Books Cards Amulets Memento Mori and Blue Moons in process 2017

In 2017 the most beautiful book I have ever made fell out of my hands
Book of Honesty Mo17
Memento Mori for Ariel Mo17
the blues Mo17
the chicken and the egg Mo17
detail of Once in a Blue Moon Mo 17 (in process)
Moon Unit I Mo 17
detail sketch of making talismans of love for our beautiful broken world
Moon Unit II Mo17
Once in a Blue Moon still in process
Honesty (card for Cathy Wright) Mo 17
Honesty for Bookwerke Zine 50 shades of creativity Mo 17
Toad Moon with Ladder II Mo 2016-17
& prototype for the retractable ladder for Once in a Blue Moon
Gathering the Dream Mo17
Once in a Blue Moon with retractable ladder Mo 17
Lapis Lazuli a talisman for dreams in the fourth hour of the night Mo 17
Holding the Moon Mo 17