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This arvo Barry Ferrier aka Doctor Baz will open the show at 4pm playing a selection of Old Man Crow’s songs with backing by Pierre Luniere on bass & John Kaldor on pedal steel
See you there!
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my magical man

Posted: January 29, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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a friend just sent this photo of Roderick from back in about 1976 at Julie’s place in Nimbin
Missing my magical man so much but as Oscar Wilde said “They were built out of music and so not built at all and therefore built forever”
The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow
listen to all 4 CDS on YouTube
& videos at rodshedmusic

The River of Moons is moving along with more stars and backing with more velvet

a balancing act dancing one step forward two steps back

more parchment stars !

Rod got out of hospital on Wednesday afternoon, the partial knee replacement went very well. He has been able to walk up and down all the stairs here from the minute he got home with the help of a walking stick and can even walk across the room without it already. He is pain free for the first time in years!
Getting to the pub is still a way off so I bought him a 6 pack of beer to enjoy on the upstairs verandah when the sun goes over the yardarm.
Magic Days!
thanks to everyone for all the good vibes!

Too dark?

Posted: October 6, 2020 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Too dark? a new song by Old Man Crow © Rod Morgan 2019
artwork by Mo Orkiszewski 2020

Crow-T-shirts-on-EtsyOld Man Crow T-shirts are in our shop on Etsy
screen printed with original Old Man Crow illustration by Mo Orkiszewski©2012
Sizes L, XL, XXL
(PS size M is out of stock,will have more printed for the Crow Show in September)
Overseas  $US 18 + $US 10 postage
New Zealand SUS 18 + $US 8 postage
Australia $AUS 25.92 + $ AUS 6.31 postage
Mo-Crow-T-shirt-2016Madeleine of Artsite Gallery took this pic saying I look like the cat that got the cream!