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the white light from this magic circle worked, Michelle Slater’s rose pennant is here!
Michelle’s note
the scent of roses is divine!
yogi tea tag messages
strips of the wedding dress fragment knotted with red thread
the jade promise ring
the tail
backed with blue silk
hanging with the gathering
Michelle in NYC

Michelle Slater sent this beautiful pennant for the dream from NYC on December 22 and needs our help to get here
beaming white light to guide it’s way!
(photo courtesy of Michelle’s blog Ms Uncertainty Principles)
Sending candle light from here in New Mexico for the safe arrival of Michelle’s lovely pennant. To help it along I have affixed my little bees wax candle atop my latest cloth, Earth Song to sing Michelle’s pennant home. Barry Smith’s peace leaf, a magick acorn from Glastonbury and my tiny Celtic mandala all accompany the pennant’s voyage to The Gathering, who eagerly await their rose ,sky tipped sister pennant. Love, Marti