Blue Cat Dream

BlueCatDreamyou, me & the Ariel P in the moonboat 2004
BCHhomepicBlue Cat Heaven carved in marble tiles Mo 2003
Bastet & doorThe Cat Goddess Bastet carved marble tile Mo 2003
ArielmusingAriel P Cat 2003
BCHlogoLHSBlue Cat Heaven was our home in the cyber sea for 13 years from 2003-2016
ArielandSWgourdthe postal service shattered this hand painted SW gourd by Carol Duprey so I put it back together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle
GourdBCDreamwebBlue Cat Dreaming 2004
TurquoiseBlueCatwebcarving turquoise is like carving a piece of the sky Mo 2004
eagleeyeThe Talinisitic Mo 2004
“Ahhh…carving….I  fully appreciate directing ones art towards the talinistic, who says art has no function! if it must look in, let it protect it’s own illusion…
hey I figured out where I got “talinistic”from…it was a cross between talisman and talon, with an “istic” thrown on the we know…”
Wayne Snowdon 2004
fullflightfull flight Mo 2004
chichi Mo 2004
tree stairsCircling Enchantment
(aka keeping an eye out for “The Flighty Nature of Chance!”)
an essay by Mo Orkiszewski 2006

The air is tingling with portents;
… a crow feather floats down out of the sky to land in my hand
… a butterfly explores my thumb with her tickling curious tongue
… the sun is shining through the clouds, making one of those Michelangelo “Hand of God” styled skies again
…. the moon is rising just over my shoulder… is she following me or am I following her?
In the shimmer of that moment…
I wake up to look at the clock…
it’s 3:33am…
I drift back into the dream of discovering just the right angle that I need to bring this latest fragile whisper of an idea into “reality”…
& I wake up to look at the clock…
it’s 3:33am…
Time… Is… Standing… Still…
I am Spellbound… Bewitched… & totally ENCHANTED with the process of bringing this echo of a dream into the “Real” world, making it become a thing of substance, something that I can touch & hold in my hands for others to see & perhaps even meet my old friend, “The Flighty Nature of Chance!”
I catch a glimpse of his magic in the fragile shimmer of this new dream, in the spinning of the idea over & around in my mind’s eye & then again when I get to know it a little better after a few walks through the dreamtime, rough sketches & quick models are made in the attempt to catch the moment… and then finally, the shiny new dream-thing starts to take shape… it’s at that point when the dream starts to make itself, when the “The Flighty Nature of Chance!” takes over & I become a channel for the making… that’s where I can find my favourite Enchantment.
The first time we met I had been working hard all year, trying to perfect a titanium & glass tetrahedron
BlueTriangle& then suddenly everything fell into place when a little blue pyramid of a dice sprouted a set of wings & flew right out of the studio,
Flighty Nature of Chance Mo 1989I didn’t even have time to get a decent photograph!
I tried to make another one just the same but that flighty magic can’t be nailed down with a formula, Enchantment is always different, every time…
We met again a few years later when I was describing the feeling of intense compression that happens just before the idea of a dream starts to become real and there he was again….”The Flighty Nature of Chance!” dressed as a little dragon-fly like creature wearing flying goggles came spiraling out of the moon, bouncing with joy as he hit the surface of my mind with his little coiled spring of intent!
freefalldetailThen, just a few weeks ago as I was working on my bat-winged gourd another one of those pyramid shaped dice fit perfectly into the bat claw setting I was finishing for the handle… it was in that moment she became “The Flighty Nature of Chance!” Mk3. Well met old friend, my most magical muse!
Flighty Nature of Chance Mk3 Mo 2006