Get Real!

Posted: August 22, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Hakea salicifolia seed pods Mo 19
“We have to believe in our dreams,” she said, “because without them we are nothing. Dreams are how we make sense of the world, but they’re also how we remember it. When your dreams are real-if only to you-when you believe in them and make them a part of the story that is your life, then anything is possible. You can go anywhere, be anyone, mend any hurt-even a broken wing.”
‘Dream Harder Dream True’ a short story by Charles de Lint in ‘The Ivory and the Horn’ (p300)
All this century I have focused my art making practice with big sprawling projects in collaboration with my partner Old Man Crow. The Adventures of the Blue Cat was a loose idea that began when Ariel P Cat came into our lives in 2000 to become two books Cooking with Cats (2003) & An illuminated Book of Cats (2010), then we worked together on The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow (2016) and most recently I dream of a world where love is the answer (2019), now we are dreaming our way out of this big city up into the Blue Mountains when we retire in March 2021. The next exhibition Sayonara Sydney  will be whatever falls out of my hands over the next 18 months but the work has stalled as the dreams get more real with visiting the mountains last week, time to get back to the drawing board!

more stars

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making more stars with a spare moon and a ladder

Blue Mountains dreaming

Posted: August 14, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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we caught the train up to Blackheath yesterday this is the view from Evans lookout
feeding the dream of becoming Blackheathens !

for the love of trees

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Ficus at Blackwattle Bay Mo 1997
I have just finished reading ‘The Overstory’ by Richard Powers, back in June Terri Windling wrote a fantastic review
inspiring, compelling, this sprawling wilderness of a book helps us shift into a biocentric world view- a life centred point of view;
“The salvation of humanity — for it’s us, not the world, who need to be saved — and our continued lease on this planet depend on our development of tree consciousness. We are here by the grace of trees and forests. They make our atmosphere, clean our water, and sustain the cycles of life that permit us. Just begin to see them. See them up close and personal. See them from far away across great distances. Notice all the million complex beautiful behaviors and forms that have always slipped right past you. Simply see, and the rest will begin to follow. Every other act of preservation depends on that first step.”
By moving into a biocentric world view where the whole planet is sentient we have to look after our beautiful broken world not exploit her!
Boab Dreaming Mo 2008
photo by Rod Morgan (aka Old Man Crow) 1991
dream on!

13 moon ladders made from the deconstructed dream
the crescent moon from the dream is big in relation to the 13 little ladders
I need to make a lot more moon ladders!
Bilbergia nutans aka nun’s tears is in flower!

this plant was the first thing I could draw again when my brain and hands started to recover from the radiation therapy for throat cancer back in 2005
a scan of my hand so long ago
so very grateful to still be on the planet making more dreams all these years down the road!

spring is in the air!

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the first jasmine is out with the beautiful scent of spring in the air!
Magnolia stellata
Magnolia campbelii
we visited The lover circles his own heart at the MCA and were captivated by Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s video On the Origins of Art I-II
these tiny spiders are only 4-6mm in length, the sound of their vibrations was the best magic!
the wonder of nature in the midst of all the madness going down for our beautiful broken world

Fly me to the moon Di Holdsworth
music box assemblage
Watching the moon landing (with archaic technology) Di Holdsworth
music box assemblage
Space Oddity Di Holdsworth
music box assemblage
Moonsong series 2 (1-30) Tanya Chaitow
Moon symphony 1 Tanya Chaitow
Tuesday Moon Janet Dawson
Golden Moon: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing at Stella Downer Fine Art
see more pics on Stella’s instagram page
this delightful show just opened and runs til the 17th of August
if you are in town don’t miss it!