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Glenda Chamberlain’s pennant flew in from Florida with this beautiful note
packaged with care and deep magic
settling in with the gathering
rust dyed, frayed, layered, stitched and beaded with a mandala and talismans for love, laughter, hope and balance
from the other side
beautiful beading and fringe
feathered tail
such beautiful colours!
Glenda’s feather talisman with this collection of larger talismans that will fit in the tulle cloud
love the harmonics that are happening
‘Messenger’ by Mary Oliver
the gathering for the dream is growing with such beauty and love
Magic Days!

Jane Milliken’s talisman arrived todaywith this beautiful letter
the reveal
in Jane’s words
“My talisman takes the form of a drum. The heart is a tightly rolled hand dyed persimmon kimono silk, evenly & finely stitched 2 stitches per mm into a cylinder, over which a skin of ivory kimono silk is also stitched, infusing the worlds of old man crow as I worked the needle. Carefully mapping a fragile strip of mid Georgian period linen, mid 1700’s, it feels so gloriously soft and delicate, wrapping our world with love. A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knuckle bone as a hanger. Allowing the soft frays of the linen to curve inwards to encase the curved drum. As I stitched I noticed a fine tracery a single line of block printed madder almost invisible but there. A thread of hope. The button is from an 1895 pink kid leather glove, so gorgeously soft also, I wrapped the whole piece in a little bundle of it… Filled with hope & love for our world.”
“a single  line of blockprinted madder almost invisible but there”
“A needlewoven series of madder pink detached buttonhole twisted bars attaches it all to the 1/2″ koala knucklebone as a hanger”
“I know a world where love is the answer”
settling in with the gathering
“Love really is the answer.”
Magic Days

Lizette Campbell braved the wild weather with her bundle of love for our beautiful broken world
‘Love is the answerto heal our beautiful broken world
with much better photos and words by Lizette
Braille for the Soul – Love is the Answer
My talisman comes with a sense of Optimism & Hope.
It contains feathers from a pair of Tawny Frogmouths roosting in our garden, words of prayer & inspiration and symbols that resonate with energy & healing stitched onto sheer organza.
They are wrapped in a small piece of nuno felt I made, using very fine merino, silk & alpaca, sprinkled with gold & copper leaf & trapped under a layer of Uzbekistan silk I pintucked with lines to represent the paths we take…
getting to know Liz Ackert’s mended shell, a piece of Christina Cairns wedding dress and Els Snieder’s leaf brooch
you can see more of Lizette’s beautiful work on instagram
her purple pod was the inspiration for Braille for the Soul!

Lana Sebastian’s talisman “Hidden Things”“Hidden Things” a poem by Lana Sebastian

Her mouth held secrets
She held them between her teeth
And stroked them with her tongue
She liked the taste of them
Sweet and soft and juicy
Hidden things
As they struggled to escape

“made of found wood, a shell filled with little bits of beads – the detritus of our hurt world”
finding the place on the branchsettling in
getting to know the gathering
I first met Lana in 1974, it’s so good to feel your beautiful energy my friend!

Christina Cairns magical talisman book arrived in the letterbox yesterday making a purrfect trifecta along with Martine’s pennant and Saskia’s talisman
Christina wrote-
“I took your ‘love is the answer’ words and added a bit to them. 100% recycled paper, ink, suede scrap, repurposed glass beads (I chose green because green is the colour of Hope for me), metal leaf, scrap of raw silk (left over from my wedding dress, I think…24 years ago!), hemp cord.”
I dream of a world where LOVE is the answer and in my dreams I weep .
. then I wake and find it’s here . if only we open our eyes and hearts and see .’
I wept as I read the first line of her beautiful poem to turn it over
and be rewarded with with such a huge heart warming smile
Christina is an artist, songwriter, poet, musician and mother who works with such deep hearted magical intent
the hemp cord and silk from Christina’s wedding dress along with Liz Ackert & Els Sneider’s treasures
I love how each talisman finds it’s place
rolled back up for safekeeping
Christina’s magic settling in with The Gathering
you can see more of her magical art, music and poetry at A Mermaid in the Attic and facebook
and a post about one of her Talisingr’s Children arriving here back in 2011
Magic Days!

Saskia van Herwaarden’s elemental talisman for our beautiful broken world arrived in the post yesterday too!
with a beautiful leaf printed and eco dyed note and the texture of the envelope is so soft, a delight to open!
seed, bone, turquoise for healing, plant dyed cloth, metal
from the other side
settling in with The Gathering
you can see more of Saskia’s good magic on her blog and facebook
Magic Days!

  the brilliant Australian sculptor Shona Wilson’s talisman has arrived !
with trembling hands I opened the parcel
to meet the “Re-Generator”
settling in with the Gathering
emanating such powerful energy
a photo of Shona’s magical talisman in process taken on Sunday
(photo courtesy of Shona Wilson 2018)
holding space with The Gathering
you can see more of Shona’s inspiring work on her website, instagram and facebook
with deep gratitude
PS the triple hearted love seeding comet being the other way ’round!