The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow 

Our limited edition of 100 hand coloured, signed & numbered books with 4 CD recording in the back cover was launched in September 2016 at Artsite Gallery

Available at It’s Crow Time on Etsy

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“The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow” Pts 1-4 is available online at at Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube
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It’s 2017 and a new body of work is developing!

Braille for the Soul (forthcoming exhibition, Artsite Gallery, March 2019) investigates in stitch and cloth what is read through the haptic*. Time is stitched into vessels of memory. Sewn and knotted, beaded and feathered, the vessels hold wishes for the mending of our beautiful broken world. We can start mending our ways stitch by stitch, learn to touch again, the world and each other, connecting our hearts.

Gathering through the web are a community of stitchers like me, deep listening women from around the earth making strong threads. As one voice we whisper
‘there is nowhere on our planet that is not sacred’.

*haptic: adj. of or relating to the sense of touch:
the haptic sensation of holding a real book in your hands.
able to come into contact with, to fasten.