crow book IV in process

Posted: April 13, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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eelskin-leather-feathereelskin leather feather, Italian glove leather patchwork on bookbinders mull in process for Crow Book IV
Crow Book 3 is nearly full
leather-needledetail of the leather needle that Margaret Johnson gave me last year Japanese-vintage-scissors-from-Richard-Carbinand these exquisite vintage scissors just arrived from Richard Carbin in Japan
crow-book-4-in-processPS a few hours later , I like it better without the eelskin feather, sometimes less is more…

  1. That ‘feather’ is a work of art in itself!

  2. bronwyn says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous Mo

  3. sue says:

    wow! that eelskin feather looks amazing. and the stitched leather is so beautiful

    • Mo Crow says:

      had a lot of fun making the eelskin feather and it will work somewhere else (maybe a big amulet) but the feel of that fine Italian glove leather is enough for the book

  4. Materials dictate the process.

  5. handstories says:

    Your patchwork of black on black, criss-crossed stitches is very beautiful. There’s a lot to see within it all.

  6. grace says:

    i will be waiting for what the Feather chooses…it’s very Amazing, but yes, strong
    for the book

  7. Mo, it’s so good to be back, you never stop to amaze me, you have been given magical hands

  8. Mo, thanks for the link you placed at Grace!

  9. coloremartine says:


    • Mo Crow says:

      the very black book will be finished tomorrow (handpainting the edges of all the pages with the deepest black ink is taking quite awhile but looking good) & the eelskin feather is still gestating…

  10. deemallon says:

    can’t wait to see it finished… like Cindy, I find the black cross-stitches so compelling… reminding me of healing sutures

  11. Carol says:

    So good to see your process, Mo, having already seen the finished book. The leather looks delicious! The feather is magical, and will find its own way of course.

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