(NB photo taken outside to show true colour variations)

mark of the blue hand

Posted: January 12, 2015 by Mo Crow in magic
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the-blue-handmark of the blue hand from the Bower Bird Blues workshop
(photo courtesy of Old Man Crow’s iPhone at the Gold Coast airport)

Indigo-Amulet-by-Mo-15‘Indigo Amulet’ by Mo 2015 made in the Bower Bird Blues workshop January 9th -11th 2015
indigo amulet front detail Mo 15front detail all materials supplied by India & Roz except the vegetable tanned leather
indigo amulet back detail by Mo 15Moback detail
blue-notes-indigo-cloth-samplesblue-notes-and-envelopesIndia and Roz made small blue notes notebook and handy envelopes for collecting feathers and leaves
notessketches and notes
drawingdrawing helps me understand the world
bower-dreamingand find the focus
bangalow-palm-grovewalking each morning at dawn in the subtropical rainforest
canopylooking up
fungusfinding beauty in the fine detail
goldcoastand the long view from Eagle Heights
What a magical start to the year!
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Alchemy and Indigo (Part Two)

Posted: January 11, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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ReneeRenee put together this magic amulet
Renee-2with her beautiful smile on our last day just before everything turned blue
Heidi-2Heidi’s hand twined silk string spirals holds her magic in place
Bronwyn-2Bronwyn holding her beaded and twined string for her amulet bag
AnnieAnnie’s satchel in process
Annie-2Annie has a sail boat named Blue!
MadonnaMadonna bound her cloth with string shibori style
LynneLynne’s gathering bag
Annalove how Anna manipulated the open weave silk to cover her amulet pouch
Annebeautiful long strings with beads & tiny hand made milagros of silver, brass & copper by Anne
JaneJane experimented with various resists in her pieced cloth
Michelle-1Michelle’s stitching & piecing in process
AlyssiaAlyssia pounded some beautiful leaf prints
AmberAmba’s magic bag
MargaretMargaret’s Japanese style bag
HilaryHilary’s scarf
India-and-Rozthank you India and Roz , you make strong magic!

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Alchemy and Indigo (Part One)

Posted: January 11, 2015 by Mo Crow in magic
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indigo-varietiesThe Bower Bird Blues workshop with India Flint and Roz Hawker held everything I had hoped for and so much more
amulets-New-Guineau-and-Roza collection of wooden amulets from New Guinea with silver amulets made by Roz
firstdayOur host Tarla Elward grew a variety of indigo producing plants to experiment with
On the first day we tried some fresh leaf bundling and cold metal working techniques
fresh-leaf-bundleI didn’t bind my leaf bundle tightly enough to make an impression
serious-foodTarla cooked up seriously beautiful morning teas and lunches each day from her garden
indigo-alchemy while India cooked up a jar of indigo
process starting to make it’s magic
indigo handsIndia’s beautful blue hands rinsing the first indigo dipped cloth in cold water
indigo flowersTarla’s big vat made from her home grown Japanese indigo
India gently gathering the “flowers”
indigoTarla showing us the rich deep indigo “mud” before it goes into the vat
blueA beautiful quote from “A Field Guide to getting Lost” by Rebecca Solnit
(link to Part Two here)