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a pennant from Grace Forrest Maestas of Windthread just flew in
with a note
love has wings
Grace listens to the spirit of the cloth
meeting old friends round the corner of the gathering
you can see more of Grace’s deeply spiritwise magic over on Windthread
and about her process making this pennant here, here, here & here
thank you (((Grace)))

a tiny bird talisman flew in from Diana Angus
with a leaf card
hemp, wool and lokta bark encased in caustic
nestling in
with love and hope
into the gathering
Magic Days!

Glenda Chamberlain’s pennant flew in from Florida with this beautiful note
packaged with care and deep magic
settling in with the gathering
rust dyed, frayed, layered, stitched and beaded with a mandala and talismans for love, laughter, hope and balance
from the other side
beautiful beading and fringe
feathered tail
such beautiful colours!
Glenda’s feather talisman with this collection of larger talismans that will fit in the tulle cloud
love the harmonics that are happening
‘Messenger’ by Mary Oliver
the gathering for the dream is growing with such beauty and love
Magic Days!

Eliene St Romain’s pennant full of love that
O   f
is the answer
eco-dyed with eucalyptus and rose leaves
stitched with so much love
settling in from this side
translated in te reo Maori (Maori language)
Eliene’s interpretation of a Koru, the unfurling silver fern frond symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.
and meeting the gathering from the other side
Eliene has a huge heart of gold everything she touches is filled with her deep sense of spirit
namaste dear friend!

“Home Protection Amulet” by  Gabrielle Bates
timber, nails, bone, twigs, twine and iron oxide
protection and grounding for the dream
the gathering
see more of Gabrielle’s  powerful art on her website, instagram & facebook
Mystic City May 2017
Tree Shrining March 2018
AnimismS at Mothership Studios May 2018
“Bone Broom” by Gabrielle Bates blessing our home May 2018
Magic Days!

preview of Artsite Galleries Collector’s Choice 2018 today
my offerings A Starry Necklace Mo Orkiszewski 2018
H24cm x W 20cm
vintage electric blue leather over 4mm cotton rope, white linen and blue Gütermann upholstery thread, antique parchment stars stitched with linen & cotton threads stabilized with silk organza, hand carved slice of tagua (aka Palm Ivory) pentacle, glass and lapis lazuli beads
Once in a Blue Moon Mo Orkiszewski 2018 (SOLD)
Moon Unit I
H 9.5cm x W 29cm (starry ladder 3.5cm)
embroidered vintage electric blue leather over papier maché mold, 1.5mm black leather cord coiled & stitched with black linen thread over papier maché mold, vintage white glove leather with linen thread stars, whisper silk organza rungs
Moon Unit II
H 5cm W 10cm (retractable ladder 25cm)
embroidered vintage electric blue suede over papier maché mold, 1.5mm black leather cord coiled and stitched with black linen thread over papier maché mold, bamboo rungs, waxed & knotted DMC cotton, vintage glass beads, carved bone beads, lead fishing weights, nickel silver links, lapis lazuli
artist statement:
Wrought with dark humour, high hopes and slow stitching lunacy, these vessels explore the surface of the moon both real and imagined. The ladders provide a way in and perhaps more importantly a way out.
(a blue moon is when two Full Moons land in one calendar month)
Book of Honesty Mo Orkiszewski 2017
H 27cm x W 22cm x D 2cm
bradel binding, relief sculpted spine, Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper over boards
illustrations graphite and ink on Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper, stitched Honesty pods
artist statement:
seeking honesty in this era of fake news
exhibition runs Dec 1-16th Wednesday to Sunday 11-5
the Silly Season is here & the xmas cards are well underway!

Jane Milliken’s talisman arrived todaywith this beautiful letter
the reveal
in Jane’s words
“My talisman takes the form of a drum. The heart is a tightly rolled hand dyed persimmon kimono silk, evenly & finely stitched 2 stitches per mm into a cylinder, over which a skin of ivory kimono silk is also stitched, infusing the worlds of old man crow as I worked the needle. Carefully mapping a fragile strip of mid Georgian period linen, mid 1700’s, it feels so gloriously soft and delicate, wrapping our world with love. A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knuckle bone as a hanger. Allowing the soft frays of the linen to curve inwards to encase the curved drum. As I stitched I noticed a fine tracery a single line of block printed madder almost invisible but there. A thread of hope. The button is from an 1895 pink kid leather glove, so gorgeously soft also, I wrapped the whole piece in a little bundle of it… Filled with hope & love for our world.”
“a single  line of blockprinted madder almost invisible but there”
“A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knucklebone as a hanger”
“I know a world where love is the answer”
settling in with the gathering
“Love really is the answer.”
Magic Days