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I was given this old hand stitched wedding dress to do something with… and it’s very confronting! I have never believed in marriage and don’t like wedding dresses but there is wonderful details and the heaviness of the satin in contrast with the tulle does ignite a few ideas about building castles in the air with dreams or planting it in the garden and growing a meadow of wildflowers through it… and brings to mind my fabulous sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman’s great reply to a conversation we were having via e-mail about making it in the art world;
“And what is made it or almost made it? My experience is that we make it then we unmake it. I think I’ve made it more than once but thought I hadn’t made it so kept wanting to make it, then when it had been unmade again I realised that I had made and not appreciated it, then think that really what I have now is making it then think I’m a deluded ‘has been’ who is too old to ever make it, and in any case couldn’t be bothered with too much of making it. I think we’re probably always making it, as soon as we make it the unmaking begins and when we’re unmade then we start making again.”
button detail, love the loops & the stains on the satin
hand stitching on acres of tulle for the train
unmaking this dress and transforming it into the stuff of dreams, perhaps even art will be a challenge but this is a start !

Woven in Winter at Sturt Gallery
woven forms in basketry, textiles and ceramics
June 11- July 23
Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser/ Bronwyn Berman/ Patrice Cooke/ Karen Farrell/ Tracy Luff/ Tracey Mitchell/ Brooke Munro/ Catriona Pollard/ Shona Wilson
in the foreground is the amazing Pod forms of Tracy Luff made out of cardboard, hessian and wood
Woven in Winter gallery view
Bronwyn Berman with her woven wonders Reacher, Spindle & Seeker in the window
Spindle copper, casuarina root
Seeker copper, casuarina root, embedded river stone
Patrice Cooke
Fragile Fan and Silent Veins earthenware paperclay
Wall Piece I-IV porcelain
Patrice Cooke
Web Dreams earthenware paperclay
Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser
Resting shibori & Japanese natural indigo dye on linen
Karen Farrell
Nesting Sites for Forlorn Species
stoneware, satin & crackle glazes, oxides
interwoven with palm fibre, pine needles, shell, silk fibres
Brooke Munro
Passing timber, wire
Shona Wilson
Diatom No.4 norfolk pine, seedpods, plastic
Diatom no.4 detail
Bronwyn Berman
Breathe in love through the heart
handmade paper, lyrebird feathers, echidna quills, beadslichen by mother nature

Ben-Fasham-BJF13BJF13 Ben Fasham
stainless steel, bronze
Unknowable-TerraUnknowable  Terra
Stone object in landscape
Statement : Here sits a large stone. It has been here for eons and it will remain here long after those who view it have come and gone.
Bronwyn-Berman-Windspiral-VIWindspiral VI: the wind is your breath Bronwyn Berman
stainless steel, aluminium, timber
Statement: The wind is the breath of the earth, it is our breath.
Barbara-LichaListen time passes Barbara Licha
Mark-Elliott-Tree-spirit-eggsTree-spirit eggs Mark Elliott
Stephen-KingFlow form IX Stephen King
stringy bark
Margarita-SampsonVoyagers-I-and-IIVoyagers I & II Margarita Sampson
wood, silicon bronze, plants, soil
Statement: Like us, these shaman creatures are walking into their future, carrying precious cargo.
(photos courtesy of Old Man Crow with his iPhone)
Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event with over 100 sculptures along the coast walk from Bondi to Tamarama, you can see lots more photos on their website
and Sculpture Inside here

Bronwyn-Berman-2015Bronwyn Berman’s beautiful work at Sculpture 2015 at Maunsell Wickes Gallery
Bronwyn Berman In My Bones & in My Spirit“In My Bones, in My Spirit”
carved antique shoe last, echidna quills, copper, stone beads
23 x 15 x 12 cm
Bronwyn Berman Bronwyn Berman In my Bones, In my Spiritthis piece speaks straight to my Piscean soul (Pisces rules the feet)
a few pics of Bronwyn, Richard, Marika and Old Man Crow enjoying the opening
Richard-Marika-and-BronwynrichardOld-Man-Crow-appreciating-the-detailsyou can see more of Bronwyn’s beautiful work on her website, in Instagram and online shop

Bronwyn-pendant-with-a-bit-of-trizz-by-Mo“Slide Pendant” by Bronwyn Berman
with  jet and sterling silver beads, black linen thread and engraving by Mo
Bronwyn-and-Mo collaborationI love Bronwyn’s attention to detail in everything she does
you can see more of her artwork at her websiteonline shop

Beneath This Sky by Bronwyn BermanBeneath This Sky (aka The Bee Canopy) by Bronwyn Berman
public sculpture commisssioned by Blacktown Council for the children’s playground in Steeltrap Drive, Doonside
beneath this sky entrance by Bronwyn Bermanthe steel and glass canopy covers the entrance to the children’s playground
canopy scaleit’s tall!
bee-parkthe hexagonal soft covering is wonderfully springy to walk on
bee-canopy-detailcanopy detail

North Sydney Art Prize

Posted: March 18, 2015 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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coal-loader-textThe Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability is a great repurposing of the old Coal Loader Wharf
old coal loader wharfand a fantastic space for the annual North Sydney Art Prize
Ingrid-Morley-Lost-ansd-FoundIngrid Morley ‘Lost and Found’
won the Major Open Award
Materials : industrial sisal, wood & steel
Ingrid-Morley-Lost-and-Found-2her site specific work spoke with a deep sense of longing
Angela-van-Boxtel-L(attitude)Angela van Boxtel L(attitude)
lace like patterns crocheted from plastic shopping bags around fitness balls
Wendy-Black-The-Lost-Lace-MonitorWendy Black ‘ Varius – The Lost Lace Monitor’
bird wire, paint and poly string
her life size goanna has real presence
Bronwyn-Berman-You-and-I-have-Floated-on-the-StreamBronwyn Berman “You and I have Floated on the Stream’
paper contact printed with plant material from the Nepean & Lachlan Rivers, Casuarina (River She Oak) roots, linen thread dancing with the light
(you can see more photos of this work here )
Chris-Hutch-Indigo-and-RustChris Hutch ‘Indigo & Rust’
artist book of handmade & found papers, indigo dye, rust solution,  found objects, silk wool and cotton hand dyed threads
Jane-Theau-Light-PerceptionJane Théau ‘ Light Perception’
old spectacles and light
Jane-Theau-Light-Perceptiondetail of Jane’s homage to spectacles
Lighting-Instructions lighting instructions in one of the old buildings speaking of different times
countrya beautiful rock carving by the First People who have lived here for thousands of years