BH page 3

these hearts are celebrating the love we have found along the way some are plain, some fancy, some cantankerous yet all very lively & full of the craic as the Irish say.bandaged hearts no49 and no5obandaged heart no51bandaged hearts nos 52 and 53 with ghost heart 3bandaged heart no 54 and ghost book 4Ghost Heart 5bandaged hearts nos 56 and 57bandaged hearts nos 58 and 59bandaged heart no 6o set freebandaged hearts nos 61 and 62bandaged heart no 63bandaged hearts nos 64 and 65bandaged heart no66bandaged heart no67bandaged hearts nos 68 and 69 and ghost heart 6bandaged heart no70bandaged heart no71bandaged hearts nos 72 and 73bandaged heart no74bandaged heart no75bandaged heart no76click here to go back to bandaged hearts page 2 and here for bandaged hearts page 4

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