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Jane Bodnaruk’s beautiful pennant just arrived to join The Gathering
eco-printed eucalyptus leaves speak so strongly of the Sydney bushland
beautifully stitched on the most delicate silk
catching the wild beauty of gum leaves in the wind
the way they dance & twirl
singing on the breeze
the other side
Jane’s work speaks with such deep love for our ancient land and the quiet power and perseverance of women
see more of her stunning work at
Epock Textiles
Under Sail (Parts 1 & 2) inTransit Untethered Fibre Artsits ATASDA 2017
Rope Journey Ebb & Flow Untethered Fibre Artists ATASDA 2016
Faded and Leaves 1 Future Past ATASDA 2014


Deb Gorr‘s talisman of love for our beautiful broken world just winged it’s way across the Pacific
cloth & thread from Deb’s great grandmother & grandmother stitched together
with this noteDeb is mending our beautiful broken world with conscious intent, recycling old cloth, knitting her daily observations and treading lightly with a beautiful garden
you can read more about her work at Bee Creative

Bronwyn Berman’s pennant is burning with love!
‘love is the answer’
bound with golden thread to the root of a river she-oak
exquisite edges
the point
the other side
floating letters knotted with golden thread
the burning edge of the back of the seam
the other side of the point
Bronwyn’s pennant is burning with love meeting the gathering
thank you my fabulous friend!

Roz Hawker‘s magically stitched pennant ‘Agape’ meeting Fiona Dempster‘s ‘Imagine Peace’ weathergram
nestled in the garden
wrapped in a brown paper bag with a note from Roz explaining Agape Love
I love how the word agape is also defined by being “in a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.”
such beautiful stitching
and from the other side!
the shimmer in the silken rows
‘Agape’ meeting The Gathering!
Roz makes such good magic you can see more of her stunning work over on instagram

my hair is standing on end tingling with the magic in the air
deep bow this is truly Braille for the Soul
the circle is strong, magic is afoot

it’s a year since the old wedding dress first arrived in our house
seeding the dream
gathering through this web of light are a community of stitchers, deep listening women from around the earth making strong threads singing
 ‘I dream of a world where love is the answer’
a choir of dreamers, mending our ways stitch by stitch, learning to touch again, the world and each other, connecting our hearts with each pennant and talisman the magic is growing with love for our beautiful broken world. We are creating agency for change with tenderness, by treading lightly & dreaming beauty into the world
as Marti says “Si se puede” (Yes we can)!
with deep gratitude to this circle of dreamers
Liz Ackert
Fiona Dempster
Barry Smith
Dee Mallon
Jude Hill
Judy Martin
Hazel Monte
Els Sneider
Dana Webb
Susi Bancroft
Wendy Watson
Bronwyn Berman
Martine Bos
Beth Brennan
Nancy Erisman
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Grace Forrest-Maestas
Louise Watson
Michelle Slater
Margarita Sampson
Jane Bodnaruk
Susan Hemann
Roz Hawker
India Flint
Yvette Dopheide
Patricia Spangler
Kathy Dorfer
Glenda Jones
Arlee Barr
Ulrike Bogdan
Olga Cironis
Doris Perlhuhn
Saskia van Herwaarden
Carol Cantrell
Jana Cironis
Christina Haggart
Marti Weisbrich
Tina Zaffiro
Kristin McNamara Freeman
René Walkin
Margaret Johnson
Donna Hinchcliff
Eliene St. Romain
Cathy & Sarah Wright
Glenda Chamberlain
Jane Stapleford
Judy Lemezis
Jane Milliken
Linda Summers
Penny Vickery
Dotti Dauter
Maggie Brown
Nanette Gilbert
Aileen Jordan
Lizette Campbell
Gabrielle Bates
Shona Wilson
Joy Banks
Cathy Jack Coupland
Sharon Peoples
Elizabeth Bunsen
Diana Angus
Liz Walker Australia
Lana Sebastian Australia
Deb Gorr
Anita Larkin
Jo New (RIP)
you can follow the progress of this collaborative project widdershins
Gathering the Dreams


PS if you want to make a talisman of love for our beautiful broken world
e-mail :

the beaded neckline from the wedding dress fits perfectly on the moon shaped trunk clasp of the palm inflorescence which was painted with white chalk paint during a break in the rain last week
stitched with the rotted tulle from the veil, antique lace and silk thread
taking shape needle lace to hold the moon
a moment of indecision when I realized the beaded edge will face the base of the dress forma quick test to see if it will work, the fork in the electric blue branch needs to be be tied in higher and the palm inflorescence a little lower but it’s getting there, now back to the needle lace!

finished binding the crepe myrtle branch round and round in the electric blue leather on the weekend, it took nearly 3 months to stitch & my fingertips are thanking me this week for giving them a break!
sketch for the dreaming roughly to scale
this morning the weather was warm enough to open the window for ventilation so I made a mixture of Dorland’s Wax Medium and Schminke Ultramarine pigment and rubbed it into the mandala & the rusted dress form, this is the third coat of wax
will bind the mandala to the dress form with blue leather
the blue does improve the look of the old mandala, this photo was taken yesterday before I removed the palm inflorescence which will be painted with popcorn white chalk paint once the sun comes up and then bind the moon shape at the top of the inflorescence with tulle and wedding dress satin
when that is all ready I look forward to binding the branch to the iron dress form centred to the palm inflorescensce and then start weaving a bowl shape to hold the branch firmly in the centre of the upper iron ring
the tulle wedding dress train will need to be slipped over the form so I will have to slice the skirt and restitch it in place
working out how to manage all this without painting myself into a corner should keep me amused for the rest of winter, fortunately Old Man Crow has an engineering background and has helped work out many wild balancing acts over the years, like this Ariel walkway that he magically cantilevered with knotted joints 4 houses ago
The mighty Ariel P. Cat protecting the house from the evil birthday balloons tied to his walkway!