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evening light
scrying with the magical X-roads Cloth by Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread
Eucalyptus operculums, passionfruit vine tendril, poppy seedpod, grape vine tendril, Ariel whisker & claw sheath, elephant paperclip, African porcupine quills, Ginkgo leaf, stone from the Ganges, shell fragments, winged seed, Imagine Peace pin by Liz Akert, cracked glass pyramid, Fishbones by Johanna Flanagan aka The Pale Rook, heart shaped Banksia leaf, stone from the Kalang River, basket woven with Bangalow palm inflorescence by Margaret Olah
doing the happy dance up at Artsite for Old Man Crow who is looking forward to getting the kidney stone blasted to smithereens and the irritating stent removed tomorrow at RPA!

PS Friday evening, the kidney stone and stent are gone, after a gentle stroll home from the hospital he’s resting before some fortifying red beans and rice for dinner with fresh mangoes and yogurt for dessert
Magic Days
thanks for all the good wishes

“Fluttering and Stars on the altar. The peace of this….such love medicine”
beautiful photo & words from Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread

Dotti’s LITA is holding her piece of starry palm inflorescence and the section of blue branch
and a formal studio shot, she is dreaming of traveling to Germany soon !

The ripples of love as the pennants and talismans make their way home are keeping The Dream alive
here’s links to
ripples post 1
ripples post  2

a pennant from Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread just flew in
with a note
love has wings
Grace listens to the spirit of the cloth
meeting old friends round the corner of the gathering
you can see more of Grace’s deeply spiritwise magic over on Windthread
and about her process making this pennant here, here, here & here
thank you (((Grace)))

this morning I finished embroidering Grace of Windthread’s beautiful one line poem for the Full Moon
“We are burning Karma and it smells like incense…”
tonight I will stitch grape vine tendrils to the ends of the steel twigs
vintage silk ribbon stitched with indigo and pomegranate dyed silk from Glennis Dolce
inktense coloured pencil with red silk
this morning I edged it with ochre stained hand plied plant fibre string from a Yam Totem Arnhem Land 1976
to honour our beautiful muse Ariel P Cat 1999-2017PS grape vine tendrils inserted into the ends of the steel twigs, wrapped in eelskin, stitched with black linen thread & black glass beads
photo taken with a flash at dawn as the weather is overcast today

memory-keeper-for-Grace-Mo15a memory keeper for Grace and Chinche
banksia seed, boar bristles, Italian glove leather, linen thread, vintage ostrich feathers, glass beads and the last bit of the rose petal printed paper
memory-keeper-for-Grace-detail-front-Mo16front detail (scale app 3:1)
memory-keeper-for-Grace-back-detail-Mo16back detail (scale app 3:1)
banksia-seeds-and-boar-bristles-Mo16these banksia integrifolia seeds stitched to boar bristles were the starting point for this little bag but proved too fragile, the boar bristles are wonderfully strong and springy to work with ! (scale app 3:1)

blues-at-the-x-roadsA Talisman for The Blues laid on the X-Roads cloth by Grace Forrest-Maestas of Windthread along with some porcupine quills and a stone from the Ganges that my sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman brought back from her month in India, above a black snail shell, some B&W shell fragments, a tendril, to the left is a magpie feather, some native grasses, gum nuts, above a scrap of pale blue silk & grape vine tendrils, to the right a section of a lomandra flower spike, poppy seed pods  and an emu feather
for-the-blues-Mo15Talisman for The Blues by Mo 15
peacock feathers, lampworked glass bead by Kathy Dorfer, indigo dyed silk cord from Dee Mallon with tiny blue budgerigar feathers stitched in, triangular die from Dungeons & Dragons, one of Ariel P. Cat‘s collection of quail wishbones, grapevine tendril wrapped in silk steel, lapis lazuli, vintage glass & clay beads from Africa, blue beads from New Orleans via India Flint & Roz Hawker in the Bower Bird Blues workshop, this piece of blue is for Tarla Elward of Tamborine Mountain Indigo who hosted the workshop with such grace.

Sostice-xroadsit’s the middle of the longest night of the year scrying at the xroads cloth made by Grace of Windthread
a new Crow Eye Talisman
crow eye talisman Mo 14crow eye glass bead from Kathy Dorfer, feather, passionfruit vine tendril wrapped in silk-steel thread, Golden Titanium White fluid acrylic paint, clay & glass beads from Africa

xroads-cloth-by-Grace-Forrest-MaestrasScrying at the X-Roads Cloth by Grace Forrest Maestras of Windthread
a spiral in the West from one of our gardens
a crow feather in the East that just arrived in the mail from Margaret Johnson
a large citrus butterfly that died in one of our gardens back in autumn in the South
Ariel P Cat claw sheath,  quartz crystal, shell fragment, more cat claw sheaths, skeletonized hydrangea petal & a grapevine tendril in the North

looking at how these pieces fit together on the cloth helps me centre and see what’s happening in our world.
The next crow drawing is for X-Roads Hotel
“I’ve been here before”
qrcode for Xroads Hotel

xroads scrying cloth by Grace Forrest Maestras scrying at the Xroads cloth by Grace Forrest Maestras

xroads-cloth-by-Grace-Forrest-Maestrasa xroads cloth just flew in by Grace Forrest Maestras of Windthread with a butterfly from one of our gardens
Grace is making these beautiful altar cloths and sending them out into the world to help sustain her herd of tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats in New Mexico
directionIt’s a magical centreing device honouring the space at the xroads, here you can see a tiny Sebright bantam hen feather and a damselfly wing in the centre surrounded by some of the lace and feathers gifted to me by Margaret Johnson, Eliene Saint Romain, and many other friends from all around the world this year
feathers the feathers and lace are calling
Black-and-Whitedark-feathersbut right now it’s time to get back to the drawing board & Looking for You