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out on the edge

Posted: September 24, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time

out on the edge of the dark side of Once in a Blue Moon
1.5mm round leather cord stitched with Gutermann black linen thread
this has taken quite some time
inside the papier maché mold
detail of x’s once the edge is finished I can get started on the retractable moon ladder!

coming all undone

Posted: August 30, 2017 by Mo Crow in Braille for the Soul, It's Crow Time

stitching the spiral for dark side of the moon went seriously wobbly, it needs to stretch snugly & evenly over the curve of the papier maché mold, will see what happens if I increase evenly every 7 stitches… love the wild fray in the undoing but not for Once in a Blue Moon

stitching the dark side of Once in a Blue Moon
1.5mm black leather cord, Gütermann black linen thread, papier maché mold
D 28cm
it will take some time

Once in a Blue Moon Mo 17
W 29cm H 5cm
embroidered vintage electric blue leather stretched over a papier maché mold
edged with 1.5 mm black leather round cord and black Gütermann linen thread
edge detail
inside edge detail
the papier maché base is nearly ready to start stitching the black cord spiral base
and start making the retractable moon ladder which is the whole point of the piece!
here’s the links to this work in process going widdershins back to May 24th
Stretching the Moon
Moon Unit II
Moon Unit II and a close call for my dentist drill
Moon Unit I finished with the fullness of the moon
Moon Test 1 (done for now)
Moon Test 1 still in process
testing the making of a blue moon
finished stitching for the winter solstice
Once in a Blue Moon Week 3 & 1/2
Once in a Blue Moon Week 2
Once in a Blue Moon


papier maché moon sanded & trimmed to size W 29cm H 5cm
Once in a Blue Moon tacked down
stretched but the edge of the stitched moon needs work to even up the circumference
have broken 5 needles this morning but getting there, have started making the papier maché mold for the base
making Moon Unit I and Moon Unit II taught me so much

Moon Unit II Mo 17
embroidered electric blue suede, 1.5mm round leather cord, Gütermann linen thread, glass beads, papier maché molds
H 5cm W 10cm
electric blue suede stretched & stitched over papier maché mold bound with 1.5 mm round leather cord
linen thread hinge & black tissue lining
1.5 mm round leather spiral base stitched with Gütermann black linen thread over papier maché mold
making Moon Unit I & Moon Unit II  has given me the confidence to go ahead and finish Once in a Blue Moon!

this morning I cleaned the studio after a nerve wracking few days worrying that my Volvere 8 dentist drill was cactus
I bought this machine to engrave glass back in 1989, it is my favourite tool, it carves, engraves, grinds, polishes & can drill holes in most materials. It has become an extension of my hands but I nearly killed it trying to drill a hole in the lid of Moon Unit II.  The drill caught the edge of the synthetic interface lining the surface of the papier maché mold and seized…
I took it to the service department at Gunz Dental on Monday and waited nervously for 24 hours, it was like taking my best friend to the hospital only to find there was nothing wrong with it, I had accidentally flicked the forward switch to neutral in my panic…
here’s some process shots of Moon Unit II
the awl worked perfectly to make the holes for stitching the leather to the lid
the leather stretched well although controlling the edge of the stitched moon was tricky so I added a knotted piece of Perlé cotton
the 1.5mm round leather cord finishes the edge well
started stitching a spiral base with three different weights of black linen thread, the thick waxed thread which I thought would work is too coarse, will start again with some Gütermann black linen thread tomorrow & see if the branch hanging in the garden across the road will be good for the dreaming tree