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Collector’s Choice 2020 at Artsite Galleries opens this weekend!
here’s my 3 offerings
Too dark? Mo 20
black glove leather, black leather cord, papier maché, grape vine tendrils, linen & silk thread embroidered text on vintage black suede over board
H 36.5cm x W 36.5cm D 5cm
Holding the dark Mo 20
black Italian glove leather over bookbinders board, black vintage suede lining, black leather cord, grape vine tendril, lead fishing weight covered in gold leaf, red and black Ormosia coccinea seed (a gift from Peter Webb  plant guru extraordinaire 1974), black linen thread, red Gütermann upholstery thread
H 8cm W 8cm x D 8cm
The chicken and the egg revisited Mo 20
eggshell mosaic over bookbinders board, lined with chicken leg leather & red leather cord held together with waxed linen thread, Gütermann upholstery thread & knotted japanese cotton, wishbone, red felt heart, myrhh, glass & ceramic beads, white feather
H 8cm x W 7.5cm x D 7.5cm

See you there!

the silly season is upon us !
opening Sunday December 1st from 3-5
preview Saturday November 30th
gallery hours Wednesday to Sunday 11-5 til December 15th
these are my offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 19
moonsong Mo19
see you there!

preview of Artsite Galleries Collector’s Choice 2018 today
my offerings A Starry Necklace Mo Orkiszewski 2018
H24cm x W 20cm
vintage electric blue leather over 4mm cotton rope, white linen and blue Gütermann upholstery thread, antique parchment stars stitched with linen & cotton threads stabilized with silk organza, hand carved slice of tagua (aka Palm Ivory) pentacle, glass and lapis lazuli beads
Once in a Blue Moon Mo Orkiszewski 2018 (SOLD)
Moon Unit I
H 9.5cm x W 29cm (starry ladder 3.5cm)
embroidered vintage electric blue leather over papier maché mold, 1.5mm black leather cord coiled & stitched with black linen thread over papier maché mold, vintage white glove leather with linen thread stars, whisper silk organza rungs
Moon Unit II
H 5cm W 10cm (retractable ladder 25cm)
embroidered vintage electric blue suede over papier maché mold, 1.5mm black leather cord coiled and stitched with black linen thread over papier maché mold, bamboo rungs, waxed & knotted DMC cotton, vintage glass beads, carved bone beads, lead fishing weights, nickel silver links, lapis lazuli
artist statement:
Wrought with dark humour, high hopes and slow stitching lunacy, these vessels explore the surface of the moon both real and imagined. The ladders provide a way in and perhaps more importantly a way out.
(a blue moon is when two Full Moons land in one calendar month)
Book of Honesty Mo Orkiszewski 2017
H 27cm x W 22cm x D 2cm
bradel binding, relief sculpted spine, Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper over boards
illustrations graphite and ink on Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper, stitched Honesty pods
artist statement:
seeking honesty in this era of fake news
exhibition runs Dec 1-16th Wednesday to Sunday 11-5
the Silly Season is here & the xmas cards are well underway!

Collector’s Choice 2017 at Artsite Gallery
click on the link above to see a preview of all the wonderful art in the show
here’s my 3 offerings
Holding the Moon Mo 17
Lapis Lazuli a talisman for dreams in the fourth hour of the night Mo 17
the chicken and the egg Mo 17
hope to see you Sunday!

crow-eye-amulet-xi-framed-mo16last chance to see Collector’s Choice 2016 at Artsite Gallery
Saturday & Sunday 11-5

mo-at-artsite-xmas-salon-16“Line Dancing” sold at the opening of Collector’s Choice at Artsite!
artsite-xmas-salon-16Liz van Ekert and Di Holdsworth do-si-do with Katherine Rooney’s “Sun-shower in the Hunter”
madeleine-artsite-xmas-salon-16thank you Madeleine!
the show is open Wed-Sun 11-5
til Dec 18th
lots more photos of the opening here

invitation-collectors-choice-2016-artsite-galleryMadeleine has framed these two beautifully, will take photos on Sunday, see you there!
line-dancing_mo16Line Dancing Mo 16
grape vine tendrils, quail wishbones, glass crow eye beads, vintage dyed ostrich feathers,
black ink, white acrylic paint, black & red threads
39.5cm H x  29cm W
crow-eye-amulet-xi_mo16Crow Eye Amulet XI Mo 16
grape vine tendrils, vintage dyed chicken feathers, bat claw, pentacle button,
glass beads, leather, linen thread, Habu moire yarn, black ink
39.5cm H x  29cm W

cc15-0000Toad Moon with Ladder is my offering for the Collectors Choice 2015 at Artsite Gallery
come along to the opening 3-5 pm this Sunday November 29th
preview from 11am-5pm Saturday November 28th
time to celebrate!

7-talismansand1amuletMo147 Talismans and 1 Amulet by Mo at Artsite Gallery’s Collectors Choice 2014 opening today
Can’t See the Forest for the Trees, The Traveller & Make A Wish are sold
Artsite-Collectors Choice-2014lots of interesting work
Artsite-14Old Man Crow and Nick Hope the bass player
Artsite-Collectors-Choice-15love this long scroll book ‘Periscope’ by Neilton Clarke!

Sea-Dreaming-detail-Mo2014‘Sea Dreaming’ by Mo 2014
Sea-Dreaming-Mo2014a talisman for edge walking
L 36cm W 1.3cm
larimar, moss agate, howlite, sea glass, vintage clay beads from Africa & Peru, silk wrapped stainless steel, hand plyed raw linen & hemp cord
Path-of-Heart-detail-Mo-2014‘Path of Heart (handle with care)’ by Mo 2014
Path-of-Heart-Mo-2014a talisman for returning to the heart of the matter
L 41 cm W 11cm
quartz crystal, turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, red seed, rainbow lorikeet feathers, grape vine tendril, vintage glass “chakra” beads from Africa, vintage ceramic beads from Peru, vintage Silkworm thread, silk wrapped stainless steel, a piece of hand twined ochre dyed string from the String Theory exhibition of Aboriginal fibre artists at the MCA in 2013
Rolling-In-The-Deep-Blue-detail-Mo2014-copy‘Rolling in the Deep (Blue)’ by Mo 2014
Rolling-In-The-Deep-Blue-Mo2014a talisman for the deep blue days
L 29cm W 1.5cm
azurite, lapis lazuli, vintage glass beads from Africa, indigo dyed silk cord & sericin silk fibre
The-Traveller-detail-Mo2014‘The Traveller’ by Mo 2014
The-Traveller-Mo-2014a talisman for good luck in travelling
L 34 cm W 2.2cm
vintage turquoise disc, turquoise & red glass beads, waxed linen and vintage silkworm thread
Bare-Bones-detail-Mo-2014‘The Bare Bones’ by Mo 2014
Bare-Bones-Mo-2014a talisman for stripping back the excess down to the bare bones
L 20cm W 2.5cm
coral, vintage button, shells, bone, wood, glass & pearl beads, hand plyed raw linen string and waxed linen thread
Can't-See-the-Forest-for-the-Trees-detail_Mo2014‘Can’t See the Forest for the Trees’ by Mo 2014
Cant-See-the-Forest-for-the-Trees_Mo2014a talisman for seeking clarity
L 28cm W 3cm
moss agate, grape vine and passionfruit vine tendrils, gum nuts, brass, glass, bone and clay beads from Africa, silk wrapped stainless steel, knotted, plyed & waxed linen threads
(reserved for Bronwyn Berman)
Make-A-Wish-detail-Mo-2014‘Make a Wish’ by Mo 2014
Make-a-Wish-Mo2014a talisman for making a wish
L 24.5cm W 9cm
moss agate, wishbones, passionfruit vine tendrils, amazonite, howlite, clay, bone & glass beads, silk wrapped stainless steel & waxed linen threads, finished with lightning putting cracks in the sky
Crow-Eye-Amulet-detail-Mo2014‘Crow Eye Amulet’ by Mo 2014
Crow-Eye-Amulet-Mo2014an amulet for protection
“Who says art has no function! If it must look in, let it protect it’s own illusion…” quote from my friend Wayne Snowdon 2004
L 42cm W 7cm
glass crow eye and black feather beads flameworked by the glass artist Kathy Dorfer (USA) Dalmatian Jasper, jet, bone & clay beads, grape vine, Silver Sebright bantam feather, eel skin, bat claws, B&W linen threads and cords

for any enquiries about this work please contact Artsite Gallery
The Collector’s Choice exhibition opens Sunday November 30th 3-5pm
Hope to see you there!