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Marti Weisbrich’s pennant arrived with perfect timing for the Equinox
Marti listens with deep heart to the spirits of place
holding  impeccable intent
embracing earth magic
listening with deep heart to her sacred ordinaries
Dark Blue Door card by New Mexico photographer Gloria Wagner
Marti makes such good earth magic
her textures and colours hold deep connection to the land
with such a soft gentle green for the backing cloth
joining The Gathering of pennants and talismans for the dream
creating a perfect balancing point to celebrate the equinox
thank you Marti!
you can see more photos and read about Marti’s pennant in process here & here

Marti Weisbrich’s pennant will make it’s way across the wide blue tomorrow!
She sent this photo with these wonderful words in an e-mail just now

“Tomorrow, my pennant stitched with raggedy earth patches made from the sacred ordinaries of the land and with an Australian talisman hanging on the end of it, will be winging its way to you. It is filled with love for our world, for the land that frames our world, and with love and gratitude to you, along with joy, for the opportunity to create this pennant.

When I first received your pennant, I took it outside to receive the elements. It seemed only fitting that before I sent it back, it once again be taken outside, tied to the same ornamental pear tree in my backyard. Deep earth spirits reside here in New Mexico and this pennant accepted the benedictions of the elements: sun, wind, moonshine, star shine, flowing with the four directions, infused with the vast expanse of the sky here, absorbing stories from the varied clouds threaded in our sky.

Working on the “I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer” pennant was a soul uplifting experience; one of universal connection with you, Rod and with the many who are participating in this dream project. Equally, this project deepened my gratitude for the sacred ordinaries (foraged windfall mostly) that the land provides me with for dyeing cloth. The sacred ordinaries used for the raggedy earth patches in this pennant include: chamisa, Yerba Mansa, sagebrush, desert willow blossoms, sunflower petals and centers, smoke bush leaves, walnuts, grapevine bark, leaves from Chinese Pistache trees and ornamental pear trees, Spanish broom, juniper, sumac and home grown red onions. The red onion skins, with a bit of vinegar and one of my copper pots provided the green colored cloth that is used for the backing and the edges of the pennant. Green has been a hard color for me to achieve with windfall so a bit of “alchemy” was used to get this color. Over time, as the seasons change, so too will the color of these earth patches; naturally dyed cloth tends to fade, especially if kept near sunlight, becoming more wabi-sabi, and in so doing, giving another gift of beauty.

For now, here is a photo of the pennant outdoors in my backyard in New Mexico, accepting the call of the elements before being sent to you filled with spirit blessings. Lv, Marti”

I look forward to holding this pennant in my hands and introducing it to The Gathering
the energy of love circling our beautiful broken world is so deep and profound
Magic is afoot, revolution is in the air!

PS click on this link to The Gathering to see all the contributions so far

back in July when I made the call out for people to stitch their hopes and dreams into a piece of the old wedding dress for the collaborative “I dream of a world where love is the answer” project Marti Weisbrich sent this photo of her eco dyed cloth for her pennant with these inspiring words
“my intention is to stitch random, small pieces of cloth to the pennant. Each time that I stitch one of my cloths, I speak to the cloth in my hand. Each piece that I stitch carries my thoughts about where and what gifts from the land I found to dye the cloth. Each piece carries my blessing and gratitude for what the land gives. Each piece making up the whole is a benediction and prayer for our planet. All of my cloth work has been about landscape and I feel deeply what the late philosopher, ex-priest and poet John O’ Donohue said, ” “When you bring your body out into the landscape, you bring your body home where it belongs. When you step outside, it matters if you see landscape as a location or if you see it as walking into a living place.”
a  few weeks later she sent this photo of her pennant getting a feel for the spirits of place & wrote
“Your pennant arrived this afternoon and the satin is such a lovely cloth. First thing I did was to take it outside and pin it to one of our pear trees. The pennant is next to a cloth (prayer flag) that I made when we first moved here to New Mexico. I name my cloths and this prayer flag is named, ” Call to the Wind” Everywhere we have lived, I have asked the elements to bless our endeavors with our gardens, and our daily lives; asking spirit/s for guidance and the ability to continue to seek the sacred daily ordinaries that make up my days.
So much of how I work with cloth has to do with the land, the elements and with that in mind, the first blessing for the pennant is to feel our fierce New Mexico wind. I’m leaving the pennant outside for a few days to pick up the communal spirit of Call to the Wind as well as be blessed with the earth spirits that roam this place; it will also be blessed with a little rain because we are in our monsoon season.”
and just a few days ago
“here is what I have done so far with my pennant: I had removed it from the pear tree because we have had some pretty fierce winds and rain. Yesterday, especially, the winds were clocking over 50 mph, our corn was bent half way, leaves and dust were flying and I knew it was time to delve into my world of dyed cloth. The spirits of place and elements were at their strongest so I ripped bits of cloth, sorted and pinned. I dream of a world where people take the time to recognize and receive the sacred ordinary gifts of the land…the pennant is in its pinned state, will hold for a time until the threads sing to me to stitch.”
Thank you Marti & everyone who has come onboard
the energy of this circle is moving so fast & strong, it feels like a quickening!
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