Full Moon in Capricorn

Posted: July 11, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Capricorn-by-Mo-1999Capricorn by Mo 1999
(you can see the full set of Zodiac Drawings for the Celestial Times Diary 2000 here)
The Full Moon is in Capricorn today, a good time for dedication, diligence and discipline, in other words time to roll up the sleeves and get to work!
here’s a photo taken just before this wild Moon set through the trees

  1. Patricia says:

    love this illustration–and yes, this capricorn moon is really making her presence felt!

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Patricia it sure is, am like the Tasmanian Devil in the Bugs Bunny cartoons winding myself up for the trip to the US next month but the good thing is I will burn out the nerves well before I leave and will be “cool, whatever” as the kids say these days by the time i get there (x fingers) hehe!

  2. Marti says:

    Where in the US will you be Mo?

    • Mo Crow says:

      My brothers have rented a 6 bedroom beach house on Ocean Isle in North Carolina for one week in early August to celebrate my Mom‘s 85th birthday. If I am the best daughter, sister, sister in law & auntie in the world I will get to attend the Bower Bird Blues workshop with Roz Hawker & India Flint, a sort of carrot and stick approach to self bribery… x fingers it will work!
      PS one day maybe in the next lifetime I will get to see the magic of New Mexico & Arizona …

      • ooooooo Mo, heaven for you!
        but you give them lots of you as much as you gets back ( sort of strange sentence but i hope you understand)

      • Marti says:

        Thanks for letting me know Mo. I asked because i will be in California the entire month of August to be with my two lovely daughters, son in law and delightful and impish grandchildren and wondered if by chance California was your destination. Enjoy your family get together and I know you will enjoy Bower Bird Blues because you will most definitely have “earned” your place there. Quite wonderful to be able to take a class with India and Roz. Yes in the next lifetime, it would be terrific for you to feel the power and beauty of New Mexico…it holds such deep spirit as does Australia. I know a little about your place because when my girls were eight, an eight year old girl from Queensland wrote to our local California newspaper looking for a pen pal. Both of my girls responded and over the course of several years, letters, books, food and wonderful gifts were exchanged…

        • Mo Crow says:

          well Marti, you’ll be in California! I’ll be in LA for one day to let my soul catch up from the trip across the wide blue (arrive at 6:30 in the morning on the 7th of August 3 hours earlier than when I left Sydney the same day due to crossing the international date line) Plan on dropping my bag off at the hotel near the airport then take the bus to Santa Monica Boulevard (love that Sheryl Crow song) go for a stroll along the boardwalk to Venice & then head back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep and fly out to the East Coast early the next morning!

  3. The moon in capricorn is good- time to go out and dance in some energy! The drawing is great, I am still looking at all the little details…

  4. Carol says:

    Huge and wonderful moon, Mo! Hey, have the best time in the US, and have my fingers crossed for your India Flint workshop!

  5. always so surprised by all the wonderfull details in your work
    love Mo!

  6. iit is a wild and bright moon indeed. a lot going on under your lovely drawing of the capricorn moon. here is wishing you a superbon ! time of it by the sea with your family and then magical wonderful time with india flint

  7. Dana says:

    Your drawing is so wonderful, Mo. I love the play between detail and open space.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the good words Dana, this is still the favourite, I started the journey with Pisces (being a native fish) and finished with Aquarius. Capricorn was the calm point in the journey.

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