testing inkjet papers for the xmas card (done)

Posted: November 10, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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sampling-paper2 sample boxes of inkjet papers from Moab & Red River arrived yesterday, loaded the ICC profiles and tested all the matte papers for the xmas card
these are the sort of decisions I enjoy making!
next day… the Moab Somerset Museum Rag 300 gsm won hands down, just ordered 2 boxes
need to tweak the colour in the photo file & do some more test prints, then it’ll be time to go into production, we send out 150 cards each year!
the 4 images in the lower row show very slight adjustments in brightness and contrast… that red thread needs to be redder….

  1. Carol says:

    Such variation in results, Mo. Very interesting. I’m glad you’re making the decisions, rather than me. Whichever you choose, I know it will be perfect!

  2. margaret johnson says:


    • Mo Crow says:

      am enjoying looking for a day under different light conditions but am leaning towards the Moab Somerset Museum Rag 300 gsm, it has clarity of detail, depth of colour with a pale ivory dense surface that works beautifully.

  3. Julie Banks says:

    Your card is always a treasured part of our Christmas, Mo! It’s interesting to see the variation although they all look wonderful! Still working towards our long overdue reunion- we recently brought my Dad down from Qld after Mum passed away and he’s still settling in….

  4. handstories says:

    They look like a patchwork cloth next to each other.
    Today I taught someone the word “industrious”, I’m sure your photo was next to it in the dictionary.

  5. As i go through my outrageous collection of cards from the decades, yours have a special place. I try to eliminate some (never yours) each time, knowing no one else will ever want them and loath to let them be consigned to City garbage when I’m gone. I’ll have to put some in a codecil of my will so I can send on the precious ones to other souls (I need to do this and have been needing to for a few years now…but life leads me into forgetfulness again and again :–>

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Michelle))) don’t worry too much about what will happen with the stuff of life, my youngest brother makes papier maché fantasy furniture to relax after gigs and gives them away to the local thrift shops every time he moves!

  6. ravenandsparrow says:

    Your card is going to be wonderful Mo. The image is so delicate. Choosing paper is very satisfying somehow. It has some of the same qualities as cloth.

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