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Ulrike Bogdan’s pennant & Bronwyn Berman’s talisman arrived yesterday to join The Gathering
Ulrike has written about her deeply philosophical response to the dream of a world where love is the answer over on her blog  Nemo-Ignorat
I love the way she has combined all her skills as an artist, scientist and linguist
to quote from over on her blog
“…’Selbstlosigkeit’ (selflessness), ‘Mitgefühl’ (compassion) und ‘Geborgenheit’ (care and comfort, safety and protection). When you love someone or something, you feel compassion, act selfless and this love may give you comfort and protection.
I added some onion dyed cotton, used different silk thread dyed in indigo, madder and logwood. There is a lot of madder, because madder is of the Earth. And I just love the earthy part of its colour.
Let’s all protect this broken world. Feel compassionate for her well-being and for the beings living on her and be selfless about it. Step outside of the Dream and just Love.”
Bronwyn Berman’s talisman of love for our beautiful broken world vibrates with a delightful sense of humour and whimsy
echidna quills, Silver Sebright chook feathers, copper wire, glass beads
the patinated pod with echidna quills is by Bronwyn from back in 2015,  here’s a link to a better photograph
they are enjoying getting to know The Gathering
the beautiful indigo dyed silk scarf on the right hand side of the book case is a gift from Ulrike, perfect for this chilly day!
The Gathering is singing such deep love into our beautiful broken world
it’s like conducting a choir with each voice bringing in a new harmony

Ulrike Bogdan’s beautiful pennant is on it’s way from Germany!
she has written a deeply philosophical response to the dream of a world where love is the answer over on her blog  Nemo-Ignorat
after sitting with her piece of the wedding dress she wrote this response in an e-mail back in December;
“It took me a while to get an idea. But I got one I really feel good with. German is a rather unwieldy language but what is can do best is describe philosophical conditions. Love (Liebe) is more like a portmanteau than one concept. It consists of so many different emotions and connotations. Love alone is encompassing a whole range of being and feeling. What this world needs is Selbslosigkeit (altruism), Mitgefühl (compassion/kindness) and Geborgenheit (care/comfort) all these are living striving under the heading of love in general. Which is what I am doing in stitching.”
I riffed on her thoughts encompassing the word Love (Liebe in German) as a portmanteau envisioning a travelling medicine bag of dreams for mending our beautiful broken world & look forward to introducing her beautiful work to The Gathering!