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A Moon for the Blues Mo 2020
H 30cm x W 15cm
stitched with an indigo shibori moon by Glennis Dolce, vintage indigo waves cloth from Jude Hill backed with a piece of plant & earth dyed Sacred Ordinaries cloth from Marti Weisbrich  raw cotton rays, waves and edges bound with vintage cotton & indigo dyed silk threads
7 antique vellum parchment stars (circa 1812) bound with linen thread
this cloth is for a dear friend who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer
every knot and stitch was made with love and deep intent for healing

We have lived here in our beautiful old lady of a house for 11 years, the Hoya is celebrating with Fiona & Barry’s Imagine Peace weathergrams and Bronwyn Berman’s beautifully beaded and bound river stone
with so many flowers happening this year!
and we have privacy from the upstairs bedroom window at last!
love how Madeleine set up Holding the Moon at the Collectors Choice show at Artsite
moonsong sold to a museum curator & conservator of textiles and paper from Western Australia,
last year she bought Once in a Blue Moon & the chicken & the egg in 2017
hoping there will be photos of the opening to post soon & thanks to everyone who came along
but the sad news is my beautiful sister in law Debbie had a stroke just as she and my brother Mike were getting ready to go to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, she is in ICU, x fingers she will make a full recovery!

the silly season is upon us !
opening Sunday December 1st from 3-5
preview Saturday November 30th
gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11-5 til December 15th
these are my offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 19
moonsong Mo19
see you there!

I would give you the moon…

Posted: September 8, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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I would give you the moon Mo 19
19.5 x 19.5 cm
embroidered with indigo silk & a Blue Moon hand dyed by Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl
the indigo dyed sky cloth is by one of the fabulous cloth conjurors (hoping one of you will recognize it)
rough spun cotton couched with indigo dyed cotton from Ulrike Bogdan nemo ignorat
Japanese cotton knotted and stitched with pale blue vintage cotton
heart from my pennant for Jo New (RIP)
Wondering whether to stitch the title, my name & year in white into the fine linen on the back or perhaps on a moon shaped patch of the same white linen appliqued in place? There’s a layer of vintage interface sandwiched between the front and back & the piece will be mounted and framed so the title would be hidden. It has been a strange journey, raising deep questions about what I am doing and why? The slow meditative stitching on this piece became a sort of self soothing behaviour like purring, 21st C busy work in these anxious times…

with the blue of longing
Blue Moons I & II were hand dyed by Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl
they are taking me into their stories stitch by stitch
Terri Windling of Myth & Moor posted this wonderful quote hidden in one of her photographs here
“I find it so difficult to talk about what I do. There are those who are unnervingly articulate about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it….I am not particularly articulate, unnervingly or otherwise. I do believe there is, in fact, a mystery to the whole enterprise that one dares to investigate at peril. The story knows itself better than the writer does at some point, knows what’s being said before the writer figures out how to say it. There’s a word in German, Sehnsucht. No English equivalent, which is often the case. It means the longing for something that cannot be expressed, or inconsolable longing. There’s a word in Welsh, hwyl, for which we also have no match. Again, it is longing, a longing of the spirit.”

more stars

Posted: August 20, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

making more stars with a spare moon and a ladder

more moon ladders!

Posted: July 30, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

13 moon ladders made from the deconstructed dream
the crescent moon from the dream is big in relation to the 13 little ladders
I need to make a lot more moon ladders!
Bilbergia nutans aka nun’s tears is in flower!

this plant was the first thing I could draw again when my brain and hands started to recover from the radiation therapy for throat cancer back in 2005
a scan of my hand so long ago
so very grateful to still be on the planet making more dreams all these years down the road!

Holding the Moon Mo 19
vintage electric blue leather over acid free bookbinders board, egg shell mosaic & black papier maché moons, antique parchment (circa 1812) scalpel cut stars stitched with white linen thread, vintage blue silk lining, egg shell mosaic covering a macadamia nut moon seed, moon ladder made with grape vine tendrils, white paint & linen thread
H 6cm x W 6cm x D 6cm
last night my wonderful sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman saved the day when she questioned why I would show this work without letting the viewer see inside the box. I had tried putting the tiny moon ladder inside the box earlier in the day but it just cluttered the space, shifting my focus to outside the box did the trick. This week Jude Hill had discussed how framing and context can change as the work progresses, ain’t that the truth, I was so intent on thinking inside the square I couldn’t see the way out, it’s so good to have artist friends!
the ladder at rest on the lid
the view from above with the ladder holding the lid open
outside on a sunny day to give a sense of scale
a safe place for the moon to incubate dreams
PS a few days later Liz suggested letting the moon out to enjoy the view
that was fun but feels better nestled safely in its box

Holding the Moon (thinking inside the square) Mo 19
vintage electric blue leather over bookbinders board, egg shell mosaic & black papier maché moons, antique parchment (circa 1812) stars, linen thread, vintage blue silk lining, egg shell mosaic macadamia nut moon
H 6cm x W 6cm x D 6cm
here’s some more formal photos taken after the sun came up
I love how the macadamia nut has become a moon seed holding the potential for growth

holding the moon (thinking inside the square)
inspired by Jude of Spirit Cloth getting outside her box/self & her cat Soul-O enjoying getting inside the box
after cutting the squares I made the moons with egg shell mosaic and black papier maché
then cut out the vintage electric blue leather
leather in place, I loved the simplicity of the box at this stage
but it needed stars in the corners made out of antique parchment
and needle lace to hold it all together
almost together
lined with blue silk
finished but now it needs the moon inside
eggshell mosaic over a Macadamia nut
I love making this dream come alive!