Last Century

just click on the title to see more about each piece3-Blue-Triangles by-Mo-Orkiszewski-1989-3 Blue Triangles Mo 1989
Arthames-by--Mo-Orkiszewski-19882 Arthames Mo 1988
Blue TriangleBlue Triangle Mo 1989
Perfect-Imperfection-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-1989Perfect Imperfection Mo 1989
Fish-Tank-by-Mo-1988fish tank Mo 1989
butterfly-decanter-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-1987butterfly bell jar Mo 1987
Arachne-by-Mo-Orkiszewski-and-Lee-Gaywood-1987-Arachne by Mo Orkiszewski & Lee Gaywood 1987
DragonDecanter1989Dragon Decanter Mo 1989
The Flamingo Vase by Mo Orkiszewski 1987Flamingo Vase Mo 1987
7bluetriangles7 Blue Triangles at the Glass Artists Gallery 1989
Mo7bluetriangles1989Mo and her 7 Blue Triangles 1989
Flighty Nature of Chance Mo 1989The Flighty Nature of Chance
my life as a ghost in the bushMy Life as a Ghost in the Bush Mo 1988 engraved and sandblasted glass rosewood frame
1988 screen detaildetail of the flight of the peregrine 1988
dogmirror“They were built out of music and so not built at all and therefore built forever”
Oscar Wilde
Dog Mirror Mo 1993
engraved mirror, carved flashed glass, inlaid rosewood frame with patinated copper, titanium and bone
MaxanddogmirrorRod and Max in the mirror 1993
our entry for the Ranamok Glass Prize 1998
roseriverRose River dream pillow Mo 1982 filled with mugwort, lavender and rose petals

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