Story Sticks by Priscilla Johnson with some hopeful feathers

Posted: January 27, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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hopeful-thingsTwo Hopeful Things with Feathers by Mo16
made with “Story Stick” beads lampworked by Priscilla Johnson
Sage Moon Beads & Trappings
crow, emu & budgie feathers, turquoise, rosebud, vintage glass and clay beads,
ochre stained hand plied string from Arnhem Land 1976
detaildetail of Old Man Crow’s Story Stick with Crow Feather
detail-2detail of my Story Stick with Emu and Derry the Budgie feathers
thank you Margaret!

PS you can see more of Priscilla’s beautiful beads online at
Sage Moon Beads & Trappings
Sage Moon Beads on Etsy

  1. coloremartine says:

    Some beautiful stories will be told under this sticks……….

  2. handstories says:

    Tell me MORE about these! Story Sticks!

  3. Beautiful lampwork and I love what you have done with them. Hope you tell some wonderful stories with them.

  4. deemallon says:

    Speaking of stories, huh? Songs too I suppose. I’m so glad you posted some close ups for us.

    • Mo Crow says:

      these two hold stories told through the haptic senses, Old Man Crow tells stories with his songs through his sense of timing and rhythm and spends a lot of time gathering stories up at the pub, he’s a good listener

  5. vdbolyard says:

    heavy magic here

  6. Carol says:

    Beautiful. Powerful. I love the touches of colour, too, Mo.

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