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Landscape by Olga Cironis
wedding dress fragment hand stitched with gold thread
A piece reflecting the feeling of contemplation while looking out to the horizon.
landscape view
the other side
the gold thread is so soft
shimmering with golden light
hanging with the gathering
Olga and I have been friends for half a lifetime, we first met at Sydney College of the Arts in the 80’s, shared a fabulously infamous old house on the waterfront in Balmain in the early 90’s, here’s a link to her website
my dear friend, you continue to inspire and always surprise me!

jane-gillings-the-pearly-gatesThe Pearly Gates Jane Gillings
pvc pipe, discarded plastic, wire, rivets, cable ties, pebbles
orest-kaywan-long-days-journeyLong Day’s Journey Orest Keywan
steel polymer
marcus-tatton-the-messageThe Message Marcus Tatton
corten steel
marion-gaemers-weave-the-reef-love-the-reefWeave the Reef, Love the Reef  Marion Gaemers
collaborative work by the artist and the Townsville Community using rubbish to reveal a threat to the Great Barrier Reef
olga-cironis-montain-of-wordsMountain of Words Olga Cironis
performance using wooden loom, human hair, wool thread
mountain-of-words-by-olga-cironis-detaildetail of weaving
Olga is weaving each contribution of hair with deep love and connection to time and place
this work is travelling the world
olga-cironis-high-tide-2015High Tide Olga Cironis 2015
human hair and bell
spirit-of-placeSpirit of Place
Sculpture by the Sea


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Olga Cironis hair boat 1990Hair Boat by Olga Cironis 1990
(photo  courtesy of the artist)
witnessing the release of Olga’s tiny boat made of hair into the harbour was one of the most magical nights of my life
Fairfarren !


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hair-memento-mori-buttona faded Victorian era memento mori button binding a lock of human hair of unknown origin
this week I caught up with one of my most inspiring artist friends Olga Cironis
Olga has used hair in her sculptural work for many years riding the edge of attraction and repulsion, one of my most poignant memories was watching her tiny hair boat flying free from the cliff below our house down into the harbour water on a dark and starless night in 1990 (25 years ago…)
Olga CironisOlga working on her hair weaving
Here’s a link to an interview where she discusses this work

Smoking mirrors

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smoking-mirror-by-Olga-Cironis-1990woke up from a dream of smoking mirrors …
this cracked mirror was made out of steel and mirrored convex glass by Olga Cironis back in 1990
it lives in the fireplace protecting the hearth of our home
& as a reminder of the way mirrors can distort and reveal our vulnerabilities & projections
The-Cyclists-Rest“The Cyclist’s Rest” a vintage embroidery by an unknown stitcher found in an op shop (aka thrift shop for those in the US) and given to me by a dear friend who knows I love cats, good stories and fine stitching
Is it art? or kitsch? & does the definition matter? it tells a good story quite beautifully
Earlier this week I was passionately defending the word Art with a capital ‘A’ as the way we humans exalt, transform & honour our lives. There is so much fear around the word Art, it is challenged regularly by the academics in the Craft vs Art debate, the boundaries of who can make it (many of the people who are making the most beautiful art these days prefer to call it by some other name) & then there is the whole luck of the draw of who “makes it” in the Art World which can be a bind as well. Recently a very famous commercial artist named Ken Done who made his name with bright colourful paintings of Sydney Harbour back in the ’80’s reportedly dreams of representing Australia in the Venice Biennale, well good on him for wanting to be taken seriously but it may not happen in this lifetime.
& then there is the whole phenomenon of how much art is shared on the internet in the ever growing infinite library, it can be incredibly inspiring, exciting & at times totally overwhelming and yet we just keep making the dreams that want to fall out of our hands and sometimes it may even be called Art!?
PS a bit later and talking of flowers again to make this post a little more palatable
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun Mo14Magnolia grandiflora flower painted red by the sun
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun-2-Mo-14I have never seen this happen before!
we had a very hot day here on Friday, perhaps the sun amplified the dew when the flower was still in bud
magnolia-painted-red-by-the-sun3-mo-14“earth laughs in flowers” hmmm… had better look up who said that…
it’s by
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Olga Cironis 1“The Weight Of Their Voices Echo In The Black Sand” by Olga Cironis
laneway ephemeral installation for the City of Subiaco WA 2013
(photos courtesy of the artist)
Olga Cironis 2 Olga Cironis 3

Artist’s Statement:
“After 8 months of researching the history of the Subiaco area, I chose to work with a story about a piano that arrived from England in the 1800’s. The piano arrived on the beach ( probably City Beach) and was carried by a number of men over “sand hills and scrub”. At one point the men became tired and stopped to rest. As the men fell about hot and exhausted, one of the men opened up the piano and began to play a sonata, that he linked to his years living in England.
This sorrowful sound of remembering and loss could be heard from miles away.
In this work I was interested in the melancholy of a moment, when the sound of the piano was heard for the first time, by the new settlers to the area and the indigenous people who were loosing their land and their way of life as they knew it.
In this work I used text made out of feathers from lovers pillows and an antique piano that was covered and stitched over in grey woollen blankets.
The feather text above the piano: THE WEIGHT OF THEIR VOICES ECHO IN THE BLACK SAND.

If you are interested in seeing the work, it is in a lane way  of Rockerby Road between Smales Jewellers and Smales Watches Store. ”

Olga is such a brilliant artist and very good friend, just wish I could be there!