Once in a Blue Moon – Week 2

Posted: June 3, 2017 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Once in a Blue Moon week 2 slow stitching lunacy Mo17
getting into the details one stitch at a time
the surface of the leather marked with the pyrography tool
the other side
am learning to use a thimble to avoid getting blood on the thread… I cut this bit out

  1. Liz A says:

    Mo – The moon will be yours after this … you will know it truly

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Liz))) considered embroidering the dark face of the moon in black leather as there is photos taken from outer space that show the details but have settled on a bound spiral stitched in 1.5 mm round black leather cord (it will take a lot of cord!) and working out the details for the retractable ladder as I stitch…

  2. Eliene says:

    Loving this piece Mo. I know I say that about all your things but I am not only drawn to this beautiful colour but the stitching. Will this be for sale at some point Mo tho I do hope this will go into a future show…..she will need to be seen.

  3. The artist bleeds (I’d be tempted to leave the blood) Seriously though–You are ‘bloody’ brilliant Mo!

    I’m off to Long Island for the day to celebrate a wedding. Have a look at the post over at my site and meet Jude’s mother and take a look at the garden. There will be more photos when I return.

  4. snicklefritzin43 says:

    the moon with stitching, slow and steady, is very lovely.
    ..a bit of blood can sometimes come out if you keep a small wad of cotton in you mouth to gather your saliva…somehow our saliva takes out the blood – always works for me.
    Kristin who loves seeing the moon…night and day moons are treasures

  5. coloremartine says:

    How i love blue moons…………..

  6. Julie Banks says:

    Beautiful stitching, Mo. Looking forward to another exhibition.

  7. Margaret Johnson says:

    Gorgeous Mo…..ox

  8. fiona says:

    I like how you call it slow stitching lunacy Mo – I get that. It is truly exquisite and a beautiful ongoing discovery…

  9. it is braille….the story of all that Moon has seen…

    • Mo Crow says:

      being a starry eyed old hippie the Moon has been a constant companion through the years, it kept an eye on me when I was young & silly enough to hitchike interstate on a whim in the middle of the night, on all the road, train & plane trips in the gypsy years, in the letting go of youth and the transition to crone when I jumped the hoop of menopause with the radical radiation treatment 13 years ago, watching the phases, the gentle otherness of the waxing and waning guides these autumn years. The Moon has been a major influence in my art too, the journey through the Zodiac, An illuminated Book of Cats, the xmas cards and in the Crow Show, the moon ladders, the memory keepers, this is the deluxe honouring, I am really looking forward to playing with it’s retractable ladder!

  10. Hazel says:

    Oh, Mo! Stunning and magical. Sitting here holding your velvet blue pouch, admiring the tiny stitches, trying to imagine being with the ones in this moon…

  11. Nancy says:

    Mo~ This work of yours is so, so fine. Just amazing! Such detail! I’m glad to watch it grow, thank you.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nancy))) the dream of this one came through so clear & fully formed, just have to keep true to the dreaming & try not to get in the way!

  12. fiberels says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ❤

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Els))) am defining the edges of the lunar seas now, got a bit lost yesterday putting lots of tiny details into a 3cm square space for hours and hours… this is exploring & celebrating the edge of lunacy literally!

  13. vdbolyard says:

    beautiful stitches on that gorgeous blue

  14. jude says:

    i love how the delicate has become your mark.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) an attempt at redefining a place for lace in this 21st C world, trying to avoid the trizziness… will see if I can pull it off

  15. deemallon says:

    I like being witness to your capacity to pursue a long-term project with rigor and joy — it inspires me as much as the things themselves…

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dee))) this one is totally mad in a delightful way, love the feel of the soft electric blue suede & have become adept with using the thimble as soon as the needle meets any resistance, my fingertips are thanking me!

  16. debbie says:

    Gorgeous Mo, glad you picked up the thimble

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