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Rod just took this photo of Honesty in our garden, we are trying to enjoy every minute of whatever we have of this time together ! He’s back home from hospital, diagnosed with liver cancer, will start the treatments next week, his spirit is strong and he’s looking so well…
The crows were so funny out the front of the hospital yesterday, it was like a pantomine, three of them were making totemic shapes on the architectural features of the grand old sandstone entrance, then flew off playing and swooping all around me, flying up to the top of the the big old gum tree, jumping up and down shaking the ends of the branches with so much wild arrrkkking. They entertained me for a good hour, one of the best plays I’ve ever seen and very reassuring. The magic is always there when we just take the time to slow down and see!

listen to Wild Things © Rod Morgan 2011
illustration by Mo Orkiszewski for The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow

Haptic Visuality

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thinking about the sense of touch and how we see it through the shared light of our computer screens, the term Haptic Visuality has stuck in my mind over the last few weeks since reading Joy Buttress’s thesis “The Metaphorical Value of Lace in Contemporary Art: The Transformative Process of a Practice-Led Inquiry.” I had seen her work in the Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum ten years ago
here’s a photo of Joy’s fabulous laser etched and embroidered leather gloves

This is a good distraction as Old Man Crow is in hospital under observation for the next few days getting lots of scans and tests done to see what’s going on in his stomach. He’s been quite unwell for the last 5 weeks, after a strong course of antibiotics for an evil bacteria that didn’t make him feel much better on Friday his doctor took some blood tests and after reading the results said he had better go to the hospital. I am not allowed to visit with the current Covid restrictions so am distracting myself here on the net & stitching Honesty

starting to take shape

with the two sides informing each other

and the Honesty out in the garden is starting to make new pods!

Jude Hill’s post from yesterday inspired this line
‘the holding of pattern, of thread, of the exquisite point in the hard steel of just going, in this going to where we are til we’re gone’
tonight I am just knotting thread… every knot holds a prayer

the Honesty memory keeper/talisman holder/go bag is well under way, yesterday I printed out Honesty XI from the Book of Honesty at A5 then transferred the image to drafting film

at just past the witching hour I pricked out the pattern with a sharp needle

and the reverse

was going to lace the leather into a hoop but it feels so good in the hand it needs to be stitched free

what a difference a day can make!


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In all Honesty I looked hard at what I have done in the last month with these gloves and they are simply not working

time to put them away to incubate in the box of things that need to be reconsidered

I have learned a lot about how gloves are made and am especially impressed with the construction of the thumb but the leather is too beautiful to waste!

this talisman for focus is a good place to recalibrate

& drawing Honesty every day

Rocks : Laurie Anderson’s 3rd Norton Lecture

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Laurie Anderson’s fabulous video was available to watch for 24 hours, she rocks my soul with her brilliant mind!

you can register for next week’s Lecture 4: The Road
zoom webinar at this link

Equinox the balancing point

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Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord sent this beautiful photgraph of her Peace Leaf out into the world to celebrate the Autumn Equinox in the north countries as spring has sprung here in the Land Down Under

Laurie Anderson’s second Norton Lecture – The Forest was available for 24 hours, I watched it three times… will post a link to part 3 of her Norton lectures next week
over and over “I find myself lost”….

just picked up my new eye glasses yesterday! Waited a year after the cataract surgery to let my eyes settle before seeing the optometrist, he said my distance vision is 110% better and wow these new transition lenses for reading and the computer are brilliant, so comfortable & stitching is a dream!
PS a bit shocked by the latest wrinkles but at least they’re honest…

Fiona and Barry of Deckled Edge Press sent out their beautiful peace offerings for this International Day of Peace

This year’s Peace is a Journey weathergram hanging out with the rest of the gang at the front door

it’s very windy this afternoon so it was a bit tricky to get all the weathergrams facing the right way!

and here’s the Peace button (I must do some dusting!)

we had a picnic with our friends Richard & Marika for the first time since the Covid variant D lockdown started 3 months ago here in Sydney, it was so good to catch up with friends again!
Richard took this magic photo of the Full Moon last night!

how to make a plant burrito

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the vertical garden in this courtyard needed new plants for spring and has lost a lot of the original potting mix over the years. I have some vintage stockings from the 60’s and they make the perfect plant burritos!

the old nylon is so fine yet strong, it will last for quite some time!

filling the knotted stocking with a bit of potting mix and a viola

easing the plant burrito into place

it works, will add more plants along the top next month now that I know how to to it!

a red Belgian hybrid Clivea

Neomarica aka Brazilian Walking Iris

the deconstructed kid gloves are becoming a new pair with thoughts of Honesty being fragile and in need of being handled with care

Back in 2019 Beth Brennan of Still Life Pond who made the beautiful Tree of Life pennant for I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer sent me her mother’s exquisitely fine leather gloves with this note. In our e-mail conversation she added, “Ah good! I felt like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to put them on. My mother was impossibly tiny and had elegant taste. I don’t know how much they were worn—not much by the look of them! She was married to my dad in 1940, so they probably date from the late 1930s. You were my first thought for repurposing and I knew you would appreciate the fineness of the leather. But I also absolve you from doing anything at all with them. Set them free if you need to when the time comes.”
The time has come to throw down the gauntlet!

whilst carefully dissecting the seams on the very fine leather I dreamed of merging the two pairs into one pair of starry gloves with contrasting stars as a follow on to Reaching for the Stars

love how the fourchettes with quirks look like birds!

as I explored all the seams and felt the different textures in the leathers I realized these gloves have their own ideas about what each pair wants to be next!

the gloves need to be longer between the thumb hole and fingers for the bigger hands of today & in the width so I cut a 1/2 inch strip from the bottom edge to insert across the knuckles and cut the foredge to increase all the edges with hand stitched button hole lace. I was going to use white silk but have some vintage Silkworm thread that works much better.

last night as I was trembling on the edge of making the first cut, I spoke to my wild artist friend Dotti & she helped me see how I needed to throw all caution to the wind & jump into the stitching so at midnight I did just that! The other challenge was Artsite advising to not share work in process for the Collector’s Choice xmas show on social media this year. I bristled at first, then settled my hackles back down after talking to the director who recognizes this blog as an important part of my process especially with this l-o-n-g Covid lockdown (ongoing here in Sydney since June 26th) I need to communicate what’s going on & with just reading Jude Hill’s latest post and seeing her pocket collaboration revealed I love the magic that happens when minds meet through the ether!

some Cream coloured Cliveas
our gardens are looking spectacular this spring!

this beautiful heart just arrived in the post from Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster of Deckled Edge Press!
Fiona has recently revamped their three websites with her trademark elegance and their shops work perfectly!
Deckled Edge Press Shop
Barry Smith Art Shop
Fiona Dempster Shop

a heart to hold onto in my hand