I would give you the moon…

Posted: September 8, 2019 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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I would give you the moon Mo 19
19.5 x 19.5 cm
embroidered with indigo silk & a Blue Moon hand dyed by Glennis Dolce Shibori Girl
the indigo dyed sky cloth is by one of the fabulous cloth conjurors (hoping one of you will recognize it)
rough spun cotton couched with indigo dyed cotton from Ulrike Bogdan nemo ignorat
Japanese cotton knotted and stitched with pale blue vintage cotton
heart from my pennant for Jo New (RIP)
Wondering whether to stitch the title, my name & year in white into the fine linen on the back or perhaps on a moon shaped patch of the same white linen appliqued in place? There’s a layer of vintage interface sandwiched between the front and back & the piece will be mounted and framed so the title would be hidden. It has been a strange journey, raising deep questions about what I am doing and why? The slow meditative stitching on this piece became a sort of self soothing behaviour like purring, 21st C busy work in these anxious times…

  1. Nancy says:

    Gorgeous details Mo. The hand-work of others joining with the imagination and impeccable work from your hands…amazing. xo

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Nancy))) this one certainly had it’s moments in the making, x fingers framing will stop it looking so much like a doily or I’m going to have to embrace the idea of making fancy work for the 21st C

  2. Tina says:

    It is beautiful .. such detail in those tiny stitches. Love the colors!! I’m working on a piece that I want to mount on stretcher bars .. it’s so much fun trying new things but also a bit scary sometimes. I think stitching the name and date on the front .. maybe even blending into the circle would be interesting. Your artistic brain will lead you into the right direction.

  3. Louise Watson says:

    Beautiful! Nothing doily about it.

  4. jude says:

    wow, this is stunning!

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Jude))) thank you for the encouragement and all you have shared over the years in Spirit Cloth and Feel Free. Y’know there was a huge light bulb moment in how to hold a needle sometime last year from watching your stitching videos. I didn’t put the eye of the needle through my finger tip at all with this one and only bled on it once, it’s my response to your loose patches in Patchwork in Perspective.

  5. debgorr says:

    Love this Mo, the delicacy. I ask myself why to much, it’s a dangerous question. 🙂

  6. Marti says:

    Coming here several times because this is exquisitely enchanting but something kept nagging me and I finally understood what it was. To me, this is not a moon but an ancient celestial navigation map, a blue map leading you and Rod to your Blue Mountains. It is expansive, it is self contained, it is stardust, it is a talisman of intention, direction and it is an illuminating signpost toward your heart’s desire, your new place, your intended home…

  7. Martine says:

    Beauty for the eye and the heart.
    And for the ear cause i can hear your purring……………..

  8. Hazel says:

    Stunning, Mo. Ancient and fresh all at once.

  9. ravenandsparrow says:

    This moon is so very beautiful. “Fancywork”? I don’t think so, if you are referring to stitched projects made by women with no outlet for their creativity but domestic over-ornamentation. I don’t know what the final disposition of this piece will be, but wherever it ends up, it is art.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dana))) Madeleine from Artsite is encouraging me to do a series of Doilies of Atonement, she loved the one I did with the Bill Murray quote from a few years ago. As an ex Catholic (left the church at 14) I really don’t want to get all confessional with my work and have always thought doilies are possibly the most useless ornamentation ever made, albeit exquisitely embroidered and/or crocheted I really don’t like them with a passion! Back in the days of my arrogant youth I dreaded the thought that I would end up painting flowers on porcelain, stitching the moon into a doily is even more droll in a way and yet I’ve done it… and have come to love this piece even though I nearly burned & buried it several times in the process. Funny what we end up doing … there may well be a series of the damned things brewing but each one will need a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make it through.

      • ravenandsparrow says:

        I wonder if your antipathy to doilies and what lies behind it might be something you could explore in your work. The tension between useful and frivolous (especially in domestic textiles), between pretty and meaningful, conventional and personal might be a path toward something engaging for you. Just a thought….

        • Mo Crow says:

          (((Dana))) all of that and more, the friction fires the spark and is bringing up a lot of of old regrets and dashed hopes as well as those kind words & moments of reckless abandon that have pulled me out of and into the deep…

  10. deemallon says:

    I for one would love to know more about how this piece challenged you. Does that fall into the category of ‘confessional’? What regrets? Bleeding how?

    To my eye (like Marti’s) the piece has the elevated qualities of an antique map of the constellations. No doily, here! There is always an element of magic in what you produce. I wish I could pin point how and why that is so (because it is so strongly and uniquely so) but it’s mostly enough to witness it/appreciate it. Witness you/ appreciate you.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Dee))) when I was 18 years old I made a promise to live my life with no regrets but sadly there has been more than a few times when I used harsh & callous words with loved ones that I regret. That old saying, sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me is simply not true. I regret those moments and treasure the kind words that have been offered in difficult times & am slowly beginning to understand how exploring the repercussions of those regrets through a series of Doilies of Atonement may well make some good magic, it takes a lifetime to work some things through…
      Oh re the blood, I pricked my thumb putting a few drops of blood on the stitching but blotted it off quickly with some clean water & cotton, I always manage to do that somewhere along the way, it’s part of the process along with the sweat and tears.

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