The Gathering 2017-2019

The Gathering 2017-19
I dream of a world where love is the answer

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This collaborative project gathers together a worldwide circle of women and two good men joining hearts and hands for mending our beautiful broken world. It began with the gift of an old wedding dress which I cut up into 45 pennants and made a call out for anyone interested in stitching their hopes and dreams on June 30th, 2017. The pennants were all spoken for by the next day, for those who missed out I made a call for making small talismans of love and protection for our world.
Making art as an act of reverence, a magic spell cast into the world to heal the divisions, mend the desecration and bind the world with love and respect that speaks of connection, communicating a sense of how we belong to our planet, that each person has value, that each moment of reaching out has potential. Collectively we are shining a beacon for understanding, making strong threads with love and singing

with deep gratitude to this circle of local and international artists
Aileen Taylor Australia
Anita Larkin Australia
Arlee Barr Canada
Barry Smith Australia
Beth Brennan USA
Bronwyn Berman Australia
Cathy Wright Australia
Christina Cairns Australia
Christina Haggart UK
Dana Webb USA
Deb Gorr USA
Dee Mallon USA
Diana Angus USA
Doris Perlhuhn Germany
Dotti Dauter Australia
Eliene St. Romain Australia
Elizabeth Bunsen USA
Els Sneider The Netherlands
Fiona Dempster Australia
Gabrielle Bates Australia
Grace Forrest-Maestas USA
Glenda Chamberlain USA
Hazel Monte USA
India Flint Australia
Irene Manion Australia
Jana Cironis Australia
Jane Bodnaruk Australia
Jane Milliken Australia
Jane Stapleford Australia
Jo New (RIP) UK
Jude Hill USA
Judy Lemezis USA
Judy Martin Canada
Julie Sellens Australia
Kathy Dorfer USA
Kristin McNamara Freeman USA
Lana Sebastian Australia
Linda Summers USA
Liz Ackert USA
Liz D’Achille Australia
Lizette Campbell Australia
Louise Watson UK
Maggie Brown Australia
Margaret Johnson Australia
Margarita Sampson Australia
Marti Weisbrich USA
Martine Bos The Netherlands
Michelle Slater USA
Nancy Erisman USA
Nanette Gilbert Australia
Olga Cironis Australia
Patricia Spangler USA
Penny Vickery Australia
René Walkin UK
Rod Morgan Australia
Roz Hawker Australia
Sarah Riggins Australia
Saskia van Herwaarden The Netherlands
Sharmon Davidson USA
Sharon Peoples Australia
Shona Wilson Australia
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord USA
Susan Hemann USA
Susi Bancroft UK
Tina Zaffiro USA
Ulrike Bogdan Germany
Wendy Watson New Zealand
Yvette Dopheide The Netherlands

you can follow the progress of this collaborative project widdershins
Gathering the Dreams
Pennants and Talismans arriving from around the world

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