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the healing magic of stitch

Posted: December 16, 2017 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time
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On Monday our dear friend Penny who is a nurse and the most caring & compassionate woman I have ever met had a football sized tumour removed from her ovaries as well as a full hysterectomy and laparotomy, she sent this photo yesterday looking so well! When I heard the news that she was going into hospital I stitched a prayer into every one of those 300 little red x’s for her crow nightie/dress made out of an XXL Old Man Crow t-shirt, so happy to hear this good news!
then I received news that another dear friend Eliene who has the biggest & most caring heart is having some deep seated trouble with her lungs, so I sent her Moon Unit I via Express Post, should arrive Monday before the bronchoscopy on Tuesday
May you be well (((Eliene)))
May you breathe with ease

Moon Unit II Mo 17
embroidered electric blue suede, 1.5mm round leather cord, Gütermann linen thread, glass beads, papier maché molds
H 5cm W 10cm
electric blue suede stretched & stitched over papier maché mold bound with 1.5 mm round leather cord
linen thread hinge & black tissue lining
1.5 mm round leather spiral base stitched with Gütermann black linen thread over papier maché mold
making Moon Unit I & Moon Unit II  has given me the confidence to go ahead and finish Once in a Blue Moon!

Mystic City Talismanic Memory Map by Gabrielle Bates
Artist Statement : At a time of significant change within our cities, can weaving together place-based politics, memory and contemporary Witchcraft reframe the way in which we value our homes and urban environments? Mystic City by Gabrielle Bates creatively investigates how magical rituals and objects associated with Witchcraft might challenge the profit-driven processes of gentrification and urban development.
Bone Broom I by Gabrielle Bates
Bones, twigs collected from Sydney Park trees now destroyed
Bone Broom II by Gabrielle Bates
Home Protection Amulet by Gabrielle Bates
Home Protection Amulet by Gabrielle Bates
all sales of the Home Protection Amulets go toward the legal fees for protesters charged with defending trees in Sydney Park
Talismanic Memory Maps 1-12 by Gabrielle Bates
mixed media including bones, carved timber, bark, twine, coffin nails, twigs, beads, dog fur, dice, seedpods, feathers, sap of destroyed trees, frustration scratches of GenYs who will never own a home, and the anxiety sweat of residents living near WestCONnex construction sites
Gabrielle’s powerful magic at Chrissie Cotter Gallery finishes today
our fragile old lady of a house is in grave danger from the proposed 8 lane WestCONnex tunnel going right under our street, we need all the magic we can muster!

Last Chance To See

Posted: December 17, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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crow-eye-amulet-xi-framed-mo16last chance to see Collector’s Choice 2016 at Artsite Gallery
Saturday & Sunday 11-5

mo-at-artsite-xmas-salon-16“Line Dancing” sold at the opening of Collector’s Choice at Artsite!
artsite-xmas-salon-16Liz van Ekert and Di Holdsworth do-si-do with Katherine Rooney’s “Sun-shower in the Hunter”
madeleine-artsite-xmas-salon-16thank you Madeleine!
the show is open Wed-Sun 11-5
til Dec 18th
lots more photos of the opening here

invitation-collectors-choice-2016-artsite-galleryMadeleine has framed these two beautifully, will take photos on Sunday, see you there!
line-dancing_mo16Line Dancing Mo 16
grape vine tendrils, quail wishbones, glass crow eye beads, vintage dyed ostrich feathers,
black ink, white acrylic paint, black & red threads
39.5cm H x  29cm W
crow-eye-amulet-xi_mo16Crow Eye Amulet XI Mo 16
grape vine tendrils, vintage dyed chicken feathers, bat claw, pentacle button,
glass beads, leather, linen thread, Habu moire yarn, black ink
39.5cm H x  29cm W

a prayer in process

Posted: November 11, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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I stitched Helen Garner’s dream of the bravely, doggedly flowering bush on to some very thin strong silk then made a red flower with red felt, red silk, red waxed linen, a red button, red glass beads, a grape vine tendril painted black and a weathered seed inlaid with red thread.

“On the lip of an abyss roaring with dark wind stood a tiny bush that bore an intensely red flower. The bush grew right on the very edge of nothingness, and yet somehow its roots were holding. It had a grip that no wind could disturb; it thrived there, all on its own, this modest little plant, and while the abyss yawned beside it, it went on bravely, doggedly flowering.”

Helen Garner “Notes from a Brief Friendship” 2011 p46 “Everywhere I Look” 2016

“Sometimes it seems to me that, in the end, the only thing people have got going for them is imagination. At times of great darkness, everything around us becomes symbolic, poetic, archetypal.
Perhaps this is what dreaming, and art, are for.”

Helen Garner “On Darkness” 2015 p152 “Everywhere I Look” 2016
Helen Garner and Michael Leunig have helped me make some sort of sense of the world over and over since the early 70’s
the-banished-angel-by-michael-leuniga page from Michael  Leunig’s “Wild Figments”
making this small red flowering thing is a form of prayer…
prayer-as-a-wayfinder-mo16seeking beauty in the dark
this weathered seed was washed up on a beach like a refugee …
the roots have let go, the brave red flower is riding the wild winds of these dark times