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Last week Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth who worked in  the textile industry for many years wrote to let me know the 65 year old wedding dress that all 45 pennants were cut from is not a silk satin.
“It’s synthetic based. Trust me. I’m an expert. ( I used to do this for a living) It might be Poly/Rayon blend. When you light a match to it it forms a hard plastic like bead, cellulose makes ash. It does not dye fully with indigo, maybe the rayon part is taking some of the color. I got a very faded blue. The stitching is difficult to me. I’m only saying because when I looked at it I thought it might be silk. But I could tell right off when I handled it. ”
the proof is in the pudding, here’s a photo of Bronwyn Berman’s pennant, she burned the letters and you can see the hard little beads that have formed on the edges
I love how everyone has discovered a different way of working with their pennants & talismans for the dream
Hoping this helps and just to let everyone know there’s still plenty of time until December when I will need all the pennants and talismans back to attach them to the armature.
there’s enough stars on the form for now so I have taken some time out to make a starry necklace
wrapping some of the 5mm cotton rope from String Harvest with the same electric blue leather that I used on the branch
PS I love Patricia’s pennant and look forward to seeing where it takes her!
PPS here’s a small piece of the old wedding dress to see how it goes with inktense pencils
it’s still wet, will post another photo here when it’s dry
the inktense pencil has dried, there was a rotted yellow stain that disintegrated once the ink had dried making a half heart shape so I made a little red felt heart stuffed with rose petals, lemon verbena, and lavender along with a parchment star, will keep exploring!
and some jasmine from one of our gardens yesterday
Terri Windling just put up a beautiful inspiring post over on Myth & Moor
tucked inside one of the photos is this relevant text;
“When the gift moves in a circle its motion is beyond the control of the personal ego, and so each bearer must be a part of the group and each donation is an act of faith”
Lewis Hyde “The Gift”
with deep gratitude to this magic circle!

this  bundle of wonderfully wild dyed cloth from Deb Lacativa arrived on the doorstep!
Deb has the best sense of colour and even more so in real life
Michelle in NYC sent her beautiful rendering of a pomegranate with company

Reaching for the Stars will be finished by March so I can devote a year to The Gathering
the big news is my stitching has suddenly made a gigantic epiphany like breakthrough, after watching Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth quilting by lamplight on Sunday I changed the way I hold the needle & haven’t put the eye of the needle through my fingertip for days & days… it’s true, Jude is such a treasure, I have learned so much about cloth, stitch, art, life, the universe and everything since I first joined her circle in 2011!

9 moons curve and glow from Jude Hill‘s Threadcrumbs Shop
Old Man Crow promised he will sign and stamp the rest of the xmas cards today so I can get back to my bench!
I love the ritual of making 150 cards  every year!
here’s a link to the xmas cards we have made since 1991
Honesty Mo 17
all the OS cards flew out last week the Oz cards will fly today


Posted: October 17, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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honesty-front-mo16Honesty Mo 16
stitched under the influence of Jude Hill’s SunMoonStars
indigo dyed old linen from Jude Hill, rotted silk, hemp string, Whisper silk organza, cotton gauze, string, thread
H33cm x W14cm
moon-detail-mo-16Moon detail
ladder-frontladder detail
Honesty detail
honesty-back-mo16the back !
honesty-moon-back-detail-mo16the back of the moon
honesty-ladder-back-detail-mo16a personal constellation
honesty-back-detail-mo16I want to frame it with dried Honesty, will go out to to the flower markets early Wednesday morning but may have to wait til autumn.

Dark Moon with Ladder

Posted: October 6, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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dark-moon-with-ladder-mo16Dark Moon with Ladder Mo16
Italian glove leather, grape vine tendrils, linen thread, black ink
Bangalow palm inflorescence white linen thread, glass beads, Titanium white acrylic
dmfront detail
dark-moon-with-ladder-back-detail-mo16back detail
wondering… will this be a free standing small sculpture or stitched onto paper & framed… ?
it’s not there yet but it’s getting there
under the influence of Jude Hill’s SunMoonStars
Dark Moon with Ladder Mo16
stitched to Saunders Waterford 425 gsm H/P watercolour paper
PS time to let it rest for a bit & think about framing, will try to get some good photos once the sun comes up
dark-moon-with-ladder-detail-2-mo-2016Dark Moon with Ladder detail Mo16
dark-moon-with-ladder-mo2016Dark Moon with Ladder Mo 16
still trying to get a decent photo!

line-dancing-mo16“Line Dancing” Mo16
reconfigured on Saunders Waterford 425 GSM H/P watercolour paper
crow-eye-amulet-xi-mo16Crow Eye Amulet XI Mo 16
reconfigured on Saunders Waterford 425 GSM H/P watercolour paper
crow-eye-amulet-xi-detail-mo16detail of 5H graphite, pen & ink border
(before adding the trail of red X’s)
crow-eye-amulets-ix-x-mo16“Crow Eye Amulets IX & X ” Mo16
reconfigured on Saunders Waterford 425 gsm H/P watercolour paper

“All of us are in the gutter
Some of us are looking at the stars.”
The Pretenders Message of Love (1981) (quoting Oscar Wilde)

Jude Hill is taking our circle of cloth conjurors from all around the world on a journey with her exploration of SunMoonStars, diving ever deeper, making magic real…

Wheel of Life

Posted: September 28, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Letter-W-web“The Letter W”  by Mo 2008 from An illuminated Book of Cats
letter-w-text-mo08Jude Hill is Sun Storming today, resonating with her “on going theme for holding center and vibrating outward.”
“Leo” by Mo 1999 for the Celestial Times Zodiac Series
something-else-web-Mo15“Something Else” Mo12 from “The illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow”
preprandial-siesta-web-mo03Preprandial Siesta by Mo 2003 “Cooking With Cats”
myall-lakes-mo-1996-webMyall Lakes (house boat dreaming) Mo 1996
a favourite old drawing combining text and image
dinghy an houseboat on Myall Lakes 1996 houseboat on Myall Lakes 1996
the memory of a beautiful moment out of time, early morning we are floating on the lake in the yellow dinghy witnessing blue damselflies hatching, drying their wings and then taking off for their first flight…