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Posted: June 1, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

It’s a brand new day and a whole new life is opening up!
Yesterday afternoon the eye surgeon lasered away the clouding behind the lenses of both my eyes that had developed in the last year after the cataract surgery back in 2020. i can get back to drawing & stitching the fine details, beading, reading fine print, seeing the tiny flowers and plants when I am out bushwalking, oh everything!
Catching the train home was magic, all the colours are so sharp and clear. My house is looking very dusty so a bit of house work needs to get done very soon and gosh the lines on my face are almost scary but the clarity is magic. Feel so lucky to have access to the wonder of 21st C medicine & Australia’s very good health care system!

Essence of Cloud

Posted: May 21, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Caught the last day of Mark Elliott’s fabulous Essence of Cloud exhibition at Ellipsis Gallery yesterday. A magical mystery tour of wonderment and alchemy fabulously realized with such deep spirit.
Bought the book and am savouring every line.

I love these Blue Mountains!

Posted: May 18, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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My friend Cathy and I went for a bushwalk to Lockleys Pylon on Tuesday, such a perfect day, sunny & so clear, I love living here!

view down the Grose Valley and the Blue Gum Forest


Posted: May 11, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Yesterday was a magical mountain day! Caught the train to Katoomba to see the Herman Pekel exhibition at Lost Bear Gallery then on to Echo Point down the 998 steps of the Giant Stairway from the Three Sisters to Dardenelles Pass

these mountains are romancing my soul

the path beckons

with enchantment round every bend

love the flow of these rails

mountain magic

accompanied by the music of water falling

I met a young woman halfway along the track who said the walk would change my life & it has!

was happy to reach the Leura Cascades Picnic Area which has a rest area to catch my breath and refill the water bottle then a gentle stroll back to the train station and home to find this beautiful parcel in the letterbox

containing a Hagstone from Mia Illuzia of Spirit Carrier

Mia makes powerful magic, love her deep spirit!

Magic Days!

Becoming a Blackheathen!

Posted: May 3, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Stitched “Blackheathen” into the long cloth of grief and wonder to celebrate a year of becoming a Blackheathen!
have stitched all the way around the edge in single strand red silk and mark each day, the next word will be Dunmovin…
still no word on settlement but bush walking each day helps settle my soul

I do the walk to Govetts Leap via Popes Glen once a week as it’s my closest track

the sound of water over rocks soothes my soul

love this old sign post

rose petals soothe my tired eyes, my eyesight is deteriorating at a rate of knots, the fine details are getting almost impossible to see, fortunately I can still see to garden and just need to work at a larger scale…

a hopeful post for Dunmovin

Posted: April 21, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

The pile of hedge prunings ready for the tree men to chip them up on Monday

a good pile of mulch with the first barrow load ready
to go onto the garden beds

the garden beds are ready for winter & the hedges are recovering well from the hard prune

x fingers I’ll be Dunmovin soon!

Full Moon in Libra

Posted: April 7, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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The Full Moon on her way up

and then on her way back down last night

the way down the track at Perrys Lookdown

and back up, it’s a wild walk for a wild week of ups and downs…

Free, my beautiful electric bicycle broke down on the way home from Perrys Lookdown

the hub gear is leaking oil and grease and the chain came off, I managed to get the chain back on to ride home then rang Lekker as she’s under warranty but I have to get her on the train to the city which is a challenge as the new lifts are still not finished… I am steeling myself to carry her up and down the stairs to the platform on Tuesday after the Easter break, she’s a heavy beast…

this Full Moon is in the balancing act of Libra © Mo Orkiszewski 1999

a rainbow over Dunmovin

Posted: March 24, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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my future next door neighbour Vicki sent this photo of a rainbow over Dunmovin
after a wild lightning storm yesterday evening!

her partner Lee kindly took out the big Photinia that was shading the gazebo, making space for another set of steps
watching the trajectory of the sun to see what sort of plants will suit the spot

all the Photinia hedges needed to be cut back hard & are starting to recover
x fingers they will be leafed up again by settlement which could happen at the earliest in May but will possibly take much longer as there is a backlog of probate cases to get through the courts… I am learning to be patient!

Dunmovin aka the Clayton’s house, the house you have when you don’t have a house!
Last night I dreamed of painting the walls, tracing the shadows made during the day with tones of indigo & sand

On Monday I fiddled around finding the right font and getting the spacing where I wanted it for Torben, a local woodworker to relief carve a sign for the front door. He uses a router with a computer program so although his signs look hand carved they are very affordable, met him late last year at the Blackheath craft market.

In the mean time the guard dragon is happy here at Hat Hill Road

whilst I continue stitching my dreams into the long cloth of grief and wonder

a magical bushwalk shrouded in mist for the Autumn Equinox

& today is the New Moon in Aries when anything feels possible
Magic Days!

Leunig with Love

Posted: March 18, 2023 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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