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Posted: June 18, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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My beloved 50 year old Raleigh fell apart late last year so I have been dreaming of a brand new electric bicycle for months. On Thursday I booked some test rides & fell in love with this freedom machine, the Lekker Jordaan+. The great team set it all up ready to ride within an hour & wearing the biggest grin I rode back to to Central Station to catch the train home to Blackheath.

It’s a dream of a bike to ride & so sturdy! One of the many fabulous features is a walk button so when the track gets too rough or steep I can just hop off & it self propels at a gentle pace.

Rode to the end of Hat Hill Road and did a bit of exploring yesterday morning, the 12 km ride felt effortless but my legs are feeling quite stretched this morning.

Having wheels opens up exploring more of the bush walking trails around Blackheath, this photo is near the top of the Centennial Glen walking track

very brave people climb these cliffs with special shoes and ropes!

the track gets quite wild in places!

On Monday Cathy & I found the Ikara Head track where the pink flannel flowers grew after the 2019-20 bushfires, love this surreal panorama shot!

Cliff Top Walk

Posted: June 7, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Today is Old Man Crow’s birthday so I walked with his spirit along the Cliff Top Walk
between Govetts Leap and Evans Lookout

looking down into the Grose Valley

hat off at Bridal Veil Falls where Cathy and I scattered his ashes a few weeks ago

Bridal Veil Falls

weathered sandstone stairs marked by time with all the footsteps

the trail beckons

view near Evans Lookout
feeling so blessed to have the time & space to explore these beautiful mountains!

Barry Ferrier is a champion, here’s the songs he has edited so far from the Fairfarren opening at Artsite Contemporary when he played with Pierre Luniere and John Kaldor in honour of Rod Crow aka Roderick Morgan aka Old Man Crow (1947-2022)

The Popes Glen Track is just a five minute walk from my front door!

The track has had a lot of work done since the bushfires in 2019-20

love the stepping stones across the creek

mosses and lichens enjoying all the rain this year

this waterfall sings with the magic of the water elementals

Horseshoe Falls near Govetts Leap

view over the Grose Valley

bush regenerating with great enthusiasm on the Fairfax Walking Track that we visited just after the bushfires in January 2020

Barry Ferrier edited an old tape of Cammie Lindon singing Candlelight with harmonies & guitars by Roderick & Barry. A beautiful tribute to three very special people who are no longer with us, thank you Barry.

Swing with Old Man Crow

Posted: May 24, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

just click on this link to listen to
Swing © Rod Morgan aka Old Man Crow (1947-2022)

yesterday Cathy and I walked to the headwaters of Bridal Veil Falls to scatter Rod’s ashes

ancient stone along the track to the falls

Cathy scattering an envelope of Rod’s ashes

the headwaters of the falls

go all the way down to the Blue Gum Forest

Blue Gum Forest

the Grose Valley

dragonfly leading the way

I’ve been living on Cloud 9 both metaphorically and atmospherically
love the way the mist softens and mystifies the edges.

Yesterday was just getting the last bits sorted, ordered potting mix from the hardware store at 4am, it was delivered by midday & the sun came out long enough to take lots of photos of everything looking so clean and tidy, it will never be this neat again!

guard dragon near the frog pond

each treasure falling into place like the last pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

hallway leading out to the back deck

Old Man Crow memento mori

hippie lounge that doubles as a guest bedroom, scored 2 single bed electric blankets on sale yesterday, they’ll make it a lot cosier for winter

studio with leather airing and stitching the long cloth of grieving

studio shelves

pinning up the annual moon planting guide is a tradition, old hippies in Oz will remember this calendar on the dunny door in almost every share house back in the 70’s

moon and stars enjoying the bird bath

the dream mandala has found its spot in the garden

owl rock on old bollard

potting mix for all the pots and troughs ready to be filled with lots of perennials, bulbs and annual colour with the upcoming full moon. The garden is low maintenance with established natives, just needs a bit of tidying up and mowing

brand new Flymo push mower that I picked up yesterday from the local hardware.
Feel like a cat with 9 lives landing on my feet once again!

after 13 & 1/2 years I said goodbye and thank you for the best years of my life at no 8 a week ago

Terry the owner operator of Blue Ribbon Removals took such good care moving everything, it was a treat not having to do the lug for the first time in my life!

come on in and have a look around

the fireplace doesn’t work in the lounge room but the reverse cycle air conditioning is wonderful, makes the house warm and cosy in a matter of minutes

bedroom coming together, have ordered more reproduction Deco brass picture rail hooks

the curtain rails work for hanging the more sculptural pieces

the music room has become a library & memento mori for Old Man Crow, just needs a big old easy chair

everything is falling into place, opening each box of stuff is like xmas!

‘A Matter of Time’ by crow woman extraordinaire Glenda Fell Jones and the shelves in the hallway filling up

what were my work table and shelves in the studio at no 8 are now in the dining room

this is such a great kitchen, the wood stove doesn’t work but the gas one is brilliant, the clicky things work for all the burners so I don’t have to find matches!

office space all set up and connected to the internet in the smallest room in the house

the separate studio

with so much space!

and even more shelving for storage

more boxes to unpack

& more boxes out in the garden shed
should be all settled by this time next week
time to go for a bushwalk today as soon as the sun comes up!

My new Home!

Posted: April 22, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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This beautiful cottage with a separate studio out the back is mine all mine!
The removalist is booked to do the lug in the first week in May

love the country kitchen

will know if the fireplace in the lounge room works when I pick up the keys next Friday

separate studio & garden shed with water tanks!

thanks to everyone for all the good vibes

the view from Govetts Leap in Blackheath