take time to smell the roses

Posted: May 23, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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take-time-to-smell-the-roses-Mo16“take time to smell the roses” Mo16
Cecil Brunner rose from one of our gardens dried in one day on the dashboard of the van, grape vine tendril, lichen, emu feather, glass & clay beads, linen and red Gütermann upholstery thread, parchment circa 1812, laser cut wood star from Els of Fiber Rainbow, Moulin de Larroque handmade watercolour paper, 5H graphite, white gouache
nextthe bench is clean and ready for whatever wants to happen next, a gathering of fresh grape vine tendrils from one of our gardens, lichen fragments & those banksia integrifolia seeds with black boar bristles and beads from back in January
PS the lichen needed to be opened up
that’s better
take-time-detail-Mo16sometimes it’s easier to see these things through the once remove of the confuser screen…

  1. Blanca says:

    oh Mo it is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  2. Beautiful Mo, my daughter’s garden, well ours really has a grape vine but it doesn’t seem to get tendrils, hoping it will sometime.

    • Mo Crow says:

      It’s a 25 year old vine in an indoor atrium that shades their big dining table in summer, we cut it back every autumn to allow light & warmth for winter (it has under the floor tiles heating as well) I could live in that room!

  3. Love the sweep from petal to feather – beautiful – and always that little red thread

  4. Julie Banks says:

    I’ll bet the Cecil Brunner still has that amazing clovey perfume- it always reminds me of my grandmother, one of my favourite roses!

  5. margaret johnson says:

    What a perfect birthday card!! So beautiful and delicate Mo. Oh how I LOVE the Cecil Brunner too. ox

  6. vdbolyard says:

    one day? amazing. a lovely present.

  7. coloremartine says:

    I almost can smell them Mo………….

  8. Eliene says:

    I love the rose card too Mo but that cleared table is what excites me……… a blank space waiting to be used and for another dream to come to life.

  9. Liz A says:

    Your lists make me look closer at each element … in wonder … “parchment circa 1812” … amazing

    And the way your hand conveys touches of graphite and gouache so gently they might float off the page.

    Really, you make my heart happy!

  10. grace says:

    how each thing honors the presence of the other and together become such Beauty

  11. Carol says:

    Some of my favourite things here, Mo! Somehow you have magicked them into such a work of art… Truly beautiful!

  12. deemallon says:

    the rose, yes, and its stem stitched up, are beautiful, but I think what I love the most is the star within the star — you make the most tender and exquisite details.

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