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fabulous indigo dyed Moons & thread by Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl
to celebrate this Blue Full Moon Eclipse on a cloudy night here in Sydney
here’s links to  some more indigo dyed Moons from Glennis gathered over the years
Dark Moon Memory Keeper 2014
The Blue Moon Talinsitic Dilly Bag (aka everything I know about the moon and the sea) 2014
The Talinistic 2013
Hopeful Lunacy 2012
front cover of the Lunar Almanac by Rosemary Ellen Guiley 1991
I wrote to the author a few years back re the provenance of this image but she didn’t know anything about it as the UK publishers put their own cover together but I did find this related image on the net
the influence of the moon on women's minds

the blues

Posted: April 20, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul
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the blues Mo17
a heart shaped Banksia integrifolia leaf, white feather, Ariel whisker & claw sheath, Honesty seed pod, Cecil Brunner rosebud, clay, glass, shell, turquoise, lapis lazuli & myrrh beads, zig-zag Acacia, indigo cake from Tamborine Mountain Indigo on cold waxed white silk used for polishing the Book of Honesty, stitched to indigo dyed silk from Eliene St Romain, stitched to Japanese Abaca paper edge darkened with deep indigo Inktense coloured pencil, framed with ochre stained hand plied plant fibre string & indigo dyed cord from Dee Mallon, backed with  hand woven 200 year old German linen edged with vintage linen shoe thread from Margaret Johnson
missing Ariel more than anyone in my whole life, where else to put all the sadness and longing but in the work…

a memento mori for Ariel

Posted: April 14, 2017 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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A memento mori for Ariel, a talisman for Old Man Crow to hold onto, on Wednesday I began by stitching together a bundle of Ariel’s shed whiskers, tried adding some of his claw sheaths but that didn’t feel right, a white feather didn’t work either, tried binding the shard of a broken pot I found as we smoothed the earth in the hole for his grave but that wasn’t right either…  this morning my favourite sea worn piece of driftwood felt good so I lit a stick of incense holding Grace of Windthread’s one line poem “we are burning Karma and it smells like incense” in my heart for the making
Old Man Crow woke at that moment, Ariel had just visited him from the bardo
Ariel’s whiskers & Old Man Crow’s Bandaged Heart bound to my favourite sea worn piece of driftwood
you, me and the Ariel P in our moonboat
with so much love tonight under the waning gibbous moon

The Letter U from An illuminated Book of Cats © 2010

memory-keeper-for-Grace-Mo15a memory keeper for Grace and Chinche
banksia seed, boar bristles, Italian glove leather, linen thread, vintage ostrich feathers, glass beads and the last bit of the rose petal printed paper
memory-keeper-for-Grace-detail-front-Mo16front detail (scale app 3:1)
memory-keeper-for-Grace-back-detail-Mo16back detail (scale app 3:1)
banksia-seeds-and-boar-bristles-Mo16these banksia integrifolia seeds stitched to boar bristles were the starting point for this little bag but proved too fragile, the boar bristles are wonderfully strong and springy to work with ! (scale app 3:1)

Remember the Elephants

Posted: July 17, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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elephant-by-Ivan-Ungar-2013Remember the Elephants
(photo courtesy of Ivan Ungar Africa 2013)
first-sketchhalf a lifetime ago I was given some old ivory and ebony piano keys
beginningI cut two of the ivory keys to make settings for 4 moonstones and 3 star sapphires that have been waiting for me to do something with them for 30 years
ivory-and-stonesivory is such a beautiful material, strong yet so easy to cut and carve
becomingI stitched this piece of whisper silk organza back in 2013
eye-photo-by-Ivan-Ungarprinted out the eye of the elephant from Ivan’s photo and used a scalpel blade to trace the lines onto the leather for the back of the memory keeper
eye-cutand then stitched the detail
elephant-eye-embroideredelephant eyes are a beautiful amber colour, the red here reflects the tears for the continued slaughter of these beautiful beings for their tusks
becoming-a-memery-keeperbecoming a memory keeper to remember the elephants
preparingto hold this ivory for posterity until we humans stop the slaughter and start honouring these mighty beasts
old-ivoryvintage raw ivory, raw ivory bangles, earrings, piano keys & burnt ivory
old-ivory-bound-in-silkold ivory bound in red silk
remember-the-elephants-by-Mo-15the bundle placed inside and stitched closed with red silk thread
closure-detailclosure detail
remember-the-elephants-back-Mo15“Remember the Elephants” by Mo 2015
black leather, vintage ostrich feathers, black and white linen thread, whisper silk organza, jet, glass, bone and clay beads, red silk, old ivory
remember-the-elephants-Mo15I have cried an ocean of tears this week whilst making this journey
here’s some links to articles about the continuing slaughter of elephants for their ivory
and on a more uplifting note two good people who are making a difference

The Touch Stone

Posted: May 10, 2015 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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touch stone-Mo-15The Touch Stone by Mo 2015
river stone, glove leather, vintage velvet, black linen and red silk threads, feather, clay and glass beads
9cm H x 7cm W touch stone by-Mo-15made in response to seeing Dominic Wilcox’s 24ct gold leafed skimming stones
in the V&A’s exhibition of “What is Luxury”?

mending a burnt & broken heart

Posted: September 6, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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burnt-and-broken-heart Mo 2014
A Pocket for the Burnt and Broken Heart (spiral heart stitched & burnt by Jude Hill)” by Mo 2014
H 15cm W 12.5 cm (not including cord)
sisal & linen cords bound with vintage Silkworm thread, indigo and pomegranate dyed silk velvet,
feather, vintage mother of pearl button, wishbone, shells, grape vine tendril stitched with silk steel
African myrrh and clay, glass, moss agate beads
Jude sent me this fragile spiral of a heart in early 2013 along with her 3 leftover hearts
Jude-burned-spiral-heartI kept it safe in a jar but it needed to breathe so I made this spare pocket to set the heart free
(with thanks to Coby Lange in the Netherlands for inventing such a good way to stitch feathers into cloth)
burned-and-broken-heart Mo 2014the inside of the spiral heart