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Marc Walter Canada
500 x 250 x 250 cm
woven recycled casuarina branches, jute twine
inside looking up
the magic bound with jute twine
Kevin Draper Western Australia
320 x 320 x 320 cm
forged, painted steel
love the lively spirals
was sure it was wood til I read the catalogue!!
Ben Fasham Victoria
347 x 240 x 65 cm
stainless steel, bronze
elegant beauty well placed
Stephen Hogan New South Wales
200 x 200 x 80 cm
forged steel, soft steel, wire
Ron Gomboc Western Australia
Time and Motion
350 x 230 x 160 cm
copper, corten steel painted
beautiful colour and form
Ho Quanchun China
home for Boston ivy
75 x 80 x 50 cm
stainless steel
from the outside looking in
Andrew Rogers Victoria
i am (2014)
66 x 31 x 25 cm
stainless steel
Cao Hui China
pure wool no.2 (2009)
116 x 57 x 91 cm
resin, fibre
Elaine Clocherty & Sharyn Egan Western Australia
Karda – Megalania
30 x 350 x 700 cm
grass, raffia, natural materials
the beauty and fragility of nature
the colours of Sydney Sandstone after a lot of rain
Mother Nature
photos courtesy of Old Man Crow and his new iPhone
Sculpture by the Sea

sculpture by the sea

Posted: October 30, 2017 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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B Jane Cowie Swirling Surround
Australia/ Singapore
art glass, stainless steel
300 x 600 x 600 cm
Artist’s statement
Fish swimming at the same speed in the same direction at the same time often undertake complex manoeuvres while moving together as a whole.
Angelika Summa Structangle
galvanized steel
120 x 120 x 120 cm
Artist’s statement
A term of the South Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han meaning textured angle.
Harrie Fasher The Last Charge
corten steel, mild steel, RHS
300 x 850 x 750 cm
Artist’s statement
A centenary memorial to the charge of the Australian Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba in Palestine on October 17, 1017.
Denise Pepper Leaden Hearts
hand embossed copper shim (stippling and repoussé), copper rivets and nails, fibreglass, timber, paint
80 x 370 x 150 cm
Artist’s Statement
Journeys are intimate stories of those who leave and those left behind. Leaden hearts were convict tokens fashioned from copper coins, left as farewell mementos for loved ones.
Dominique Sutton That Sinking Feeling
England / NSW
wood, life jacket fabric
500 x 150 x 100 cm
Artist’s statement
The juxtaposing concept of an un-floatable boat with the life jackets on the inside. A comment on the current situation of global immigration and a personal expression of my human condition.
the patinated copper text reads
Come o’er the sea,
Maiden with me,
Come wherever the wild wind blows,
Seasons may roll,
But the true soul
burns the same, where’er it goes.

Was not the sea,
Made for the Free,
Land for courts and chains alone?
Here we are slaves
But, on the waves,
Love and Liberty’s all our own.

words are from Come O’er the Sea a poem by Thomas Moore
I want to sail away in her!
you can see more photos on the Sculpture by the Sea website, in facebook & on instagram

jane-gillings-the-pearly-gatesThe Pearly Gates Jane Gillings
pvc pipe, discarded plastic, wire, rivets, cable ties, pebbles
orest-kaywan-long-days-journeyLong Day’s Journey Orest Keywan
steel polymer
marcus-tatton-the-messageThe Message Marcus Tatton
corten steel
marion-gaemers-weave-the-reef-love-the-reefWeave the Reef, Love the Reef  Marion Gaemers
collaborative work by the artist and the Townsville Community using rubbish to reveal a threat to the Great Barrier Reef
olga-cironis-montain-of-wordsMountain of Words Olga Cironis
performance using wooden loom, human hair, wool thread
mountain-of-words-by-olga-cironis-detaildetail of weaving
Olga is weaving each contribution of hair with deep love and connection to time and place
this work is travelling the world
olga-cironis-high-tide-2015High Tide Olga Cironis 2015
human hair and bell
spirit-of-placeSpirit of Place
Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: October 21, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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norton-flavel_fluidFluid  Norton Flavel
stainless steel
“A reference to the notion of significance.”
annie-levitch_reality-tvReality TV
Anne Levitch
corten steel
alice-mcauliffe_concrete-carpetConcrete Carpet Alice McAuliffe
carpet design rendered by high pressure water cleaner
zheng-yuan-lu_chronic-seriesChronic Series Zheng Yuan Lu
black marble
“… Lu uses his art form to express what lies in between everyday experience and the indescribable.”
nicole-larkin_dynamics-in-impermanenceDynamics in Impermanence  Nicole Larkin
birch plywood
cave-urban_the-golden-hourThe Golden Hour  Cave Urban
bamboo, steel
“The paradox of the sun begins and ends with a golden hour at the horizon. Sunrise and sunset are twins in spectacle but strangers in meaning; in a single day they declaim renewal and extinction.”
Harrie Fasher
mild steel, plate, pipe, round bar and fixings
“… Transition depicts the energy required for movement between worlds. …”
mimi-dennett_measuring-the-skyMeasuring the Sky
Mimi Dennett
painted aluminium
tony-davis_follyFolly Tony Davis
jarrah wood, corten steel, pinus radiata, mild steel
margarita-sampson_dearestDearest Margarita Sampson
steel, wood, ply, structural foam, fibreglass, textiles
“Don’t get too comfortable.”
Old Man Crow enjoying the lushness, love how Margie encourages the public to interact with her work!
Sculpture by the Sea

Ben-Fasham-BJF13BJF13 Ben Fasham
stainless steel, bronze
Unknowable-TerraUnknowable  Terra
Stone object in landscape
Statement : Here sits a large stone. It has been here for eons and it will remain here long after those who view it have come and gone.
Bronwyn-Berman-Windspiral-VIWindspiral VI: the wind is your breath Bronwyn Berman
stainless steel, aluminium, timber
Statement: The wind is the breath of the earth, it is our breath.
Barbara-LichaListen time passes Barbara Licha
Mark-Elliott-Tree-spirit-eggsTree-spirit eggs Mark Elliott
Stephen-KingFlow form IX Stephen King
stringy bark
Margarita-SampsonVoyagers-I-and-IIVoyagers I & II Margarita Sampson
wood, silicon bronze, plants, soil
Statement: Like us, these shaman creatures are walking into their future, carrying precious cargo.
(photos courtesy of Old Man Crow with his iPhone)
Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event with over 100 sculptures along the coast walk from Bondi to Tamarama, you can see lots more photos on their website
and Sculpture Inside here

on-our-way-to-save-our-soulsEarly this morning we made the annual pilgrimage to Sculpture by the Sea
Old Man Crow pacing it out towards the top of the headland where
“save our souls” by Cave Urban holds space
(the catalogue tells me this one is best seen at night)
artists statement: “Just as the flash of a lighthouse is a welcome sign of hope, safe harbour and humanity, it may warn the uninvited to stay clear of a hostile shore.”
save-our-souls-Cave-UrbanMy favourite is “the grove” by Margarita Sampson
what are these beautifully antlered beings saying to each other?
mo-looking-at-the-grove-by-Margarita-Sampsonartist’s statement: “Honey is flowing in all directions”, Joseph Beuys
the-grove-Margarita-Sampson“that tranquil moment” by Stephen Marr
that-tranquil-moment-Stephen-Marrwe want to live in Ken Unsworth’s “my house is your home”
my-house-is-your-home-Ken-Unsworth“sisyphus” by George Andric
sisyphus-George-Andricartist’s statement: “The artist strives to find some sense of order that is independent of the world that presents itself
– which at times can be deceptive and illusory.”
sisyphus-by-George-Andricthe play of light & shadows
sisyphus-detail-George-Andric“vessels of destiny” by Melissa McElhone
vessels-of-destiny-Melissa-McElhonelove her sense of whimsy
vessels-of-destiny-detail-by-Melissa-McElhone“to take care of ” by Hannah Streefkerk
to-take-care-of-Hannah-StreefkerkArtist’s statement: “Even stones are worth protection. The shape of the tube bandages around the stones refers to natural shape”
to-take-care-of-detail-Hannah-Streefkerkinside the small sculpture pavilion Hannah’s covered stones are described as translated patterns and mended nature.
crocheted-stones-by-Hannah-Streeferkthe sublime “dark night shrine 2014” Takahiro Hirata
dark-night-shrine-Takahiro-HirataArtist’s statement: “In Japan, an arrow is a talisman that shoots and protects against evil spirits.
The work envisages a shining arrow which breaks through darkness.”
dark-night-shrine-2014-Takahiro-Hiratathe giant steel origami raven “nevermore” by Jonathon Leahey
nevermore-Jonathon-Leahey“wanderers” by Brad Jackson
wanderers-Brad-JacksonArtist’s statement: “The wanderers are a passing family group of traveling orbs.
Their origin, destination and intentions remain unknown.”
wanderersthey seem friendly
mo-and-the-wanderers& so we bade fairfarren to all the wonderful Sculpture by the Sea to do some gardening!

Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: November 1, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Sculpture by the Sea is on again here in Sydney !
Horizon (on the cliff ) by Lucy HumphreyHorizon by Lucy HumphreyHorizon by Lucy Humphrey
acrylic sphere, water, steel, timber and masonry base
180 x 150 cm diameter
Artist’s Statement: “Horizon is a site specific sculpture that celebrates the surrounding natural environment. Using water as a sculptural material, the work will temporarily transform the viewer’s experience of the site, as a monument to the coastal landscape and the constant line of the horizon.”
Mikaela Castledine's red crowsEast of the mulberry tree- the legend of ten red crows by Mikaela Castledine (WA)
crocheted polypropylene , steel frame
tree 180cm x 220cm x 120cm
crows 40cm x 60cm x 25 cm each
Artist’s statement: “The legend of the ten red crows describes birds as bringers of enlightenment to a world not ready or able to accept it.”
10-red-crows by Mikaela CastledineOld Man Crow and I voted for this one in the People’s Choice award
Kirsten Lewis concealed craftconcealed craft by Kirsten Lewis
60cm x 150cm x 300cm
Artist’s statement: “An exploration of form and function and a comment on society’s attitude towards asylum seekers”

These are just the handful of photos I caught with my little point and shoot camera but 100’s of good photographers are taking fabulous photos each day
you can see all 107 sculptures on the Sculpture by the Sea website here
their Facebook page here
behind the scenes youtube clips here
sxs instagram photos here
sxs flickr group here

and this is a bluebottle on the beach, so very pretty but they do have a sting!