just click on the title to see more about each piece
flannel-flower-book-webFlannel Flower Book Mo 14
Make-a-Wish-Mo-14Make a Wish Mo 14
forest-for-the-trees-detail-Mo-14Can’t see the Forest for the Trees Mo 14
the bared bones  detail Mo 14the bare bones (white) talisman Mo 14
Turquoise-Talisman-Mo-14The Turquoise Talisman Mo 14
rolling in the deep blue Mo 14Rolling in the Deep (Blue) Mo 14
crow-eye-amulet-(for-seeing-in-the-dark)-Mo-14‘Crow Eye Amulet (for seeing in the dark) IV’ Mo 14
for-the-blues-detail-Mo-2014‘out of the blue’ Mo 2014
Be-Kind-Mo-2014“Be Kind” Mo 2014 (for India Flint’s Solace Project)
burnt-and-broken-heart Mo 2014“Pocket for the burnt and broken heart” Mo 2014
black-barnacle-moon-Mo-14“black barnacle moon” Mo 2014
a-pocket-for-the-moon-with-feather-and-shells“a pocket for the moon” Mo 2014
leaning-into-the-light-Mo-2014“lighter than air leaning into the light” Mo 2014
A-Barrel-of-Fun-by-Mo-2014“A Barrel of Fun” by Mo & Old Man Crow 2014
path-of-heart detail Mo 2014The Path of Heart (handle with care ) Mo 2014
Talinisitic-Crow-Eye-Amulet-Mo-2014Crow Eye Amulet III- Mo 2014
sea dreaming by Mo 2014Sea Dreaming by Mo 2014
crow eye talisman Mo 14Crow Eye Amulet II by Mo 2014ghost-fish-memory-keeper-back-Mo-14Ghost Fish Memory Keeper by Mo 2014

Dark Moon Memory Keeper by Mo 2014Dark Moon Memory Keeper by Mo 2014
lampshade-by-Mo-2014lampshade by Mo 2014
blue-moon-talinisitc-dilly-bag-front-Mo-2014Blue Moon Talinistic Dilly Bag Mo 2014
where-the-dream-meets-realitywhere the dream meets reality Mo 2014
crow book 3 by Mo Orkiszewski 2014Crow Book 3 Mo 2014
snail-journal-by-Mo-2014Snail Journal Mo 2014
3-rose-books3 Rose Books Mo 2014
goat's eye bead amulet by Mo 2014crow eye amulet I by Mo 2014
sleeve-detailOMC jacket repair Mo 2014


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