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last Thursday we helped the fabulous witchy artist Gab Bates install her work for Homeward Bound at the Coal Loader in Waverton which opens today
it was a fine day out the sun was sparkling on the harbour, the old wharf is fenced off now but friends who grew up in the area remember playing in the ruins when they were kids
and I turned 66, not doing too shabbily for an old chook
we celebrated with coffee and birthday cake at the cafe
look forward to seeing the rest of the show next week!

“Let our eggs share the same nest”
This quote from ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert A. Heinlein came to mind early on Monday morning when we were invited to make some wild magic with the artist, witch and animist Gab Bates
Gab transformed us into ‘Urban Unknowns’ with her wonderful sense of play and sensitivity to the spirits of place
shapeshifting our shared reality, becoming fugitives finding sanctuary
in becoming other we fall into each other
Gab is making sanctuary for ‘all things awkward, forgotten and unloved’ with her wide open heart, curious mind and deep respect to the spirits of place
You can see more of Gab’s transformative art on her website
and her  instagram page
(all photos courtesy of Gab Bates “Urban Unknowns” 2020)
‘Let us make sanctuary’ is a concept explored by the deep thinker Bayo Akomolafe

On Saturday evening we danced with the spirits of place in Camperdown Park to the sounds of DJ Semper-Fi with the magic of Gabrielle Bates and the local community for Dub Circle -The Dark Procession. Gab’s site activation turned the historic rotunda into a sound beacon that called to the spirits and critters of the park with such wild magic!
that’s me under the facepaint with my dancing partner one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
Lulu Cat face painter extraordinaire
Anna Schiff with one of Gab’s totemic ‘Unloved Everythings’
‘Unloved Everythings’ by Gab Bates
our magical ringleader Gab Bates
dancing with the spirits of place
wild things dancing
gathering the energies
DJ Semper-Fi in the rotunda
the magic of music
photos by Jodie Barker Photography
you can see lots more in Gab Bates Dub Circle album
Magic Days!

The Sleep Walkers by Gab Bates for EDGE
‘On the train, sidewalks and streets of Sydenham, The Sleep Walkers are marching to protest the political apathy and disengagement of our times. They will appear at EDGE Sydenham, snoozing between the Station and Sydenham Green at (time tba) on Saturday 3 August and (time tba) on Saturday10 August 2019.’
Gab makes wild potent art for our beautiful broken world
click on the link to register your interest and come along!

“Home Protection Amulet” by  Gabrielle Bates
timber, nails, bone, twigs, twine and iron oxide
protection and grounding for the dream
the gathering
see more of Gabrielle’s  powerful art on her website, instagram & facebook
Mystic City May 2017
Tree Shrining March 2018
AnimismS at Mothership Studios May 2018
“Bone Broom” by Gabrielle Bates blessing our home May 2018
Magic Days!

AnimismS is on til Sunday at Mothership Studios
18-22 Sydney Street, Marrickville

Inner West Power Fetishes by Gabrielle Bates
(the Bone Broom on the right hand side is mine when the show closes!)
photos courtesy of Gabrielle Bates & Mothership Studios

Gab Bates Tree Shrining for the Inner West Open Studio Trail
Gab makes good magic!
Spirit Painting, Tree Amulets and Bone Brooms in her studio
mysterious sigils on the fridge
had lots of fun with Gab & Zio unfurling the bunting for the Tree Shrining
photo courtesy of Gab Bates
you can see more of Gab’s photos on Facebook and her website


Mystic City Talismanic Memory Map by Gabrielle Bates
Artist Statement : At a time of significant change within our cities, can weaving together place-based politics, memory and contemporary Witchcraft reframe the way in which we value our homes and urban environments? Mystic City by Gabrielle Bates creatively investigates how magical rituals and objects associated with Witchcraft might challenge the profit-driven processes of gentrification and urban development.
Bone Broom I by Gabrielle Bates
Bones, twigs collected from Sydney Park trees now destroyed
Bone Broom II by Gabrielle Bates
Home Protection Amulet by Gabrielle Bates
Home Protection Amulet by Gabrielle Bates
all sales of the Home Protection Amulets go toward the legal fees for protesters charged with defending trees in Sydney Park
Talismanic Memory Maps 1-12 by Gabrielle Bates
mixed media including bones, carved timber, bark, twine, coffin nails, twigs, beads, dog fur, dice, seedpods, feathers, sap of destroyed trees, frustration scratches of GenYs who will never own a home, and the anxiety sweat of residents living near WestCONnex construction sites
Gabrielle’s powerful magic at Chrissie Cotter Gallery finishes today
our fragile old lady of a house is in grave danger from the proposed 8 lane WestCONnex tunnel going right under our street, we need all the magic we can muster!