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Yesterday I posted this feathered felted sea urchin pod with a powerful obsidian and an antique parchment star to a dear friend diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer late last year to help with the surgery next month and follow up radiant rays
the obsidian was given to me by a crystal healer back in 2005 for deep spirit healing, love how it fit so purrfectly into the pod

My best friend Julie sent her feather talisman by post with no tracking on January 7th from just 5 hours up the coast, it’s languishing somewhere between here and there so this is a call out for lots of white light beamed in to get it here safe and sound! namaste

Old Man Crow gave me this beautiful Third Eye by Penel Bigg of Fire Bird Beads for xmas
which I broke on New Year’s Eve
and mended with a bat claw, eel skin leather, waxed black linen & blue upholstery threads
2 lampworked beads by Kathy Dorfer, lapis lazuli and blue glass beads
over the summer break I collated the online catalogue for the dream, there’s 172 pages with a double page spread for each contribution, here’s a screenshot of what the info and title pages look like so far
will photograph all the pennants and talismans with a good digital SLR on a tripod in the white space of Artsite Galleries on January 15th & 16th (this will also give me a trial run for getting the dream armature with the blue branch carefully out the front door) the gallery is just a two minute walk away so Old Man Crow and I will carry it up there and pray for a sunny day!
Yesterday was hot with a light breeze, perfect for airing the tulle train of the old wedding dress
and started working out how to attach the train to the dream, it will need to be discreetly detachable for ease of transport
the lace heart by Sharon Peoples makes a beautiful bridge between the armature and the cloud of tulle
just loosely knotted in place for now but it’s getting there
Today I will start wiring Reaching for the Stars to hold up the cloud and rope lines for the pennants
here’s the rough sketches from July 2017
September 2017
March 2018
and now it’s just making itself
Magic Days!

Liz D'Achille moon boat talisman Liz D’Achille’s talisman is a magical moon boat!
Liz D'Achille talismanready to hold her precious cargo
Liz D'Achille moon boat All Aboarda tiny Moon with the scroll unfurled
All Aboard
The moon will light the path the lunatics said so
All Aboard
The Ingredients
Liz D'Achille talisman sailing insettling in with the gathering
just in time for New Year’s EveUlrike just sent this beautiful photograph of a Sacred Lotus to bless the New Year!

a dear friend rang yesterday with the news that she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer back in October, she’s had 2 months of weekly doses of chemo with another 2 months of chemo once every 3 weeks until early February when her breast will be removed surgically followed by the radiant rays.
I cut out a tiny heart from the piece of the 1895 pink kid leather Jane Milliken sent with her talisman stitched with her fine madder and indigo dyed thread and two budgerigar feathers
then filled this little sea urchin pod I stitched earlier in the year with a pink galah feather, a sprig of lavender, Cecil Brunner rosebud, Honesty seed and a Cat’s Eye shell for her to hold onto and ordered a copy of You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler, a spirit wise book that helped me 14 years ago with getting through the treatment for throat cancer.
White Light and Lots of Love
Be Strong my beautiful inspiring friend, we need you on the planet!

Eliene St Romain’s pennant full of love that
O   f
is the answer
eco-dyed with eucalyptus and rose leaves
stitched with so much love
settling in from this side
translated in te reo Maori (Maori language)
Eliene’s interpretation of a Koru, the unfurling silver fern frond symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.
and meeting the gathering from the other side
Eliene has a huge heart of gold everything she touches is filled with her deep sense of spirit
namaste dear friend!

Christina Cairns magical talisman book arrived in the letterbox yesterday making a purrfect trifecta along with Martine’s pennant and Saskia’s talisman
Christina wrote-
“I took your ‘love is the answer’ words and added a bit to them. 100% recycled paper, ink, suede scrap, repurposed glass beads (I chose green because green is the colour of Hope for me), metal leaf, scrap of raw silk (left over from my wedding dress, I think…24 years ago!), hemp cord.”
I dream of a world where LOVE is the answer and in my dreams I weep .
. then I wake and find it’s here . if only we open our eyes and hearts and see .’
I wept as I read the first line of her beautiful poem to turn it over
and be rewarded with with such a huge heart warming smile
Christina is an artist, songwriter, poet, musician and mother who works with such deep hearted magical intent
the hemp cord and silk from Christina’s wedding dress along with Liz Ackert & Els Sneider’s treasures
I love how each talisman finds it’s place
rolled back up for safekeeping
Christina’s magic settling in with The Gathering
you can see more of her magical art, music and poetry at A Mermaid in the Attic and facebook
and a post about one of her Talisingr’s Children arriving here back in 2011
Magic Days!