The Bandaged Hearts

In July 2011 I joined Jude Hill’s Magic Diaries. This inspired me to make a bandaged heart each day as even the strongest hearts have a few little nicks & tears in need of repair. I posted them here each day making an electric tapestry of 144 hearts to honour all the people who have touched our lives, then knotted & wove them all together into The Stole of Bandaged Hearts for Old Man Crow to wear at gigs.Bandaged Heart 1
Bandaged Heart 2bandaged heart 1bandaged heart 2bandaged heart 3bandaged hearts 4 5 and 6bandaged heart 7bandaged heart 8bandaged heart 9bandaged heart 10bandaged heart 11bandaged heart 12bandaged heart queenbandaged heart 14bandaged heart 15bandaged heart 16bandaged heart 17bandaged heart 18bandaged heart no 19bandaged heart no 20bandaged heart no 21bandaged heart no22bandaged heart no23bandaged heart no24bandaged heart no 25bandaged heart no26bandaged heart no 27

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  1. deanna7trees says:

    great idea — your bandaged hearts. look forward to seeing the scarf.

  2. Mo Crow says:

    These hearts are making themselves each morning to start the day and re what the scarf looks like at the end of the year… I’m quite curious too but “the fun is in the process the outcome is (often) just debris” ( to misquote a glass artist comrade from many years ago)… it could end up being a gross of hearts!

  3. a gross…a bushel…a fist full….no matter, they will to be fantastic!

  4. Mo Crow says:

    Ta Victoria, it’s such a gentle start to the day thinking of all the hearts in the world… seeing Jude’s heart with a pin through it on her cloth whispering page was the catalyst … these are truly the magic days

  5. Nancy says:

    Love your hearts…yes a small tin full of goodness. Charming.

  6. nance says:

    lovely idea… they won’t continue to fit in that sweet little tin though! you’ll need a bigger one before long!

  7. Mo Crow says:

    the first two hearts were given to friends last weekend, the one in the tin was a birthday present, the one with the tiny rose bud was made to help ease a toothache. So the scarf only started on Monday in preparation for the Magic Diaries journey, look forward to seeing what happens next!

    • Mo Crow says:

      These bandaged hearts are reflecting the state of my heart… this morning I was feeling so out of sorts with the world that the edge of the heart I was making knotted up into a tangled mess. Cutting all those knots out helped undo the heartfelt knots inside too.

  8. linda says:

    i really love crow.. i am listening to them yell at each other now outside.
    i like the hearts too. a nice thing to make something every day. your drawings are wonderful..

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks for having a look Linda!
      Joining the magic diaries is such a beautiful space, like an old fashioned sewing circle with everyone sharing and inspiring each other.

  9. Nancy says:

    Just need to say that your wonderful little hearts look like they are dancin’, strutin’ and showin’ their swag!!! So cool!

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the good words Nancy those little hearts are getting bossy, they’re asking me to get Jude’s whispering hearts mini series very soon!

  10. grace Forrest~Maestas says:


  11. april says:

    Seeing these little hearts made me happy and sad all at once. Beautiful!!

  12. lyn lewis says:

    What a lovely idea and both commemorative and yet shows the positivity of having ‘heart’!

  13. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Mo, Just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished scarf – is that what you are doing? I’ll send the link to Inge, she’ll love to see them as well. Wonderful Blog!!!

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