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last Thursday we helped the fabulous witchy artist Gab Bates install her work for Homeward Bound at the Coal Loader in Waverton which opens today
it was a fine day out the sun was sparkling on the harbour, the old wharf is fenced off now but friends who grew up in the area remember playing in the ruins when they were kids
and I turned 66, not doing too shabbily for an old chook
we celebrated with coffee and birthday cake at the cafe
look forward to seeing the rest of the show next week!

Collector’s Choice 2020 at Artsite Galleries opens this weekend!
here’s my 3 offerings
Too dark? Mo 20
black glove leather, black leather cord, papier maché, grape vine tendrils, linen & silk thread embroidered text on vintage black suede over board
H 36.5cm x W 36.5cm D 5cm
Holding the dark Mo 20
black Italian glove leather over bookbinders board, black vintage suede lining, black leather cord, grape vine tendril, lead fishing weight covered in gold leaf, red and black Ormosia coccinea seed (a gift from Peter Webb  plant guru extraordinaire 1974), black linen thread, red Gütermann upholstery thread
H 8cm W 8cm x D 8cm
The chicken and the egg revisited Mo 20
eggshell mosaic over bookbinders board, lined with chicken leg leather & red leather cord held together with waxed linen thread, Gütermann upholstery thread & knotted japanese cotton, wishbone, red felt heart, myrhh, glass & ceramic beads, white feather
H 8cm x W 7.5cm x D 7.5cm

See you there!


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feeling gruntled with the world this morning when I found my eye glasses hanging off a recently transplanted Bromeliad  out in the garden, searched the house and garden last night after dinner looking high and low and was not a happy camper when I went to bed…
the iMac is feeling gruntled too after its visit to the Genius Bar and an overnight upgrade to OSXI aka Big Sur, our internet connection is not stable enough to to do any of the Apple updates thanks to our governments appallingly implemented National Broadband Network, have had to pull the plug on it so many times since I bought it last xmas when it has frozen whilst trying to update the operating system
picked up Too dark? from Glebe Picture Frames, Tom did a great job, x fingers will get a better photo next week in the gallery!
Too dark? Mo Orkiszewski 2020
H 36.5cm x W 36.5cm D 5cm
black glove leather, black leather cord, papier maché, grape vine tendrils, linen & silk thread embroidered text on vintage black suede over board

Providence by Joshua Yeldham at Arthouse Gallery
such a beautifully executed huge body of work in both scale and quantity
his spirit owls hold deep magic and connection to the spirits of place
Melody Owl acrylic, cane and instrument on hand-carved board
205 x 154 cm (framed)
Monstera Deliciosa Owl acrylic and cane on hand-carved board
210 x 159 cm (framed)
The Owl of Lord Howe (ed. of 35) unique hand-carved pigment print
160 x 130 cm (framed)Owl of Smiths Creek (no. 1 in a series of 9) acrylic on hand-carved sand cast stone mounted on hand-carved pigment print with cane on Dibond
150.5 x 276 cm (framed)
Black Moon Owl acrylic and cane on hand-carved board in antique sieve frame
52 cm diameterSilver Owl XIV hand carved aluminium with cane
64 x 38 x 21 cm
this brilliant show closes on Saturday, don’t miss it !
all photos are from the exhibition catalogue
Joshua Yeldham’s website
a short film about making Providence

Lindy Lee out the front of the MCA for her major survey show Moon in a Dew Drop at the MCA
Secret World of a Starlight Ember, 2020
mirror polished stainless steellove this quote in the stairwell
Buddhas & Matriarchs 2020
flung bronze installation
flung bronze detail
Lindy Lee finishing her artist talk with Conflagrations from the end of time (flowers fall) 2011
Dotti enhancing the dottiness in Moonlight Deities 2019-20 installation
Here’s a link to the most beautiful and inspiring interview with Lindy Lee

We visited the sublime exhibition of Hiroshi Nagai : Paintings for Music at the Japan Foundation yesterday
Hiroshi Nagai Poolside – Yellow Towel 2019
Hiroshi Nagai A Long Vacation 1987
Hiroshi Nagai Beachside Cloud Vehicle late 2000s
Hiroshi Nagai Uptown Poolside 2019
Hiroshi Nagai Urban Sunset – Two Palm Trees 1982Hiroshi Nagai Untitled 1993
I love the pop aesthetic held in all his meticulously painted artworks
this show is just up the road and I have just joined their library so will be back to see these beautiful works many times before the end of January !


Anita Johnson Larkin Come to me without a word at Wollongong Art Gallery
Play me, mend me 2019
unfinished violin, salvaged crutch, tobacco tin, blanket
Longing 2018
salvaged child’s cot, canvas tent remnants
The bridge between you and me 2018
salvaged objects, silk
Come to me without a word 2019
unfinished violins, felted wool
Holding breath, between breath, sleeping breath (breath repair series) 2020
breath repair performance, photographs by Bernard Fischer
Cherry 2015
leather cast of Anita’s own breast and linen thread
I love these opening words from Anita;
‘All things are prone to brokenness. It is perhaps the natural state of everything to be only fleetingly ‘whole’ and the rest of the time to be interrupted, fractured, in chaos or the slow process of decay.’
here’s a link to Gina Fairley’s review
a video of the opening address

Anita walks us through her show

we visited Jane Stapleford’s fabulous exhibition of curious creatures at Day Gallery

“Creatures have always sat for me in my mind.

They latch onto me with their eyes and images start to form. I see them not just in their native environment, but can easily be transported to the far off lands that have populated my imagination since I was a little girl.

In this exhibition, I chose to represent a cross-section of those environments that have been foremost in my mind over the last year. Probably affected by our current predicament, being restricted to home most of the time, my imagined spaces have become more intimate on the whole, although the odd swash-buckling monkey has found it’s way in somehow.”

Jane took a break from painting to meet us in the gallery for a chat about her work and gave me her magical
‘Elf who wanted to be the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland’
Feeling very inspired with this magical being in our house!
Old Man Crow fell in love with The Thought Fox
and I got lost in the magic of Raphael and his Cabinets of Curiosity

Jane’s show is on til the end of September and it’s spring in the mountains!

Paul Higgs at Defiance Gallery

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Paul Higgs Material Energy at Defiance Gallery is like visiting an archaeological dig of the soul
if you’re in town don’t miss it!

yesterday we went for a drive out to the edge of the city to Purple Noon Gallery at Freemans Reach
to see Irene & Ellen’s beautiful and inspiring exhibition
you can see more details in situ over on instagram
with a special thank you to Irene for driving down to meet us
& to Robyn for making such a beautiful gallery space!