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a winter moon scarf in process

Posted: January 4, 2022 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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I have been stitching this Winter Moon scarf since the solstice
the indigo dyed silk moon is from Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl

it started out as a patchwork of indigo scraps but just edging the moon took three days french seamed with blue silk, at that rate it would take about 3 years to make!

it needs blue thread beads stitched into the lace edge and some random patches of blue wave lace from an old net curtain to balance the blue with the froth of the reconstructed scarf

our next door neighbour’s little black cat Muffin is looking after Rod, she’s such a sweetheart!
the pain is ramping up, he’s living on Morphine, a few spoonfuls of summer fruit salad and a lot of cigarettes out in the garden!


Posted: June 2, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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time to mend my favourite old sweater from 30 years ago
it’s thick t-shirt material but getting very thin in places, so I reverse appliqued with stretch lace and wound yarn
mending the seams & worn edges
it’s so thin like the ever mending of Old Man Crow’s old denim jacket for now it’s good to go just in time for winter here in the Land Down Under

x fingers our internet connection is working again after a very wobbly week
the good thing about being offline is having more time for focusing on the drawings
and mending Old Man Crow’s jacket
it’s getting lacier
and lacier
reinforcing the edges
and the elbows
he wears it well!
and talking of stitching & drawing we visited the Dobell Drawing Prize at the National Art School on Saturday
Leonie Andrews 365 days 2017
stitched with her eyes closed every day for a year
Jenny Orchard All Tomorrow’s Stories 2018
ink on card
Hyun Hee Lee Winter Letter 2018
ink, cotton, thread, pencil on Korean hanji paper
Stephanie Eather Cave of Altamira (in Brunswick) 2018
charcoal on a huge canvas
Ari Chand Juxtarepository 3 / Catch a fallen star and put it in your pocket 2018
graphite on paper
Noel McKenna Interior A 2018
ink on paper
Wendy Sharpe Ladders to the Sky 2018
gouache on concertina artist’s book
Chris O’Doherty (aka) Reg Mombassa) Robot ‘priest’ with captured Australian, Hunter Valley 2018
charcoal, coloured pencil, glitter on paper
artist talk with Chris O’Doherty (aka Reg Mombassa) George  Gittoes and Wendy Sharpe
you can see more photos here

Sharon Peoples stitched & beaded a beautiful lace heart into her pennant of tulle
I placed it with the talismans gathering for the cloud of tulle but it was disappearing
so I tied some knots in the tulle and introduced it to the gathering
looking again at how it works so beautifully with the talismans for the cloud of tulle…
these are the sorts of decisions I enjoy, Old Man Crow just came home from the pub and reckons it could be like a bridge in music leading out of the cloud of tulle into the lines of pennants, brilliant!
you can see more of Sharon’s beautiful artwork pushing the boundaries of what makes lace
over on her website
her collaboration with one of my favourite artists working in Australia eX de Medici, the Seat of Love and Hate is in The Ideal Home exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery, I look forward to seeing it soon!
Magic Days!

it’s the Full Moon in Pisces
Celestial Times Zodiac Series © Mo Orkiszewski 1999
the binding continues

inspired by Tim Ingold’s Thinking into Making
I want to buy this book, he has a lot to say about making knots!
it’s getting there!

the armature is in the studio
with space to move around and much better light
meeting The Gathering
a balancing act
made with antique lace, linen thread and cane toad skin stars
bound with love in every knot and stitch
time stretches, the days are getting longer and Spring is just around the corner
Magic Days!

the beaded neckline from the wedding dress fits perfectly on the moon shaped trunk clasp of the palm inflorescence which was painted with white chalk paint during a break in the rain last week
stitched with the rotted tulle from the veil, antique lace and silk thread
taking shape needle lace to hold the moon
a moment of indecision when I realized the beaded edge will face the base of the dress forma quick test to see if it will work, the fork in the electric blue branch needs to be be tied in higher and the palm inflorescence a little lower but it’s getting there, now back to the needle lace!

reaching for the stars (halfway there)  Mo18
detail of starry lace stitched with linen thread from the stars cut out of the ivory kid leather
the other side
with the pristine right hand glove waiting for its stars
then I need to make a simple wire armature so they can be seen front and back or alternatively suspend them from the fingertips with very fine thread…

“Reaching for the Stars” is still in process Mo18
cutting out each star with a no 11 scalpel blade and then binding the edge with linen thread
the edge is turning into starry lace
the other side
close to finished with this left hand glove, then onto the right hand glove!

Old Man Crow in his very good old jacket
the sleeves are turning into lace
left sleeve detail
right sleeve detail
collar detail
edge detail he wears it well