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Liz Ackert’s pennon for the dream traveled all the way from Texas !
with a crow card!
and the mended shell she made in Jude Hill’s Considering Weave class when we first met, the weaving is so fine
I hung the pennon on the line in the afternoon sun to relax from the journey
Old Man Crow is blown away seeing all the words of his song I dream of a world where love is the answer stitched so beautifully into the pennon
here’s the pennon, shell and card happily settling into the studio space, the dream is real, I can hold it in my hands and read it!
hanging out on the front door
this side of the cloth holds words from Old Man Crow, Terry Tempest Williams, Wendell Berry, John Lennon, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dee Mallon, Marti in New Mexico, and me!
delicate asemic writing across the top of the pennon
the other side of the pennon holds all of the words to Old Man Crow ‘s song
the beauty of Liz’s stitching combined with Deb Lacativa’s ‘dirty threads’
you can read more about Liz making this dream come true over on her blog
stirring the pot, magic is afoot!

Liz Ackert has finished her magic pennon for the dreaming
have a look over at more photos and words on her blog
and Dee Mallon is mapping the way to finding love is the answer
here’s the link to more words and photos on her blog
Gathering the dreams  for our beautiful broken world, we simply have to mend our ways, all 7 billion of us, love is the answer
these pennants give me hope that we can

Liz Ackert is stitching so much love and peace into our beautiful broken world
(click on the link to go over to her blog!)
she sent me this photo of her pennon in process, her stitching is divine!
she has gifted me so many beautifully stitched and dyed cloths over the years we have known each other online
she is truly mending our beautiful broken world with Love and Peace
her rust dyed key cloth and 60 count hand woven linen inspired the Key Book
& the Imagine Peace pin is real magic, it helped me keep a lid on it one dark and stormy night
Liz is such a rare treasure I truly hope we will get to meet in real life one day!

PS on Friday the 13th Liz put up another beautiful post
PPS the next day Liz posted more beauty continuing
and more!
October 15th lichening the pennon
October 16th Dream State
October 17th Like Braille
October18th Deep in the Heart of Texas

Liz Ackert sent a Peace Leaf made by Barry Smith wrapped in her hand dyed cochineal cloth along with peaceful words hand printed by Fiona Dempster, her finely stitched Take Heart safety pin and stitched my mending words into the blue for our beautiful broken world !

breaking through

Posted: August 9, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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key-book-back-Mo15The Key Book (back cover) Mo 15
(H 12 cm W 9.5 cm )
Yesterday I was feeling that a breakthrough was imminent for resolving this book and taking the metaphor literally, cut through the back cover to inlay this old brass keyhole
key-book-front Mo15The Key Book (front cover) with rust dyed key cloth from Liz Ackert and that’s her extraordinary 60 count hand woven linen in the next pic
face1 face2 face3 face4 face5 face6and here’s the reverse
reverse1 reverse2 reverse3 reverse4 reverse5 reverse6so now I have the key what was the question… ?
you can see the pages in more detail here, here, here, here, here & here

PS the explorations in this little book have me thinking once again about light and layers and engraving glass
and how lace relates to glass…
listen to this interview with Tony Hanning a master of drawing the light in glass
“to see the things we remember never having seen”
Tony gave me the best lesson ever in seeing
Back in 1989 I was engraving the detail in the dragonfly wings on one of his cameo carved vases as the professional practice component in my last year at art school and he said, “these are not dragonfly wings with all these arabesques & curlicues, go home find a dragonfly, look at it’s wings and then come back and get back to work. I did and in that moment learned to truly see….