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“Let our eggs share the same nest”
This quote from ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert A. Heinlein came to mind early on Monday morning when we were invited to make some wild magic with the artist, witch and animist Gab Bates
Gab transformed us into ‘Urban Unknowns’ with her wonderful sense of play and sensitivity to the spirits of place
shapeshifting our shared reality, becoming fugitives finding sanctuary
in becoming other we fall into each other
Gab is making sanctuary for ‘all things awkward, forgotten and unloved’ with her wide open heart, curious mind and deep respect to the spirits of place
You can see more of Gab’s transformative art on her website
and her  instagram page
(all photos courtesy of Gab Bates “Urban Unknowns” 2020)
‘Let us make sanctuary’ is a concept explored by the deep thinker Bayo Akomolafe

the Blue Full Moon in Gemini at 8:30pm the Queen of the Night Singing the Moon at 2am
her flowers getting ready in the late afternoon
opening in harmony
“the time is gone, the song is over…”

a raggedy blue moon heart getting ready to be filled with rose petals, rosemary, lavender and lemon verbena
Raggedy Blue Moon Heart Mo20
H 15cm x W 13cm
indigo dyed Blue Moon from Glennis Shibori Girl stitched with indigo dyed linen thread to indigo dyed linen from Ulrike Bogdan, antique parchment stars, grape vine tendrils painted white
made with love and hope for my friend Julie who is in hospital with complications from the chemotherapy
PS Yay! next day, Julie’s home from hospital recovering well from the respiratory tract infection. The radiotherapy has helped a lot with the bone pain and she has had her first round of chemo.
Thanks for all the good vibes
Fingers crossed.

Queen of the Night

Posted: February 14, 2020 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Queen of the Night aka Epiphyllum oxypetalum flowered for the Full Moon
the good rain has put out the fires
Mother Nature’s balancing act

On Saturday evening we danced with the spirits of place in Camperdown Park to the sounds of DJ Semper-Fi with the magic of Gabrielle Bates and the local community for Dub Circle -The Dark Procession. Gab’s site activation turned the historic rotunda into a sound beacon that called to the spirits and critters of the park with such wild magic!
that’s me under the facepaint with my dancing partner one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
Lulu Cat face painter extraordinaire
Anna Schiff with one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
‘Unloved Everythings’ by Gab Bates
our magical ringleader Gab Bates
dancing with the spirits of place
wild things dancing
gathering the energies
DJ Semper-Fi in the rotunda
the magic of music
photos by Jodie Barker Photography
you can see lots more in Gab Bates Dub Circle album
Magic Days!

The Wish by Neroli Henderson for the Magic challenge at the Sydney Quilt Show 2019
Artist Statement: ‘My magic wish sits in secret at the centre of this quilt. To read my message, take its photo with a flash. Now you see it, now you don’t. For Jill Meagher, Eurydice Dixon,  Aiia Maarsarwe and all the other women who never made it safely home.’
Materials & Techniques: Cotton fabric, Jacquard Lumiere paint and Pearl Ex pigments, Swarovski crystals, Opal dust, metallic threads, 100 wt ultrafine thread, reflective yarn, acrylic medium, metal foil, foil glue.
Fabric manipulation, painting, intensive quilting, foiled deckle edge
‘The text has been sewn with reflective yarn. It only shows up when very bright light is shone directly upon it, so this photo has been taken with a flash. The yarn used is a very find tape with reflective glass beads embedded in it, it appears grey when seen without light so is able to blend into the background.’
here’s a photo with the text hidden from Neroli’s facebook page
‘Whitewash’ by Neroli Henderson was another favourite
this antique boro coat blew me away
time and texture
from the Amuse Museum in Tokyo
a magic day full of inspiration for Jude Hill’s Patchwork in Perspective Pt 2!

Moon and Stars Journal Mo 19
Italian glove leather, leather cord, eggshell mosaic moon, antique parchment stars, marbled endpapers, black and white linen thread
H 11.5 cm
W 15.5 cm
D 2.5 cm
detail of eggshell mosaic moon, antique parchment stars and ladder
I would give you the moon and stars my love
bound with love into each knot
a moon ladder for finding the way in
  a sturdy binding
marbled endpapers and inside of the edge binding
it’s Old Man Crow’s birthday in 2 weeks & he really needed a new journal, the last one was bound in 2016!

Full Moon

Posted: May 19, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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“The moon, second-hand, worn at the edges, was hung up in the sky like something a housewife leaves out to remind her it needs mending.”
Brothers and Sisters
The Real and the Unreal selected stories of Ursula K Le Guin
Volume One Where on Earth
page 5
in tears for our beautiful broken world, Australia has just re-elected Scott Morrison, the man who brought a lump of coal gleefully into parliament a few years ago…
after curling up in bed for an hour, sleeping uneasily, the moon’s cold light helped me dream up a dozen new moon variations
here’s some from the past few years
moon ladder Mo15
moon boat Mo15
a love letter to the moon Mo15
toad moon with ladder Mo15
dark moon with ladder Mo16
Honesty Mo16
Honesty Mo17
dark side undone  2017
Once in a Blue Moon 2018
the chicken & the egg 2017
reminding myself to
Make Art Not War

The closing ceremony for I dream of a world where love is the answer was an intimate affair with wine and good friends saying goodbye
this morning we deinstalled in record time!
cutting the thirty year old fishing line
the armature was held firm by the fishing line and started tilting so I quickly hopped up to release the ropes
unbuttoning the cloud of tulle
unpinning Michelle Slater’s pennant
unpinning the oddments
some were stitched in and needed cutting
releasing the ropes
gently letting down the last line
back home
pennants unbound
the blue branch holding the talismans and starry palm inflorescence deconstructed
Sharon Peoples lace heart deconstructed with a section of the blue branch
the clasp of the starry palm inflorescence
the cloud of tulle and lace curtain awaiting deconstruction dress form resting in the garden shed
garden shed
steel mandala back home in the garden
By April Fool’s Day I will send each pennant and talisman back home to its maker with a piece of the electric blue branch, the starry palm inflorescence,  the cloud of tulle, the antique curtain and deep gratitude for making this dream come alive, the spell is cast, the energy of the dream will keep rippling with love for our beautiful broken world.


Yesterday I posted this feathered felted sea urchin pod with a powerful obsidian and an antique parchment star to a dear friend diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer late last year to help with the surgery next month and follow up radiant rays
the obsidian was given to me by a crystal healer back in 2005 for deep spirit healing, love how it fit so purrfectly into the pod