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fabulous indigo dyed Moons & thread by Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl
to celebrate this Blue Full Moon Eclipse on a cloudy night here in Sydney
here’s links to  some more indigo dyed Moons from Glennis gathered over the years
Dark Moon Memory Keeper 2014
The Blue Moon Talinsitic Dilly Bag (aka everything I know about the moon and the sea) 2014
The Talinistic 2013
Hopeful Lunacy 2012
front cover of the Lunar Almanac by Rosemary Ellen Guiley 1991
I wrote to the author a few years back re the provenance of this image but she didn’t know anything about it as the UK publishers put their own cover together but I did find this related image on the net
the influence of the moon on women's minds

bluesHere’s some of the Blue Things gathered from around the house…
trying to decide on just one blue thing to take along  for Roz Hawker and India Flint’s Bower Bird Blues Workshop this weekend. Roz and India sent a note back in October asking us to bring along our favourite tools for writing, drawing & stitching, a camera, a coffee mug, a hat
“your own very special blue item (only one now), just one blue item about which  you may wish to share a story …”
Only One?
The Blues run like a deep river through my life…. how can I possibly choose just one?
Blue TrianglesBlue CatsBlue MoonsBlue Books…  Blue Talismans….  Out of the Blue
this is the sort of dilemma I enjoy!

Just made a gallery in the title bar next to the home button
where you can see the side lines that happen in between the crow drawings
Just click on the links for
Last Century
The Bandaged Hearts
crow sketch-by-Mo-2012 webCrow Sketch Mo 2012

blue moon talinistic dilly bag by Mo 2014The Blue Moon Talinistic Dilly Bag (aka everything I know about the moon and the sea) by Mo 2014
air-moon-detail-mo-2014detail of the air moon
fire-moon-detail-Mo-2014detail of the fire moon
many thanks go to all the cloth conjurors who have contributed materials
Glennis Shibori Girl indigo moon on sheer organza & indigo dyed silk threads
Arlee Barr  indigo & rust dyed silk
Patricia Spangler indigo dyed air moon on linen & rust and indigo dyed fire moon
Dee Mallon indigo dyed cord that finished the top edge
Margaret Johnson vintage Silkworm thread and a wonderful ecru thread for all the free hand netted lace
the supporting exo-skeleton is immature stems of a Bangalow Palm infloresence
other materials are African clay, bone and myrrh beads, burnt ivory, shells, feathers, printmakers mull, flax, nettle and hemp string
you can see this piece in process widdershins here, here, here & here

indigo-wishes-from-Dee-MallonDee Mallon is a cloth conjuror with conscience, her writing and clothwork tackle the big questions and go way deep
earlier this month whilst visiting her blog I admired her indigo cord & she said I could have it! Lucky me it arrived on the doorstep with a bundle of fabulous cloths, 6 wishbones and a beautiful tin to keep treasures in. The cord fits perfectly into the ongoingness of the Blue Moon Talinisitc Dilly Bag which is starting to hold it’s shape
you can see more of Dee’s work on her website here , here & here

Dilly-Bag-in-progress-Feb14It’s the Leo Full Moon with a light rain on the tin roof
a good day for getting lost in the details  of The Blue Moon Talinistic Dilly Bag 
dilly-bag-in-process-3-Feb-14lots of tiny stitches are giving body to the indigo & rust dyed silk from Arlee
dilly-bag-detail-Feb-14the curly sticks of immature Bangalow palm inflorescence & stitched seams of indigo dyed silk thread from Glennis are starting to define the edges
detail-2-Feb-14myrrh & clay beads from Africa add earthiness to the Fire Moon from Patricia Spangler
(NB the Airy Moon in the first photos is on indigo dyed linen from Patricia with an overlay of organza by Glennis)
Dilly-Bag-in-process-2-Feb-14Feeling pleasantly lost in the process with this one
looking forward to it resolving slowly this year
with the inspiration of  Jude Hill’s What if Diaries 2 Just Considering Weave  which starts in a few months
& Karen Ruane’s Simply Stitch 4  which starts in a few weeks
I love this online community of cloth conjurors!
PS the crow drawing you can see in the background of some of these photos is the beginnings of the next song for “The illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow”

Dilly-Bag-sketch-by-MoI made this  quick sketch for the Dark Moon Dilly Bag about a month ago
Glennis Shibori Girl made the beautiful Dark Moon but it is such a strong elegant moon it needs to have a bag all to itself!
dark-moonpinned up with the Dark Moon is more darkly delicious indigo cloth from Glennis, Patricia of Following Thread and the stars are from Nancy of Pomegranate Trail
So i have this wonderful elegant bag with all these perfect materials in mind but this wild thing is what is coming out!
dilly-bag-beginningsthe base started out with flax string stitched with indigo dyed cotton from Glennis, then it started to get all wild and unruly with shells, myrrh and clay beads, bangalow palm inflorescence & printmakers mull bound with raw cotton wound over indigo dyed linen… at this stage I thought I would try all four moons that you can see here but after tacking them all together it didn’t work at all, that Dark Moon is so still and complete it really needs its own space!
So I cleaned the studio for a day & have been stitching wildly for the past 4 days
the lovely rust and indigo dyed silk is from Arlee Barr, the linen moon is from Patricia overlaid by a sheer organza moon & indigo dyed silk threads from Glennis
dilly-bag-moon-in-process this rust and indigo dyed fire moon is from Patricia, silk threads are from Glennis with a little red I had lying around from an old silk scarf & my favourite vintage Silkworm thread from Margaret Johnson for stitching the palm inflorescence downfire-moon-detailthe inside
inside-the-dilly-bagthere is miles of stitching, feathering, twining & beading to go but it’s starting to make sense in a woman under the influence of the moon sort of way!