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we caught the train to the Wollongong Art Gallery to hear Jenny Orchard give her floor talk
Jenny’s magical Juju Jack and friends
Jenny plays with collagecreating interesting hybrids and connections
Jenny spoke passionately of connection, empathy, imagination, genetic modification & quantum entanglement
A wonderful storyteller with a wry sense of humour as Julie Ewington describes in her catalogue essay, Jenny is  “a fabulist with a philosophical bent who happens to find working in ceramics congenial to her purposes.”
here’s the links to Jenny’s website
and instagram page

Jenny Orchard’s solo exhibition ‘All Tomorrow’s Stories’ at May Space opened yesterday afternoon
I fell madly in love with her magical Monster with Windswept Branch 2019
ceramic with bronze branch
53 x 35 x 33cm
Jenny grinning with MaddyMonsterMedievalMemoriesMulticreature 2019
61 x 35 x 35cm
her fishy pet has such beautiful pointy teeth!
Kudu Catwalker 2019
ceramic, hair extensions, fibre 165 x 60 x 50cm
‘Drunkenness is a triumphant irruption of the plant in us’ Giles, Deleuze 2019
ceramic, metal base 134 x 45 x 45cm
Ra 2019
ceramic, concrete, mosaic, synthetic hair, fibre
142 x 42 x 30cm
Ra’s fabulous pointy toed shoes!
Crocodile Whisperer 2019
ceramic, mosaic, metal stand
106 x 25 x 30cm
Three worlds Treewoman with Blue Labradorite stones 2019
ceramic and labradorite stones
90 x 30 x 25cm
Guccipet 2019
ceramic, feathers, black tourmaline stones
40 x 42 x 56cm
another view of Jenny’s marvelous Monster with Windswept Branch 2019

Artist Statement: “Science tells us how close we are to other animals, we share the form of most of our organs with so many of them. Like them we have two eyes, two ears, breath and entropy, and like them we can laugh and cry. Even those who are foreign to our eyes have bodies which, like us share a genetic code and DNA that goes back through time to beginning of life on the planet. We are the future and unknowable destiny of the planet itself, now that we can manipulate the code.

My imagination is blown wild by that knowledge. I am both more and less than human through my interactions with our collective technology and consciousness.

I want to make creatures that ask Who am I, and Who are You?”

click the link to see lots more photos and details of Jenny’s wildly whimsical and wise wonders

roses-in-the-lounge-roomHere’s our lounge room this morning,  in the foreground you can see some Madonna Lilies & a Kentia palm ready to go out and work for our Happy Triffid indoor plant hire service but just behind them is a bunch of sweetly perfumed pink roses, the Mermaid’s Pet by the fabulous ceramicist Jenny Orchard and a bunch of aged champagne coloured roses which have no perfume but I love the colour, they look like an old sepia photograph!
The roses are my birthday treat from Old Man Crow,  left home this morning at 4:30am and walked to the train station by starlight, arrived at the Sydney Flower Market at 5:15  dodging forklifts and trucks to get to the flower shed and what a buzzing scene it is! Nearly a hundred flower growers and importers supply all the Sydney florists every day from 5-8am, there are so many flowers, it’s a riot of colour and people all haggling, didn’t take my camera but will next time!
Here’s some pics of the 5 bunches of roses and the bunch of blue water lilies I scored for under $40 all up… I will never ever go to a florist again & guess what everyone else is getting for their birthdays this year? am still buzzing hours later and the scents are simply divine!

roses-and-Jenny-Orchard-mermaid's-petcloser look at those roses and the Mermaid’s Pet
posy-in-the-mirrora pretty posy of scentless roses reflected in the bathroom mirror
talking to a friend who is a florist, the story is the roses breeders have sacrificed scent for longevity, these new hybrids can last in a vase for 10 days… but really what is the point of a rose without the scent? It’s like taking away it’s soul, the essence of roseness….
and here they are, the darkly scented deep red Mr Lincoln roses still tightly held in their buds along with a big bunch of blue water lilies
when I lived in the bush in the early 80’s these water lilies grew wild in the dam, I would gather them every morning at dawn…
water-lilies-and-rosesthe perfume is divine
Mr-Lincoln-petala Mr Lincoln petal torn to test the perfume, this will work!
here’s the little rose book I made on the weekend from the offcuts of the text block for Crow Book 3
rose-book-by-MoIt’s an oriental  side stitch binding, the cover is thick Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper with a scan of an old rose drawing I did for Old Man Crow back in 1996 reduced to size, incised with a scalpel blade, carved with a graver and burned with a pyrography tool. I will simmer this little book in a big pot of Mr Lincoln rose petals with some of the petals, leaves and stems interleaved and see what happens!
India Flint made a beautiful little rose book a few years ago and I have been wanting to have a go ever since, now’s my chance! Some of the text block for the new Crow Book will be immersed in the rose pot as well to give Old Man Crow a little time out to sniff the roses every time he opens it to write the next song!

Wilde Things by Jenny Orchard

Posted: August 3, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Jenny Orchard 2013Jenny Orchard’s “Wilde Things” is a must see at Maunsell Wickes Gallery in Paddington
beguilingly whimsical & so beautifully made, you can see more of her wonderful work on her website
See with your heart by Jenny Orchard“See with Your Heart” by Jenny Orchard 2013
Dandy Tiger Vase“Dandy Tiger Vase” by Jenny Orchard 2013
“You and I have much in Common” by Jenny Orchard 2013

skull-mug-by-Jenny-OrchardJenny Orchard gave Old Man Crow this fabulous skull mug for his birthday he is a very lucky man!
You can see more of her wild ceramic work here
Old-Man-Crow-birthday-13Happy Birthday!

Sculpture by the Sea is an international sculpture exhibition in it’s 15th year
I made the pilgrimage at dawn yesterday
Peter Tilly Domestic Bliss Peter Tilly “Domestic Bliss” NSW Australia
(bronze, corten steel 140cm x 30cm x 30cm)
artist’s statement: Contemplating the next move in an ordinary domestic situation.

Nawurapu Wunungmurra mokuy 2010Nawurapu Wunungmurra “mokuy 2010”  NT Australia
(bronze 214 cm x 30cm x 30cm)
Artist’s statement: These are our spirits dancing their final ceremony in this dimension before continuing their cycle through the water into the next.
Bronwyn Berman Spindrift 2010Bronwyn Berman “Spindrift 2010” NSW Australia
(stainless steel, timber, aluminium, stone 200cm x 200cm x 250cm)
Artist’s statement: Represents the actions of wind and water. The spiral is the flow of the fluid elements, the action forms the plant and mineral matter.
Bronwyn Berman Spindrift 2010 detaildetail of Bronwyn’s “Spindrift  2010
Browyn Berman Spindrift 2010 bthis photo was taken a while later after a bit of magical synchronicity when Bronwyn spotted me photographing her work & we took a walk round the headland to visit Jenny Orchard’s “Weeds and Ghosts”, this was Bronwyn’s favourite
Jenny Orchard weeds and ghostsJenny Orchard “weeds and ghosts” NSW Australia
(metal, clay 170cm x 40cm x 40cm)
Artist’s statement: Wildlife, vegetable, marine and mammal will their own diversification and celebration in the face of an impending extinction. Long may the party go on.

Jenny Orchard weeds and ghosts 2this was my favourite of Jenny’s,  her work is so very beguiling!
Yoshio Nitta Pot will fly 2011-2Yoshio Nitta “pot will fly 2011-2” Japan
(copper, resin with fibreglass, stainless steel 200cm x 180cm x 120cm)
Artist’s statement: The artist would like to carry the beautiful sky in this pot to you.
Deborah Halpern ship of fools Deborah Halpern “ship of fools” VIC Australia
(glass, ceramic, aluminium, steel, fibreglass 275cm x 275cm x 55cm)
Artist’s statement: The artist aims to inspire, surprise, delight and dismay.
Byeong Doo Moon i have been dreaming to be a tree... IIByeong Doo Moon “I have been dreaming to be a tree … II” South Korea
(stainless steel 350cm x 200cm x 270cm)
Artist’s statement: Transforming a cold mass of steel into an organic, fragile and flowing elegance. Exploring possibilities of the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

There is 109 sculptures exhibited this year just click on the link at the top of this post to see them all & here’s a couple of photos of Mother Nature & Father Time’s work on the sandstone
Mother Nature and Father Timethe eyes of Mother Nature and Father Time