Crow Eye Amulet no 9

Posted: January 30, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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Crow-Eye-Amulet-IXCrow Eye Amulet no 9 Mo16
emu feathers, boar bristle, glass beads, silk & linen thread, Habu moire, glove leather, grape vine tendril

  1. A big catch up this morning! Mo, your hands have been so busy . . . the gloves have become stunning, and the amulets! I love how you bring materials together.

    Such a delight over my morning coffee. And now a walk on the beach before the crowd: it’s a holiday weekend so there could be mre than 60 people on this stretch of shore rather than the usual 6 I see on my walk.

  2. There is a beautiful freedom and lightness to this Mo

    • Mo Crow says:

      it relates to the Miraculous Goat that became a Crow Eye Amulet from back in 2014 & this wonderful quote-
      ” In Madasgascar, large white “goat’s eye” beads can miraculously bring the wearer things that do not actually exist, and so are deemed particularly magical.”
      from page 101 of “Amulets : a world of secret powers, charms and magic” by Sheila Paine
      Thames & Hudson 2004

  3. Love this Mo, it is very delicate yet powerful.

  4. Eliene says:

    This one is particularly beautiful….light & airy…just like your window dressing. Love it!!!

  5. grace says:

    the Energy is enormous

  6. fiberels says:

    love it !
    great airy feathers on top and earthy bits at the bottom : wow !

  7. Carol says:

    Really beautiful, Mo, and great effect in the window. ((((Mo))))

  8. In love, very much in love

  9. ravenandsparrow says:

    The delicate tracery of these feathers make them speak softly, but their abundance raises the volume. I see them reaching and falling like a fountain.

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