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Michelle Slater sent this beautiful pennant for the dream from NYC on December 22 and needs our help to get here
beaming white light to guide it’s way!
(photo courtesy of Michelle’s blog Ms Uncertainty Principles)
Sending candle light from here in New Mexico for the safe arrival of Michelle’s lovely pennant. To help it along I have affixed my little bees wax candle atop my latest cloth, Earth Song to sing Michelle’s pennant home. Barry Smith’s peace leaf, a magick acorn from Glastonbury and my tiny Celtic mandala all accompany the pennant’s voyage to The Gathering, who eagerly await their rose ,sky tipped sister pennant. Love, Marti

Aileen Taylor’s dream of a pennant
with layers of stitch, vintage cloth and braids
and dreams
hanging with the gathering
we have been friends since 1970
I won’t cut up A’s beautiful dream but did add the rainbow thread ribbon for hanging
Magic Days!

my sculptor friend Bronwyn Berman advised making a  cardboard pattern to wire the starry gloves
with stainless steel tie wire
it worked!
the wires give the gloves enough support to hold the cloud of tulle & the rope lines for the pennants
time to make some more parchment stars
Magic Days!

Old Man Crow gave me this beautiful Third Eye by Penel Bigg of Fire Bird Beads for xmas
which I broke on New Year’s Eve
and mended with a bat claw, eel skin leather, waxed black linen & blue upholstery threads
2 lampworked beads by Kathy Dorfer, lapis lazuli and blue glass beads
over the summer break I collated the online catalogue for the dream, there’s 172 pages with a double page spread for each contribution, here’s a screenshot of what the info and title pages look like so far
will photograph all the pennants and talismans with a good digital SLR on a tripod in the white space of Artsite Galleries on January 15th & 16th (this will also give me a trial run for getting the dream armature with the blue branch carefully out the front door) the gallery is just a two minute walk away so Old Man Crow and I will carry it up there and pray for a sunny day!
Yesterday was hot with a light breeze, perfect for airing the tulle train of the old wedding dress
and started working out how to attach the train to the dream, it will need to be discreetly detachable for ease of transport
the lace heart by Sharon Peoples makes a beautiful bridge between the armature and the cloud of tulle
just loosely knotted in place for now but it’s getting there
Today I will start wiring Reaching for the Stars to hold up the cloud and rope lines for the pennants
here’s the rough sketches from July 2017
September 2017
March 2018
and now it’s just making itself
Magic Days!

Cathy Wright & Sarah Riggin’s pennants are here!
with this beautiful note made from her sketch of the Eastern Yellow Robin
these delightful birds live in their garden in the Blue Mountains
Cathy’s daughter Sarah painted her pennant
with gouache and gold glitter light
joining the gathering
Magic Days!


Linda Summers indigo heart talisman
woven with lovefeathered with hope
a tattered, woven indigo heart full of love
Linda’s beautiful heart has joined the gathering of oddments (talismans that are too big to fit on the blue branch) for the cloud of tulle making a bridge with the lines of pennants for the dream
you can see more of Linda’s work with weave and indigo over on The Stitching Weaver

Judy Martin’s pennant is here
bound with red thread and her beautiful words
My heart
The world’s heart-
keeps beating
with deep love
the other side
settling in
with the gathering
Judy’s wonderful sense of line superbly stitched with such deep heart holds the beat
you can see more of this brilliant artist’s work in Judy’s Journal
her Manitoulin Circle Project is a major inspiration for the dream